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Promotion Time!

CHAPTER XXI ARMAGEDDON by Frederick Rodgers Its December and Christmas is only short days away! Time to think of that special gift for a loved one or a friend who might be difficult to buy for.. Maybe one of my … Continue reading

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Read a Good Book Lately

How about my latest work of fiction? Chapter XXl Armageddon. If you enjoy believing the impossible can be possible, if you enjoy fantasy and adventure, if you like to dream of what might be, or what could be. If you … Continue reading

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My Very Secret Christmas Cake Recipe.

Submariners Recipe Book (Classified and Ultra Secret) For your eyes only. CHRISTMAS CAKE Ingredients 1 Cup Butter 1 Cup Sugar 6 Drops Lemon Juice Some Nuts 4 Large Eggs 1 Teaspoon Baking Powder 4 Cups Mixed Dried Fruit 1 Teaspoon … Continue reading

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A Wee Bit of Irish History

I know I have already explained about Bushmills being the oldest whiskey distiller in the world. I have also made mention of the kissing of the Blarney Stone and Saint Patrick eliminating the snakes.   So thought I should offer … Continue reading

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For My English Friends

A shipmate sent me an email with a poem sent to him by another shipmate living in Spain. At the end of the poem it said if you are English please share. Well, I’m actually Irish but decided to share … Continue reading

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The Morning After

Its the morning after a night of birthday festivities wine,whiskey and presents. I feel quite smug this morning and have come to the conclusion that I’m growing smarter with age!!!. We started off with wine then dinner, more wine, then … Continue reading

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Ending the Year on a High!!!

Arsenal are finishing the year in style,they defeated QPR 2-1 on Boxing Day and today they defeated West Ham United 2-1. All the teams ahead of them in the league dropped 2 points in ties.  Arsenal moved into 5th spot … Continue reading

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Is This the End????

This must surely be the end of the world as we know it??? It was bad enough when the worlds finest automobile, the famous British Rolls Royce was sold off to BMW/VW. Not sure who owns what , one owns … Continue reading

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Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve The Inveraray Compound   The short trip from Montreal to Charlottetown was a quiet and uneventful flight, arriving in the late afternoon. Adam was waiting for Evelyn at the arrival gate along with half a dozen others. The … Continue reading

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Whiskey Galore????

H’mmm, I didn’t receive any comments about my cake recipe and I’m a bit worried. It was most important to closely follow the instructions. Any misuse of the ingredients, in particular the Whiskey, could ruin the cake. So I ‘m … Continue reading

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