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Getting Back in Routine!

Time to get back to work and hold the feet of our corrupt politicians to the fire. Transparency was the Liberal party buzz word in the last provincial election, but its not clear to me they have followed up on … Continue reading

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Tribute to Seniors!!

I must confess I was a wee bit disappointed with the response to yesterdays blog. I thought Prof Kauffman’s retort to Dr Laura’s radio comments was quite brilliant. Yet only one person shared my blog and over all the response … Continue reading

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Digging Out Again!!!!

This morning we are recovering from another 37 centimeters of snow. We had high winds with the snow so the drifts are bad and schools are so far delayed an hour. It is also very cold outside minus 9 or … Continue reading

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Winnebago Move Over

I think this gives a whole new meaning to the word compact!! I have seen several Vespa vans,taxis etc mainly used in Asia-India. But this is the first time I have seen the Vespa scooter adapted to a camper. Probably … Continue reading

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A Changing World???

Only in yesterdays post I was talking about the changes in the auto industry, but today I had an even bigger surprise. I had to go for blood work early this morning and couldn’t eat until after the blood. Linda … Continue reading

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Water Painting Class Begins

Not ready to post my first masterpiece just yet, Linda and I started our first Wednesday morning art class. There was only supposed to be one instructor, but we both got lots of help from the painters sitting on each … Continue reading

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There is snow on the ground, our world has changed from green to white. I guess winter is officially here!. Yesterday was the beginning of my Island circuit lecturing on the virtues of my book.¬† I spoke to the Seniors … Continue reading

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