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My Favourite Motorcars?

How many times have we said, I should have kept that car. In my lifetime I have owned a host of mostly British cars, did have a couple of European and a few North American models. Over the years I have … Continue reading

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What Happened to British Craftsmanship??? What Happened to Truth

What ever happened to British Pride in engineering and automobile manufacturing? We once made the finest cars in the world, today we hardly own or produce a British brand, with Morgan maybe the lone exception. Was it greed, laziness,lack of … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary

Today is 15th April 2015 and we have completed the first year in our lovely wee house in Abram Village. We sold the big Ebenezer farm house in Sept 2013 and for the winter rented Caroline & Marks summer home … Continue reading

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No Sex Talk Today,Its Sunday!!!!

Its Sunday and raining so no top down drive to church this morning. The Mini will have to stay in the garage. Linda is one year and a day older than yesterday, but I think she had a good birthday … Continue reading

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Interesting Old Sayings

I have been trying to make sense out of the Chrysler Corp advertizing campaign for their Dodge trucks. When promoting the truck they claim the following using a deep tough sounding guys voice, “Guts-Glory-Ram”. But all that tells me is … Continue reading

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Next Car Show

All ready to head out to the next car show, even have a handsome young chauffeur to drive me. Unfortunately he appears to still be in his pajamas. Perhaps I had better drive myself because I’m going to church en-route. … Continue reading

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Ready Set—–Go

Well the two Mini’s are polished and detailed, cleaning gear packed in the boot along side folding chairs. My Mini coffee cup and Mini baseball cap complete with Mini logo all ready too. No I didn’t forget the mosquito repellant,its … Continue reading

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My Latest New Car

And then there were two!!!! Just bought this brand new Cooper S convertibles in Halifax this morning and drove it home with the top down. The weather was so nice we took a photo of the car in the dune … Continue reading

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Top Down at Last!!!!

I wonder if you can tell which photo is a cardboard cutout and which is the real me???A couple of years ago Linda and I attended a British car show in Charlottetown where they had the new Mini Coopers on … Continue reading

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Finally a Spring Day

Yesterday must surely have been the first real day of spring, it was warm and the sun was shining. Linda is packing for our move and yesterday she was in the garage working. I decided it would be wise to … Continue reading

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