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Cymbria Car Show & Arsenal

A great turn out for the car show, lovely weather and wonderful selection of cars. No, I didn’t win the “Best Import Trophy” this time, had a lot of competition from such models as an Austin Healey,¬† a Morgan, and … Continue reading

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The Best Vehicles in Class???????

Quite a lemon collection of photos and I’m only scratching the surface. I believe that next to the television insurance ads of Manulife etal, the auto industry ranks up there in unbelievable B-S. Take trucks for instances, Ford-GM-Dodge, each one … Continue reading

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Size! man’s preoccupations for centuries!! When I first arrived in Canada in 1964 cars were large, if one drove an Austin Mini expect to be laughed at. Actually that applied to most small foreign cars, Hillman,Morris,Renault and VW were all … Continue reading

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The Sun is Shining!!!

Its a beautiful day for a car show, and my Rover is waiting in the driveway all smiles. In the photo the Lambretta is beside the car, but its long gone to Halifax. If I’d still had the scooter I … Continue reading

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The Rover Triumphs!!!!

It was a lovely sunny day and just right for a car show! The PEI Antique Car Club held their annual show at the Charlottetown Mall and I was there with the Rover. There was a great turnout of vehicles … Continue reading

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My First VW Westfalia (Circa 1988)

The old saying!’I should have kept this one’ really does apply here. Westfalia’s to day are expensive and hard to find. We had a lot of fun with this vehicle travelling around the Maritimes. You will note that it has … Continue reading

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VW Westfalia or Vanagon

Well here I’m again with a new project in mind, a camper van! We have two dogs so getting away for a few days is difficult. Taking them with us would seem to be the answer. Besides with the rising … Continue reading

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