6.20am Thursday Morning

I was up and about at 6.20 am this morning, why? the dog was barking!!! It was still dark outside, the wind was howling, rain pounding the windows and was mixed with big snow flakes. The radio wasn’t working! and the power came on and off a few times while I was brewing my coffee. Around 7 am the radio began working and I learned what was going on in the larger world. The Confederation bridge was closed to all traffic due to high winds. Several school districts were on a one hour delay. Yoda the dog was antsy because he doesn’t like the power going on and off and the sound of the microwave blipping, he wanted out. However, it was only a brief moment until he wanted in again. There are several trees down across the province and as it is a garbage day pick up many bins are not where they are supposed to be. Gee!!! it must be winter already, better check the date, only November 23rd. Heck! is this a sign of things to come, time for another coffee.

God Bless and keep reading

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Auckland Christmas 1956

Christmas 1956, Auckland New Zealand

We tied up outboard of HMS Consort in the city of Auckland on the evening of 23rd December 1956. Danny and I were off duty on Christmas Eve and Christmas day and headed ashore just before noon. Auckland was quiet with few people about. This was probably because it was Christmas Eve. Many businesses were closing or already closed. We found a small café and decided to stop in for a bite of lunch. Spotting two pretty girls at one of the tables, we sat at the table next to them. Before lunch was over the four of us were sitting together.
After lunch we decided to attend a matinee at one of the local cinemas. The girls wanted to see “Oklahoma” a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Not into musicals or love stories I suggested we see “Battle of the River Plate”. After much discussion the sinking of the German pocket battleship Graff Spee won the day.

It was dark when we re-emerged from the cinema. It appeared the city had rolled up the sidewalks and gone to bed. The four of us wandered the empty streets, devoid of ideas of what to do next. On a back street we happened upon a brightly lit Italian restaurant. Music blared from within and the place seemed to be crowded. Danny tried the door but it was locked. We were moving on when it burst open and we were invited inside. I never found out if it was a family, staff or local Italian club holding the party. But we happily joined in. Around midnight we rolled back onto the street with our girlfriends. We told the girls we had no place to stay, except of course aboard ship. We went to great lengths explaining how difficult it was to sling a hammock. Especially when full of Italian wine. Eventually they said what we’d been hinting at all along. Forget the hammocks and come back to our place. They shared a room in a private home. Sneaking us in undetected was no easy feat. Outside the front door we removed our shoes then tiptoed up stairs, whispering and giggling. The room was at the back of the house and furnished with two single beds. Still whispering and giggling we undressed in the dark. Danny said “Hey its Christmas Eve. We better get into bed before Santa arrives.” Our laughter almost gave the game away. The following morning I’m suddenly and roughly shaken awake. I’m told to get under the bed fast. Still half asleep and bleary eyed from last nights Chianti, I struggled under the bed. A hand swept my clothes under the bed with me. I was barely under when the door opened and a cheery voice said “Merry Christmas girls.” “I’ve brought you up some tea and toast. Did you have a good time last night? You must have been out late. We didn’t hear you come in.” While she chatted with the girls I was holding my breath, hoping not to be discovered. I looked across the floor between the landlady’s ankles and saw Danny under the other bed. It took all of my will power not to burst out laughing. Danny was looking at me and making silly facial expressions. Allowing time for the landlady to get downstairs, we quietly emerged from under the beds. The girls were anxious for us to dress and leave. Things looked a bit different sober and in the cold light of dawn. I needed to use the toilet but it wasn’t going to happen in the house. It was essential we considered a way to escape without discovery. We certainly couldn’t leave the same way we’d arrived. The bedroom window looked out on a back porch. It looked possible to leave via the window. Hopefully we’d lower ourselves onto the roof then down to the ground without making a noise. It was successful and we made a hasty and undiscovered escape. That was my Christmas in New Zealand in 1956 when I was just 17 years old. A very different Christmas indeed!!! but hey it was still great fun.
God Bless and Merry Christmas


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Exciting Times Ahead!!!!

FRIENDLY ADVICE RE: District 11 By-Election

Pesticide Free PEI is unimpressed with both candidates running in the District 11 by-election for the Liberals and P.C.’s

The Liberal candidate, Bob Doiron, has a record on Charlottetown’s city council of being opposed to the new bylaw on lawn pesticides. Even after the bylaw passed he is trying to make it easier for residents to spray insecticides by… I’m sure most of us already know where Hilton stands!!! her husband is the owner/operator of Pesticide PEI!!!!!!

