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Spring Wasn’t in the Air!!!!!

On the 9th March I posted on my blog that spring might be in the air, I added that it might be gasoline fumes. Unfortunately it was indeed gasoline fumes and definitely not spring!!! As I sit here at my … Continue reading

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Still in Gods Country???

I have posted below my blog from March 4th 2013. I stated how beautiful the island was covered in a fresh coat of snow. That was a year ago and today I’m quite frankly sick of snow. I’m wondering if … Continue reading

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Another Storm Day!!!!!!!

I can’t believe it! another snow storm and the Island is closed down again. Today was my volunteer at school day but the schools are closed, I’m not happy but I’m sure the kids are!!We have only just dug out … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland? I Wonder????

The storm is finally over, at least until the next one. Apparently there are a couple more on their way this coming week. I saw somewhere on Face Book that there was only six weeks until spring!I wonder???? Today is … Continue reading

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