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John Jamieson–Not of Irish Whisky Fame!!!

Mr. John Jamieson Unfortunately this is not the Jameson of Irish Whisky fame! the name is spelt differently, no “i” in Jameson Whisky. Nevertheless, you might need a glass to easy the pain and distress of the latest MacLauchlan appointment. … Continue reading

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Ready Set—–Go

Well the two Mini’s are polished and detailed, cleaning gear packed in the boot along side folding chairs. My Mini coffee cup and Mini baseball cap complete with Mini logo all ready too. No I didn’t forget the mosquito repellant,its … Continue reading

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Its a Stinker

After saying things were quiet yesterday all hell broke loose at bedtime. My little pet “Angel” wanted outside to do her business. I was watching the last five minutes of a movie when the odor of a skunk reached my … Continue reading

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