Enough said!!! I must admit I have a good feeling about this district 11 election, I believe neither the Liberals or the PC’s are going to win a seat. I think the Green Party are ahead, but not to rule out the NDP they also have a good chance and at the very least will take votes away from the two old party candidates. The Liberal seem to have the same platform over and over. Doiron wants to be the voice of district 11????? Remember Chris Palmer he was going to be the voice of Summerside/Wilmot? However, the moment he entered the house he clammed up and voted with his King! Just recently Bevan Baker questioned MacLauchlan on his dictatorial action on the plebiscite. He waffled on about voter turn out being too low and that concerned him. Funny though, when he won a majority in the last election with less than 40% of the vote that didn’t seem to be of concern. More than 60% of islander voters didn’t want him. We are in times of change, the old tired party’s are on their way out and the system of Proportional Representation is coming on fast. King Wade Canute cannot stop the tide. So folks of district 11 please get out and vote these  tired old patronage pushing, vote buying money grubbers out for good. Elect a person with a vision and a plan to help islanders,  not themselves.

God Bless and keep reading

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Prayers from the Submarine Family

As days pass and still no positive sign or communication from the missing Argentina submarine the chances of survival are growing dim. The Argentina Navy are putting a brave face on their reporting but I’m not so sure. They tell the media there is enough oxygen and food for two weeks. While that might be true, there is the question of power, without which there is no heat no lights and most important no propulsion. If the boat is on the bottom it must be found soon and we must hope its not in deep water. Too deep and if weather is too rough a rescue will be nearly impossible. All we can do is hope and pray they will either manage to surface and or be found and rescued. Submariners from all over the world are watching and praying for the safe return of the crew. We all feel the pain and fear of being trapped inside an iron hull with no way out. May God Bless them and keep them safe until the hand of rescue reaches them.

God Bless and keep reading

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A Little Sunday Humour

Dog For Sale.    Excellent guard dog.  Owner cannot afford to feed
Jethro any more, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers,
or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.  Most of them knew
Jethro only by his Chinese street name, Ho Lee Schitt.

God Bless and keep reading

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The Fear of Proportional Representation.

It has occurred to me we have the old line politicians running in fear of losing their hold on power. Lets take Trudeau first, in the last election he stated that the FPTP would be the last of its kind in Canada. He knew it was what the Canadian people wanted and would elect him. It did, but in a very short time he reversed his statement, He would not bring in the PR system.

We were taken for the suckers !

Next we have a Premier of PEI (King Wade) who believes he can stop the tide from coming in. Unlike King Canute who realized only a supreme power could do such a thing. Prince Edward Island has had many plebiscites and all were honoured except the last one which voted in favour of Proportional Representation. Our autocratic premier decided not to honour the will of islanders. I believe he will pay for this dictatorial decision in the next provincial election.

Now we come to district 11 by election, we have the liberal and PC candidates towing party lines. When asked what their views are on PR we get a load of political double talk. It is interesting to note, just last night the Young Voters of PEI held a debate with the four candidates, I listened to it this morning on CBC radio. Neither the liberal or PC raised any enthusiasm from their views on PR the large audience however, when the Green and NDP candidates spoke they received clapping, cheers and loud applause. In the plebiscite District 11 voted overwhelmingly in favour of PR. That would seem to be a good reason for any hopeful candidate to support their decision in this by election. As the two old party candidates did not use this to their advantage it clearly points to the fact the back room boys have told them not too. I have to believe this is exciting times, we are on the brink of great change and its possible District 11 is about to make the first move to change our outdated voting practices. Fingers crossed, lets hope people have had enough of lies and broken promises. We shall find out on 27 November?

Oh! and King Wade, you better leave the beach because you can’t stem the tide and will  soon find yourself awash in wave after wave of PR!!!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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The Destruction of Prince Edward Island

This is a very powerful letter and one I believe needs to be read far and wide. What is happening here on our tiny province is probably happening all over the world. Large powerful corporations run things as they wish, politicians are in their pockets,  the people are discarded and the land raped. However, do we not have an obligation to act and do something to stop this destruction for profit and greed. Of course we do! but the burning question is what to do, do we rebel, strike, march in the streets, overthrow the government?????? Difficult issues for such law abiding citizens, we find all the options disagreeable and unpleasant. I believe we have one hope, start electing good honest people to run the province, throw out these tired and dishonest Liberals/Conservatives. Give the Greens and NDP a chance to make a diference. Tell MacLauchlan we do not need a referendum on PR or the costs it will involved. All we need is for him and his government to honour the Plebiscite.

