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 This was a blog I posted one year ago in February 2015.wendy

Excerpt from Susannah’s blog (posted one year ago)

So brings up my best buddy (who isn’t a dog.  Peter wanted that clarified).  My best friend is the F Bomb herself…a hard as nails grade four teacher who swears with clinical accuracy and loves with nuclear intensity.  She is kind and rough, fiery and sensible, all these neat balances of humanity and ass kicking awesomeness packed into one body.  Problem is, the body is non cooperative.  She has this random, rare bastard of an illness called Pulmonary Hypertension.  PH for short.  PH together makes the same sound as the letter F by the way, making it interchangeable with the word PHuck or PHighter or PHart.  Some of my favourite words start with F.  I use them more often on special occasions, like weekdays and weekends.  I learned many of them from the F Bomb herself.

F Bomb has had my back so much there is an imprint of her pointy little hands on there.  I have a room at her house, a key to the house, and generally a collection of beer stashed somewhere.  However, F Bombs superior husband (as in the guy is sweet, cute, thoughtful, funny, swears a lot, rides bikes a lot, and cherishes and dotes on his little guy…seriously, this guy is at a dad level held by few…he is like a Ben dad.  They are rare) is entitled to any of my beer at any time.

The Bomb also has been instrumental in getting kids riding mountain bikes.  Like hundreds of kids.  Like kids that would never had touched a bike in their life without her.  We spent an hour in the gym with a little guy who had never ridden before, then the next year he was on single track.  Unreal.  And she never cursed at him once!  She never curses on kids.  Just inanimate objects, adults, and around kids that aren’t in her class.  She is just augmenting their vocabulary.

So she is not really able to ride because of this PHucking lung disease.  She has some heart stuff too, which is no PHun either.  And she misses it, because this kid is an athlete.  She wants to do a tri someday (which will happen…fyi and stay tuned).  So somedays when it sucks in the gym, or on the road, trail, on following the black line in the pool/hamster wheel, I am doing it because she can’t.  She once stood on a treadmill next to me (it wasn’t moving) and yelled me through a half marathon.  I can channel those expletives.

My daughter Susannah wrote this very caring and poignant blog about her dear friend Wendy.  Wendy is a lovely young caring and fun loving woman, a wife a mother and a fine school teacher. She is suffering from this dreadful PH (pulmonary hypertension) lung disease.  Susannah’s blog is truly worth sharing far and wide and it should make us all thankful for our well being. We so often moan and complain about the weather, the price of gas, the government, our neighbours, when if we stopped for a moment to think!  should really be counting our blessings. We all can and should offer Wendy our most sincere prayers for a return to good health. God Bless Wendy.

God Bless and keep reading

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Our Honest & Transparent WADE

about-the-premierIn a CBC interview Honest Wade said he was not in favour of election reform the old first past the post works just fine.. He said this even though he acknowledged the need for reform during the election campaign. Added to this abrupt reversal, it must be noted Honest Wade was not voted for by 60% of the island electoral. Nevertheless he won a majority government with less than 40% of the vote, so we don’t need reform eh???The Prime Minister of Canada recognizes the need for election reform and here we have the premier of Canada’s smallest province disagreeing. Why would he do such a thing in the face of so badly needed changes to the voting system. Well please read a portion of what ‘Red Like Me” think, it certainly makes sense to me.

Quote from Red Like Me

The Patrician family entitlement of Charlottetown elite is inbred throughout Brighton and the political parties of PEI. They do not want any change, the well accepted practice of two ‘Parties’ taking turns looting the Public, for the last 100 years, has certainly ‘found its groove’.

The ‘Cradle of Confederation’ may be a less appropriate moniker for PEI, like wise the ‘Gentle Island’ brand does not fit any longer, a National image of PEI is clearer, “The Playpen of Liberal Corruption”.

Beyond the matter that most Islanders did not vote for Wade Maclauchlan and his popularity is failing the entitled Patrician boy is on thin ice, his bias and loyalty only to the ‘Party’ are unacceptable from any Premier in Canada. Maclauchlan is a sham. Justin Trudeau talks about electoral reform and Maclauchlan is clouding  the water, or is it more lip service?

God Bless and keep reading.

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Mother Canada??? Cancelled!!!

mother-canadaI must admit I did have mixed feelings about the Cape Breton Statue project. On paper it did indeed look very impressive but did not garner massive support and left many unanswered questions. . On one hand in could have been a great tourist attraction (maybe) and on the other hand a colossal flop and waste of money. Particularly coming at a time when the nation is in a huge deficit and in need of more important and necessary projects such as education and health care, roads and other infrastructure. However, I think the overriding issue was originality and really folks this was just wee bit off the mark when it came to originality????

rio statue

The controversial Mother Canada project planned for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park will not be going ahead, to the delight of opponents and disappointment of supporters.

