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My Amazing Father’s Day Gift

This week my eldest daughter Caroline phoned me and asked if I could meet her in Moncton on Sunday to receive my fathers day gift. I must confess I was a wee bit surprised, and wondered why she wanted me … Continue reading

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Germany World Champs

Amazing Germany have won the World Cup once again, their fourth time since re-unification,  What an amazing month of competition with World wide television  coverage. What fabulous entertainment overflowing with excitement and bitter pain and sadness for those who lost. … Continue reading

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Windsor All British Car Show

Its a sunny Saturday morning and I’m in Halifax at Caroline and Marks house. In a few minutes I shall be on the road heading for Windsor and the British car show. The show is held on the grounds of … Continue reading

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Happy 4th July

Wishing all our wonderful neighbours South of the Border a very happy 4th July. I have always had a fondness for the USA. I feel related because so many of your citizens have a heritage from the grand old country … Continue reading

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A Field Too Far?????

I realize we will always find fault with such huge events as the World Cup. Some are real and some are imagined. However, I have to believe the grand Manaus Stadium has a tiny odor of corruption about it. This … Continue reading

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A Big Day Ahead

Once this day was the biggest event of the English football season, the FA Cup Final. The Cup has become a little diminished of late with the entry into the European Championship competitions and such changes as the Premiership league. … Continue reading

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End of Season Heats Up

Only two games left to play in the Premiership and the race has never been tighter. Arsenal are well on their way to a fourth place finish after picking up three points yesterday defeating Newcastle 3-0. However the race for … Continue reading

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Great Soccer Day!!!!!!

What a great day in the Premiership, two wonderful wins. Liverpool defeated Manchester United 1-0 Way to go Liverpool. Arsenal defeated Tottenham 1-0 way to go Gunners. Liverpool are at the top of the table with three wins and Arsenal … Continue reading

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My faith Restored (maybe????)

Maybe my faith has been slightly restored by Arsenals latest performance (maybe). They played Fenerbahce on Wednesday in the UEFA Champions League and won by a score of 3-0. Nevertheless, there are still many questions for Arsenal manager Wenger. The … Continue reading

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Dreadful Start

Arsenal’s new season began in the worse possible way losing 3-1 to Aston Villa. The latter struggled just to stay in the Premiership last year and was tooted as an easy Gunners win. The manager may blame poor refereeing unfair … Continue reading

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