Review from Newfoundland – Craig Churchill

Well it’s 2:30 am here in Gander and I just finished reading Lily
and Me.

    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can visualize (no doubt
incorrectly, but clearly) the places you describe and the adventures,
mishaps you encountered. I absolutely love your writing style! It feels
like sitting around your kitchen table over a few drinks as you tell
your tale. I particularly like how you interject stories to illustrate
certain points that you make, even if they are far removed timewise(such
as your later encounter with Shirley). This is what really makes it feel
like listening to you tell it in person.

    I will have to wait until morning to start the sequel, because I
have to work, and I am afraid that if I start it, the dawn will find me
on board a submarine with you in some far flung port of call.

    Bravo! Author, Author!

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