Parks Canada yanked its support of the $25-million project that included a 24-metre statue planned for Green Cove. The project was being backed by a private group, the Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation.

The decision came following a review that found “too many key elements were outstanding” for a completion date of July 1, 2017, according to a Parks Canada news release issued Friday.

The issues include funding, a final design and an agreement on the structuring of the funding for construction and maintenance, Parks Canada said.

“Parks Canada will no longer be working towards the realization of the memorial in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. As a result, the project will not be moving forward on Parks Canada land,” the news release said.

God Bless and keep reading

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What to do on a Storm Day?

001002003004005I think most people just batten down in the face of a snow storm. They break out the beer/wine and chips and watch a movie or several whilst the snow flies and the wind howls. But not my good wife Linda, she and our neighbour George head out to the back of our 13 acre property to burn a pile of old wood and scrub, a few rotten patio chairs, fence posts and other assorted items. Its a great time for a fire and has little or no risk of spreading. We are not required to have a burn permit and its highly unlikely we’ll start a grass fire either. George is the fire chief and Linda first assistant, plus two very intelligent dogs for back up. Our rather odd looking fire fighting vehicles are in that familiar red colour as associated with Fire Depts.

That was the program for this morning as the snow began to fall and the signs of a real storm appeared more than just possible. Since then the snow has fallen steadily and ever heavier, but not much wind yet, that’s expected shortly. The fires are out now (I think?) can’t see any flames or smoke but I’m not going out to check. Its time for me to crack open the wine, no chips though, too much salt and not heart healthy for this old guy. The last photo is of Linda arriving home safely from her winter storm adventure.007

God Bless and keep reading

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Below is the latest letter I have sent to the editor of both Island newspapers. Surely I’m not the only one who sees the looming similarities between the Ghiz government and the present Wade MacLauchlan government. No honesty, no openest, no trust and most of all no transparency. about-the-premierCaudillo gone



We have just recently survived ten years of Liberal government mismanagement, a huge deficit, HST that no one mentioned during the election, and fraudulent gambling schemes under the direction of the Ghiz/Sheridan Liberals. Near the end of their of the 2nd term they both suddenly jumped ship to avoid the E Gaming scandal. Help seemed to be near as a Provincial election was called and people saw a real possibility for change in Island politics. I felt sure the Liberal ship was on the rocks and about to sink below the waves of scandal. But wait, enter King Wade! perhaps we should name him Honest Wade, he marched onto the political stage promising openest,honesty and most importantly Transparency. He told us to forget the past sins of the Ghiz government, his new team would be different. Hmm, So where are we today? Well, there is a worrisome rumour Honest Wade, who is mute on the subject, is about to increase the HST to 15%, now doesn’t that sounds similar to the Liberals of old.   Honest Wade is now touring India, didn’t Robert Ghiz do something similar a few years ago. Memories of first class air travel comes to mind, but for the life of me I can’t remember any new jobs. Is it any wonder we find ourselves in a  similar mess today? How did we Islanders manage this? I believe it is the age old problem of, “my parents always voted this way so I do the same”! That folks is what I believe put us in the mess we presently find ourselves. In the next election I sincerely hope a lot more young voters will turn out and change this old and ingrained two party system. It is time to stop giving consecutive Red/Blue governments a majority. Frankly I’m sick and tired of politicians claiming they are open honest and transparent.

God Bless and keep reading.

Author of LILY & ME , and THE ROYAL NAVY & ME
Visit b
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The Bearded Truth!!


Of the three branches of the military, Navy Army and Air force, only the Navy have the privilege of wearing a beard, the other two branches have to settle for neat little mustaches or in some cases the larger handlebar versions.

Having a beard in the Navy was a mark of a really old salt, and most of us youngsters wanted to grow one!. The photo to the right is the “Red Devil” he was an Able Seaman aboard HMS Cockade. I was seventeen when I first him, and while I’m sure he had a real name I can only remember him as the Red Devil. His huge beard was flaming red. I thought at the time he was really old, but on reflection I imagine now he was more likely between 30 and 40.  I wanted to grow a beard and indeed gave it a try around 1960-61 whilst aboard the submarine Taciturn. Regulations required we get permission from the Captain before we stop shaving. I got the permission and after about four weeks I had something resembling a mangy set. Unfortunately my face hair was jet black and this only emphasized the white bald patches, it looked terrible and was shaved of before the Cox’swain told me to remove it. I never attempted again while in the Royal Navy. Today, much older and with an abundance of facial hair I have sported a natty beard for many years. The photo of Amy and I was taken in approx 1993. It is clear from this photo my facial hair is no longer jet black!!!amy


At first – under Queen’s Regulations, 1861 – officers, petty officers and seamen of the Fleet had been forbidden to wear either beards or moustaches, but this was changed with the 1869 Admiralty Circular Letter No. 36, which permitted ‘a full set’ (both moustache and beard, required to meet).

