Anzac Days in Australia.

I thought I’d share these photos from down under. Thousands flock to Anzac Day Celebrations, Australian equivalent to our Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Other than the dates and location there very much the same type of Remembrance Ceremony. There is however, one glaring difference. Many of the participants in the photos including some children, would be arrested here in Canada! Several are wearing their blood relatives medals, First World War and Second World War. If you look real closely you may spot two children wearing their Grandfathers medals.

What you will not see are members wearing pretend medals as they do here in Canada. I would particularly like our Unanimous associate member Klaus to comment on this article. You see he is strongly in favour of wearing his cheap tin legion produced medals. Difficult to see that as an act of remembrance though, really more as an act of disrespect in my view.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Go Back Where You Came From.?????

Its becoming ever more difficult to understand Trump. Is he a madman like Hitler? The facts would tend to say yes. Rather than making America Great again, he is plunging the nation into its racial past. A time when African Americans were called niggers, (I  apologize for using this hateful term) However, its not a word Trump would not use, maybe not in public, but? I know the racial views of many in the USA have not changed in many years. If they had, we would not have thriving organizations like the KKK, Neo Nazis, White supremist etc. I cannot understand the Evangelist supporting him, even if they are only a little bit Christian they should know this is wrong. The news media say this is his 2020 campaign strategy? and apparently it appears to be working with his voter base. I find that hard to accept, I cannot imagine the majority of Americans agree with Trump or his wild claims. Immigrant pens at the border or concentration camps, you decide. Children separated from parents, does that sound like a warning from the past.?

All we can hope for is when the time comes up to vote Americans will turn out in droves to vote him out.

God Bless and keep reading


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Housing Renovictions


The latest legal method to evict people from their rental homes and apartments is to claim owner needs their property empty in order to renovate. This added to the growing Airbnb rentals is creating a serious housing crisis in the two major Island cities. We hear much talk among politicians recognizing this crisis, but unfortunately, very little positive action. I find this very difficult to understand, the Provincial Government loans money to many island ventures. As examples , they recently loaned $700.000 to Jared Murphy to open a home brewery in Borden. A few months ago they loaned $4 million to Paul Murphy to renovate the Loyalist Inn in Summerside. However, to date I have heard nothing of plans to build affordable homes. The demolition of the old Prince Edward Hospital is presently underway. Mayor Brown announced the site will become a green space. While that is very commendable, if we do not soon solve the housing shortage, the Mayors green space may well become a tent city. If the government can loan these large sums of money, why can’t they loan money to build new homes. In today’s market there are more than one option for housing. Building high rise apartment buildings are costly and the consequence are rents beyond the reach of so many. Why can we not creat new subdivisions of mini homes or tiny homes. They would surely cost less than expensive high rise buildings and look better on our landscape. I lived through the blitz in London during the WW2 and by the time it was over thousands upon thousands of families were homeless. People were living in derelict railway carriages, buses, trams and anything else offering some sort of shelter. This was one of the most serious shortages facing people. The British government commissioned the rapid building of prefabricated homes, ( popularly known as prefabs)they were designed to last ten years. Twenty years and more the majority were still in use. The factories building the prefabs could turn out one complete unit per day. That was in 1946, today, I image modern factories could produce many more in a very short time. It was a serious crisis and the government acted quickly to solve it. The problem here, seems it is only a housing crisis for those without or about to lose there homes. Time for the Provincial government to step up and take this crisis seriously, winter is not far off.   God Bless and keep reading.

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Jehovah Witnesses.

Perhaps someone can explain this for me. Firstly, why are they called witnesses?what exactly have they claimed to have witnessed? Secondly how and where do they witness whatever it is that they are claiming to witness?  Now, please understand I’m not anti witness, I’m just curious about what they witness. I have to believe whatever they witness it must be while they are outside and not in their place of worship. They can’t possible claim to have witnessed something whilst in church because their churches have no windows. Indeed, the fact there are on windows would lead an outsider to believe whatever goes on inside is very secretive and cannot be witnessed by outsiders. I would be somewhat reluctant to approach one of their buildings and even more reluctant to venture inside. If someone reading this blog has witnessed a witness in action I love to hear from them. That folks is my very interesting Monday morning blog. I’m afraid it’s rather more witless than witness. The photo is witnessed thru a submarine periscope!

God Bless and keep reading.

