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Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command Remain Silent??????

A week ago I sent an email to Dominion Command asking why we needed to sent two people to Perth Scotland to attend a conference. I asked for a break down of the costs involved. To date nothing!!!!!   Its … Continue reading

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Submarine Escape.

My escape training began in 1959 and no doubt has evolved greatly since then. In my day escapeĀ  was probably the single most important part of submarine training, also the most fearful. You can see in the photos I have … Continue reading

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A Good Program Cut!!!!!(Volunteers for Literacy)

Two weeks ago on 13th June on my blog I used the lovely and thoughtful poster given to me by the grade one students of Central Queens Elementary School. It was simply the nicest form of thank you for another … Continue reading

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Rum Issue in the Royal Navy

I have been reading some of the comments about women serving in British Submarines. Some are just plain silly, some make sense, but the one that caught my attention was this. The RN Submarine service always was and remains a … Continue reading

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Women in Submarines

I just learned via the UK Submarine Assoc that the Royal Navy policy is changing to allow women to serve in the submarine fleet. I guess it was not unexpected, women already serve in many submarines in other navies of … Continue reading

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