Victoria was unamused as she preferred beards without moustaches, but was willing to accept them together.

The Royal Navy is still the only British armed force that allows beards (with the exception of one army rank, the Pioneer Sergeant).

Each sailor must apply for “permission to stop shaving”. After a few weeks, the Master at Arms then decides, at his own discretion, if the sailor has enough facial hair for ‘a full set.’ If the beard is scrappy or looks daft in any way, the sailor is ordered to shave it off.

Designer stubble, ‘hipster’ beards and anything taking “an excessive amount of time to grow” is generally off limits.

While on land, Royal Marines are considered a branch of the army when it comes to facial hair so they must remain smooth-chinned, though a moustache is acceptable.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Travelling Time in the Navy.

amymess kitThis is Amy, my honorary Granddaughter, I have know her since she was a wee baby. In one photo you see her wearing her cloud PJs and my cap, even way back then she was destined to be a sailor in the Royal Navy. In the other photo Amy dropped in(a few years later) for a visit on her way home from California, shortly after this trip she enlisted in the navy.  Since then I have followed her adventures mostly via Face Book. I have to face the fact the Navy has changed since my time. For one thing Amy seems to get home more often than I ever did. I have to put that down to air travel, not something I ever contemplated in the 1950’s or 60’s. I must ask her if the Navy still provides three travel warrants per year as they did in my time. Of course my travel warrant was always by rail and ferry. Now days I imagine Amy can hop on a plane and be home an hour or so later. We received 14 days leave three times a year, Christmas, Easter and Summer (August) with each 14 days we were also allowed two days travel time coming and going. Starting my leave I’d depart from Portsmouth on Monday (could be any day) morning at approx 0800 hrs and catch the train to London.  I waited around the station (Euston I think) until about 4 pm then board the train to Heysham and the Belfast Steamer. We arrived at 11 pm and after a ten minute walk with hundreds of other passengers hauling luggage we reached the ship. Unless we were fast by the time we got down to the lounge all the best seats were gone. I usually found a quiet corner of the deck to plant myself and try to sleep/doze? but didn’t do much of either. The ship arrived at 7 am the following morning, I was tired grubby and unshaven, clothes wrinkled and I was hungry. Next thing was to find a bus and get home at approx 8 am, my leave had officially begun. It was the same procedure in reverse when returning from leave.  The last time I was in the UK it appeared air travel was the most popular means of travel and certainly cheaper and faster than rail. I once used one of my three  travel warrants for a long distance weekend adventure, I was madly in love with a WREN (Womens Royal Naval Service) stationed in the north of Scotland. I spent approx 24 hrs on trains heading to Edinburgh, roughly 20 hrs in the city and then 24 hrs on another train returning to Portsmouth. My excuse,  it was my 21st birthday, a special day back then, the day I got the key to the door. Some way to celebrate a birthday, spending 48 hrs in grubby and uncomfortable carriage compartments of British Rail The things we do when we are young!!!!or should that be the things we do when we are young and in love. History now.  So Amy my advice to you on your Birthday (don’t think its your 21st) is this, enjoy your time in the Navy for it will be gone in the blink of an eye. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAILOR!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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Time for an Advertisement!!!

IMG_0001004BookCoverImageIt has been a while since I last tried to flog some books . So here we go with another tantalizing motivation to buy one of my wonderful stories. Besides, I have still not reached the magic number of royalties to buy my new Jaguar or Lexus!!!!

A Theologians Review of “Chapter XXl Armageddon”

I have for a long time wondered how my book would be seen by the religious community, now I know and I’m very pleased indeed.BookCoverImage