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No Response from anyone????

I sent this email out on the 3rd July, ten days ago and to date no reply from anyone of the three recipients. Its very disappointing and makes me wonder what precisely Dennis King meant when he claimed time and again. (“Its About People”)?????? Because I believe that is what my email is also about too (PEOPLE)!!!!

This is a letter I’m sending out today to the three people listed below. Wonder if I will get a response, or more importantly, get any action.

Mr Premier, Mr Bevan Baker and Mr Mitchell the people of Prince Edward Island require your attention. The Irving Corporation are raping our fields, forests and rivers. They are presently digging huge holding ponds and wells, planning irrigation in an effort to avoid the weak regulations we presently have in place. We are told the long awaited “Water Act” will place a moratorium on deep water wells and give protection to the water table. However, these things are happening as I write this letter so we cannot wait any longer, we need action now. Every member of government must surely be as aware of these issues as I am. This province is rapidly reaching the point of no return. The damage already done is devastating but might still be reversible if the government would just take action. We have seen fish kill after fish kill, deforestation, poisonous chemical sprays wiping out the life in our soils. We have seen the top soil disappearing in the huge cleared and wide open potato fields. Birds and wild life are dying from the chemicals in the water and in the air. The Island has a cancer rate far above the national average. Indeed Islanders are dying, others suffering breathing problems, we are forced to close windows in the heat of summer. The previous governments have year after year pandered to the Irving’s, claiming how they provide so much needed work for islanders. Irving’s are a billionaire corporation, yet previous governments have given them loan after loan all from tax payers money. I could go on but I think you all ready know all of this. So I will conclude by pleading that this new government do what they promised and act for Islanders. Stop Irving Now. Remember the Conservative slogan. “ It’s about People”

God Bless and keep reading

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The 12th July in Northern Ireland

Today Orangemen march through the streets of Belfast to celebrate William of Orange. In past years this has resulted in street violence and death. The Ulster police have to be armed like assault troops. The fighting and petrol bombs are surely not how this day was supposed to be celebrated? Its history that should be left in the past, we can remember it but not use it to provoke others. This is another reason for the difficulties of Brexit! do we have a hard or soft border or no border at all.? An impossible question when a village straddles both side of that border.. How do people function working in the North or South, using Euros or sterling?? My own personal view is Ireland should be united as one nation. Not a popular notion to many in the North, and I believe its not a very important notion in the South. It would however, solve many of the issues, one Ireland would have a stronger voice in the world. Our football/rugby teams joined would be more formidable in competitions. It is no longer a question of British occupation, King or Queen loyalty, direct rule, IRA or the many other violent groups. It is about living in peace and harmony. Who today cares where your neighbour goes to church, or which football team they support. Lets have a peaceful nation and raise our children as good citizens not teach them the hatred of the past. Having said that I pray that today will be a quiet and peaceful one. Have a glass of Bush and kiss the Blarney Stone

God Bless and keep reading.

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Tomorrow is 12th July?

The 12th was a big day for us young Belfast Protestant boys in the early 1950s. The 11th July was almost as big, it was bonfire night. Any wood not nailed down ended upon the bonfire, streets were decorated red white and blue, union jacks hanging from many houses . Exciting times that I, and probably most boys my age did not understand the reasons why. King William of Orange ! All we knew about him, he beat the Catholics in 1609 or was it 1690, we were supposed to remember! Today I look back on this celebration as a sad legacy and terrible source of hatred and trouble in my grand old city of Belfast and Ulster. I wonder how much longer these taunting and provoking parades will continue. Do the younger generations understand much as we did in the 1950s. Or hopefully, are wiser and better educated than we were. I can only hope that tomorrow will be a peaceful March without the violence of previous years.         God Bless and keep reading.                                                                    

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Didn’t earn it can’t Wear it?????

Those are words I have often heard from other veterans and legion members, if you didn’t earn it you can’t wear it. Now, I agree if a person in uniform or perhaps legion blazer wears a medal not earned, yes that is wrong. Anyone wearing a medal on his/her left breast to which they are not entitled to is of course wrong. That is known as stolen valour.

