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Strait Crossing Graveyard or PEI’s Stonehenge !!!!

It could be said Governments work in mysterious ways? At least that is how they appear to me.   I understood the original agreement between the Federal-Provincial Governments and Strait Crossing Corp was a requirement that the land used by the … Continue reading

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Government Secrets Abound

What does James Bond and Robert Ghiz have in common??? They both work for a Secret Service organization. James Bond for the British MI5 and Ghiz for the the PLO ( Provincial Liberal Organization) formerly known as the DTTTPO (Don’t … Continue reading

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KFC – Dinner Meeting to Discuss Gov Business????

Well Canada Day celebrations are over and its back to business for most Canadians.       I’m anxiously awaiting the return of our Fisheries Minister so he can explain his exorbitant meal expenses. Government checks and balances notwithstanding, he … Continue reading

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Canadian Military Modernize!!!!

Our illustrious Prime Minister through his right hand man Peter MacKay is updating the Canadian Military.You should note he has paid important considerations to operating costs when making new purchases. In this area our Minister of Defense has achieved the … Continue reading

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The F35 Purchase????

I watched the program “Fifth Estate” last evening, the topic was the on going saga of the Governments purchase of the F35 fighter jet slated to replace the aging F16. Now this was an hour long program, with several interviews, … Continue reading

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F35 Rant

Harper has been getting off lightly for the last ten days while I travelled Newfoundland. Well, Herr Harper its over now and time to get back to basic’s The question is, will Canadian tax payers end up owing untold billions … Continue reading

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