by Art Turnbull
report of a reading by a Minister of the Anglican Church and Military Padre .Chapter XXI Armageddon is a book written by Frederick Rodgers.  The author is an Irish born (1939) lad who as a teen served in the Royal Navy.  Having travelled the world as a sailor Rodgers came to Canada.  Settled eventually on Prince Edward Island he took up writing as a further career.  Armageddon is his third book.At first glance, and reinforced by the introductory quote from Winston Churchill, one could quickly lay this book aside, assuming it to be an anti Muslim diatribe. That is not the case if one reads further and gets into the story.This “science fiction” story depicts a secret project of international proportions.  The whole future of the world is at stake as a religious based take over of civilization is being confronted.  Saving the world is what must take place.  To do this we are treated to escapades of a cast of characters.  Adam, a United Church of Canada minister, is to be the hero as he is paired up with Eve.  This couple has been especially chosen to be time travellers, not to the future but to the past.  Their mission is to invite Jesus of Nazareth to come and solve the problem.  David is the prime minister of Britain.  Cardinal Benito Perrocelli represents the Roman Catholic Church as he is to match wits with the Scottish minister, The Rev. Angus MacDonald.  A Professor Carson masterminds the planning.
There is a naval officer who must carry out secret orders crossing the Atlantic Ocean while NASA engineers work out problems such as how to build a vehicle for two that will now hold three. All this mix of specialized folk are to bring together a massive historical moment that places the Adam and Eve couple in the year 33AD on the soil of the suburbs of Jerusalem.  It is quite a journey from where it all began in Inverary, Scotland.The surprising ending of this story comes about in a most unsuspected way.  There is almost a touch of “live happily ever after” in the climax, but maybe not.  To tell more would be to spoil the plot of the story for the reader.  You will have to get a copy and find out for your own self.Rodgers has a vivid imagination as suits someone choosing to live in the thriving community of Abram Village, PEI, Canada.  I am not sure how many authors come from this location.  Yet, Chapter XXI Armageddon testifies to the ability of the writer to weave a grand tale, perhaps fueled by Atlantic lobster and a draft of Moosehead.  Worth the read.

by Frederick Rodgers
Self Published by the author
ISBN 1502340860

God Bless and keep reading and buy buy !!!!!but not goodbye

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Five Years later

hospital stay2On the 1st day of February five years ago I was laying in a hospital bed in the Queen Elizabeth 2 in Halifax Nova Scotia. I was waiting for heart  bypass surgery, I had four serious blockages. The successful operation took place on the 11th February and ten days later I was home in my own bed. This was without doubt the most scary and indeed the hardest recovery from a surgery of my life. I felt so fragile and weak for months after the operation. I left the hospital with approx sixty staples in my chest and another 15 on my left thigh where they harvested the veins needed for the by passes. Without Linda to care for me during the lengthy recover time I don’t think I could have survived. Just getting out of bed was a major operation requiring her help,  I couldn’t use my arms to push myself up for fear of opening my chest bone. I became breathless very easily because my lungs were not fully open and it was painful to take a deep breath. My bedside table looked like a pharmacy counter and keeping track of which pill to take and when, wasn’t easy.  I can now look back on those fearful times and give thanks to God for my survival. However, more importantly I give thanks to Linda who brought me through many long and frightening days and nights. I give thanks to the amazing surgeons who preformed the operation on my heart so deftly. I can’t imagine the difficult and delicate heart surgery they preformed , just amazing talent. Today I lead a normal life, perhaps a bit slower and with a little more care, but normal nonetheless. I have been granted five plus more years of life because of the wonderful healthcare provided to me by the doctors and nurses of this great nation of Canada.

So folks, I don’t write this to impress anyone with my personal story, but rather to remind those of you who complain about the health system. Who moan about having to travel off island for treatment, who complain about wait times, about doctors, nursing staff etc. Please take a step back and think, we may not have a perfect health system but it is the best that can be provided under the difficult and trying circumstances. That is for me enough, and I’m proud to have received care from the hands of such hard working and caring health professionals.  Next time you see a doctor or nurse, thank them.

God Bless and keep reading.

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A Little Sunday Morning Humour.

A wee bit of Scottish humour to assuage  the pain of losing the world famous Land Rover, many of which were sold in the Highlands.002
A Scot was drinking in a bar in London when he gets a
call on his cell phone. He orders drinks for everybody in the bar as he
announces, his wife has just produced a typical Scottish baby boy
Weighing 25 pounds
Nobody can believe that any new baby can weigh in at 25
Pounds, but the man just shrugs, “That’s about average up our way,
folks…like I said – my boy’s a typical Highland baby boy.”
Two weeks later the man returns to the bar. The
bartender says, “Say, you’re the father of that typical Scottish baby That
Weighed 25 pounds at birth, aren’t you? Everybody’s been making’ bets
About how big he’d be in two weeks
So how much does he weigh now?
The proud father answers, “Seventeen pounds.”
The bartender is puzzled and concerned. “What Happened?
He was 25 pounds the day he was born.”
The father takes a slow swig from his Johnny Walker
Whisky, wipes his lips on his shirt sleeve, leans into the bartender and
proudly says,
 “Had him circumcised.”
God Bless and keep reading.
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