Review by The Ganges Gazette

Appeared in the winter edition 2005 of "The Ganges Gazette".

When Fred Rodgers (Drake 40. CL16/17) contacted me to review his book, I was a bit sceptical when he said it wasn’t about the Navy, but his life leading up to joining Ganges in 1955. I wondered if it would be of interest to our members. However. I said I would and I did, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Why? because I think that whereas Fred’s boyhood was certainly different to my own, we grew up in the same era, 1940’s-1950’s and I could relate to Fred’s description of living during that period, doodlebugs, schooling, father (guardian in Fred’s case) returning from the war etc.
This is an excellent read and a social history of the times and I recommend it.
Richard Lloyd, Editor Gazette

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