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Working your Ticket

Working your ticket???anyone know what that means in Jack Speak? Well it means trying to get out of the Royal Navy before your time has expired. Let me explain, when I joined the Navy in 1954 I had to sign … Continue reading

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Hazzard to Navigation

Over the weekend I received a video about a large US warship ordering a lighthouse to change course to avoid collision. While the video was funny, I didn’t laugh too hard. Having done something similar myself, and indeed, as have … Continue reading

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The First Day of Spring

Ah!! that wonderful first day of Spring when love is in the air and young men turn to thoughts of romance. When the fields and valleys are alive with the renewal of life. When the trees burst forth in blossoms … Continue reading

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My Royal Irish Blood

The photo in this post is of one of my many loyal Irish flag waving subjects. My niece (Ann the Genealogyhunter) has traced our Irish roots back to the Kings of Ireland, in fact, back to Naill of the Nine … Continue reading

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Submarine Dolphins ????

A bit of a mystery question today. Can anyone tell me why the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) is wearing a silver set of submarine dolphins. I have heard it was a wedding gift from the Royal Navy Submarine Service? … Continue reading

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Melbourne Olympics1956

As promised in yesterdays post here is my Olympic Story (found in my book The Royal Navy & Me) This is a true event that took place in 1956 at the Melbourne Olympic games, Doubt it couldn’t happen today!!!! Around … Continue reading

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