However, if a blood relative wears his/her late loved ones medal on the right breast to a Remembrance Day Ceremony. How can we say that is wrong or stolen valour. Allow me to give you an example of things that happened during WW2. I lived in Ireland and England during the blitz. I was young but still have vivid memories of spending nights in airraid shelters. I remember wearing my gas mask in drills at school. One thing in particular that stands out in my memory was the Telegram Boy. I remember because I saw them often, and liked their uniforms and bicycles, I wanted  to be one, but alas was too young. When did I see them ? every time one rode into a street, news sweep through the street in seconds. Mothers and wives stood nervously on door steps praying the boy would cycle passed. If he stopped it meant he was delivering a telegram. A telegram no one wanted to receive. The message in that telegram was one of three things. “We regret to inform you of the death of……..Or we regret to inform you of private … missing in action. The final and perhaps the best news was, Regret to inform you private… a prisoner of war. If you can imagine the dreadful fear that engulfed those poor mothers and wives. Had they lost a son, had they lost a husband and father. Who has the right to say they have not earned the right to wear those medals in remembrance?. War touched us all back then, many homeless, hungry, sick, bereaved, scared and we were all war weary. Having lived through those terrible times, I find it difficult for anyone to deny a relative the right to wear their loved ones medals as a act of remembrance.. I have repeatedly stated, those who disagree don’t have to participate, but don’t deny those who wish to wear these medals. The Legion could request to the courts that section 419 of the criminal code be amended.  Yet, all I ever get from the Legion is to be ignored. I truly struggle to understand their obstinate attitude. Most of these legion members are not veterans, but they parade wearing numerous legion produced medals on their right breast. These legion medals are readily approved but a mother wearing her late sons medals is breaking the law! To date, no one at the legion has been able to clearly justified why this okay.

God Bless and keep reading

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Beautiful Prince Edward Island

I decide that today I would post something more positive than the Irving Corporation or the Royal Canadian Legion. It is such a lovely day comfortable temperatures with a gentle breeze. Mosquitos are not too bad! Rosie and I took our usual morning walk to the top of Mary Road and back. We encountered a fox following us until he reached the pond then disappeared. I don’t think Rosie was even aware of his/her presents. Just too many exciting smells all around. I feel so blessed to live in this beautiful place I must share a little part of it in this blog.

I’m not a great photographer but these photos will at least give you an idea of this amazing and beautiful spot.

God Bless and keep reading

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The All New Legion Night Clubs—Strippers coming soon?

One has to wonder where the direction of a majority of legion branches are headed? Night clubs, hot spots, Topless dancers???? Seem they are prepared to do anything to keep their doors open. My question is this, how is this helping veterans? something the legion constantly claims they are doing. No membership required anyone one can enter anyone can join. The legion is clearly no longer a veteran organization, it no longer has a majority of veteran members. This once respected Royal Canadian Legion is no more. Instead we have pretend veterans wearing pretend medals and marching in pretend veteran parades. It is time the Government removed the Legions right to control the Poppy Campaign and the funds raised. In my personal opinion the legion is run by a group of self appointed medal clad pretend hero’s. I have for several years advocated for a change to section 419 of the criminal code. Blood relatives should be permitted to wear late loved ones medals. Every time I attempt to send a resolution to the AGM Dominion Command it is thrown back in my face by some upstart associate. I understand not everyone agrees, but it really does not affect those who oppose it. If you don’t want to wear your grandfather/fathers medals on remembrance day you don’t have too. However that does not give anyone the right to deny others who may wish to do so. To the best of my knowledge Canada is the only country that opposes this. Everywhere else wearing loved ones medals by blood relatives is not only permitted, its encouraged. Canada is also the only country, again to the best of my knowledge, that allows legion members to promote and wear their own produced pretend medals. I continually send emails to Dominion and Provincial Command, I never get a response? Indeed some of my emails are strongly worded, I would at least expect an occasional angry retort. I have to suppose my messages are hitting home and causing some degree of embarrassment. In closing I should add a qualifier! (everywhere else?)  I’m not sure of the medal policies or how they apply in North Korea??

Below is my last email sent to PEI Provincial Command, no response!!!!

The Legions Modern Decorated Hero’s.

Posted on June 29, 2019
by irishroverpei
The Royal Canadian legions many decorated hero’s
They have fought and struggled at many committee meetings and sweated over BBQs. Organized shuffle board and dart competitions under the most trying and extreme conditions. Indeed these are the much decorated hero’s of today’s legions. Not those complaining veterans with actual military service who wear real authorized medals who will not help or join!!!

God Bless and keep reading.

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