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Duffy not Guilty??????????

Duffy has been found not guilty, so justice has been done and that is an end to it. The happy Senator will strut back into the Red Chamber with his head held high. It makes me ask the question do … Continue reading

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Things come in Threes

In the photo   Mulcair-Harper-Trudeau. They say things always come in threes, For example Three coins in the fountain, Three Amigos, Three Stooges, One-two three go, Three balls and your out, Third light unlucky,Three for the price of two and so … Continue reading

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Time to Resign—The Duffy Senate Scandal.

If Harper keeps on with his strategy of cover up, all that is going to happen is his nose will continue to grow. At this point in the Duffy trial I doubt there is a single Canadian that believes a … Continue reading

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A Little Sci Fi?? May the 4th be with you?

I don’t think its a difficult choice deciding who is more interesting, surely our infamous Senator Mike Duffy wins hands down. MacLauchlan the province’s unelected Premier has dropped the writ to begin the election process. Really a blah event for … Continue reading

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Duffster in The Dumpster???

Interesting days ahead as the Duffy saga unfolds in the courts. I think one thing is for sure, if he is going down he will do his best to take others with him. He has 31 charges laid against him … Continue reading

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