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Ode to a Senator??

Huffty Duffty sat on a wall. Huffty Duffty had a great fall. All Harper’s Horsies and Cheque Writing Men. Couldn’t put Huffty together again. Time for this bad egg to resign. God Bless and keep reading.

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Bending History at Hollywood

Hollywood have long been guilty of making their own versions of History. The latest movie to claim Americans as the heroes is apparently in “Argo”. I have not seen this movie but understand it is the story of the US … Continue reading

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Negotiating with this Man

January 16th 2012 I posted this blog a year ago and felt it had an interesting twist on history. However,I was disappointed to receive no response, for or against my theory???? Thought I’d give it another spin, surely not everyone … Continue reading

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Cockleshell Hero’s

On the 6th July 1942 the Royal Marines were tasked with carrying out a raid against enemy shipping in France using canoes. This year is the 70th Anniversary of that famous raid. The raiding party consisted of ten Royal Marines … Continue reading

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Another Pirate Story (True)

You might recall I posted a story about the skull & Cross Bones flag flown by returning British Submarines from successful patrols. I mentioned the fact that HM/SM Conqueror was the last submarine to fly the flag after returning home … Continue reading

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Want To Buy a Secret Submarine Base???

Going Cheap!!!only 17.5 million, not sure if that is Dollars or Krone’s This world is full of secret places and unconventional buildings like the Missile Bases turned luxury abodes, the space station turned home in Jamesburg, with a capability to … Continue reading

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PM Harper Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Steven Harper was talking with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. He asked the group if anyone could tell him what a tragedy was. An Army chef put up his hand and said if a friend got run over by a tank … Continue reading

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Brand New Spitfires Discovered in Burma

Twenty brand-new RAF Spitfires could soon reach for the sky following a deal reached with Burma yesterday. Experts believe they have discovered the locations of around 20 of the Second World War fighters buried at airfields around the country. David … Continue reading

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