A Place Fit Only for Dinosaurs
What is happening in many parts of this Island must be judged as nothing less than an assault on the Island and its people. We would be no more under siege if our fields were filled with tanks, and poison gas was being released into the air.
It is an invasion, and the destructive, invasive force is taking over the Island, the way it has already taken over New Brunswick, and the name of that force is Irving.
In an attempt to disguise the harm and ugliness they wreck upon the Island they have called their principal company Cavendish Farms, a dark irony to be sure.
‘Cavendish’, a name associated around the world with the variegated, pastoral beauty of the Island, has been usurped by a company that is in the process of demolishing most everything the word has come to stand for. There is something really twisted and dark about that, and if Islanders do not wake up soon, a terminal pallor will settle over the countryside where once there was beauty and vibrancy.
If you think I exaggerate take yourself to New Annan, Indian River, Hamilton, Malpeque, Spring Valley or a score of other communities across the Island. Hedgerows are being systematically eliminated, small woodlots are being bulldozed into massive, grotesque piles, and the houses of once flourishing homesteads stand empty and vacant-eyed, staring down abandoned lane-ways and across the stripped landscape.
What is being created by industrial agriculture is hostile to human habitation, hostile to wildlife and songbirds, hostile to communities, hostile to beauty, and hostile to the earth itself. It is congenial only to the monstrous machines that roll over the land like the dinosaurs of a collapsing civilization.
And yet, we make this Island over to accommodate them, and the stench of their bad breath.
What kind of deranged, short-term thinking is it that believes in order to prosper in this place we must permit the destruction what is most dear to us, and, in the process, offer up the water that sustains us as a sacrifice.
And a sacrifice it could well prove to be

God Bless and keep reading


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Me vs Legion, part two!!!

Its difficult to understand the silence of the Legion Leadership Commands!! Yesterday I sent my daily blog (Me vs Legion) to both Dominion Command and PEI Provincial Command. However, like the many other blog posts I have forwarded to them, they continue to go unanswered?? I find it rather strange, if someone was making unpleasant remarks about me I think I would need to respond. Indeed, I doubt I could resist a response. Yet here we are again, more utter silence? could it be they have no response?  Could it be they are following a policy of ignoring me and others in the belief if they keep it up long enough we will go away? Not a chance, at least not by choice, I intend to continue my struggle until finally someone wakes up and realizes that the legion is broken.

What is wrong with this guy Brodersen (PE provincial command), hell he has no problem writing nasty and sarcastic letters. He has no problem taking every photo opportunity that comes his way wearing his numerous fake medals However, when he is called out, he disappears back into the woodwork. Time to smarten up and face the music. Time to act like someone who cares about what the legion stands for, and more importantly cares about veterans. Someone who can take criticism and do what needs to be done. Unfortunately we do not appear to have anyone that has the will, courage or credibility to do that with in the command structure.

I will end this leaving a few comments below from yesterdays blog, you will note they are all positive, no one offered an opposing view?????

(1)I stand with you Mr.Rodgers,
Once again you have nailed it.

(2)I’m with you all the way on this one. Legion is getting so so outdated it’s not even fixable.

It’s like some people take to religion. Ideas are so ingrained that there is no room left for common sense thinking! Then they are left to make excuses like “if we allowed this, where would it end, first relatives, then best friends, finally any Tom Dick or Harry.” (Oh, and it’s Harriet, not Harry! Let us not forget that women had a part in the war).

God Bless and keep reading

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One Man’s Opinion?

From: Reg Murphy _
Date: Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: Quiz
To: Robby McRobb >

Good morning Robby from Morewood, Ontario. Reference your comment/opinion below which you are entitled to (and continue to harp on); in my humble opinion, I hope that Canada (that you alluded to) continues to make it a Criminal Act to wear medals of a deceased Family Member. As a 30 year Veteran of the CAF, my children or any other family member for that matter, have not earned the right/privilege to wear the five medals that I earned throughout my career. Actually, my daughter who is into her 16 year in the CAF will earn her own medals that she can proudly wear but not mine. One day my medals should only be displayed by a Family Member in a display case. having my medals on their person and not visible to the public but they can be taken out and proudly shown to the public and explained to them exactly what they represent and who once wore them. In closing, I totally disagree with a Family Member parading around with my medals on their chest; either left or right. Enough said on that subject.

Hi Reg I’m trying to make sense of your rather sarcastic email to Robby (continues to harp on) and the suggestion of the Canada he alludes too. Do you not think its the same Canada we all allude too?   You make it clear you want this law (section 419) retained. That has me wondering if you see the law needed incase your family do not honour your wishes and wear your medals after you are gone? Its your choice, no one is saying the law requires everyone to wear their late loved ones medals. If I wish my family to wear mine after I’m gone that is my choice. It seem simple to me, your choice or someone else’s choice. Its all about choice and isn’t that what freedom and democracy is about and what you earned and proudly wear your medals for? Finally you completely lost me on your last statement> One day my medals should be in a display case. having my medals on their person and not visible to the public, but they can be taken out to the public and explained???? Either you don’t want them in public or you do? Finally let me ask you this, how many people have you seen  at a Remembrance Day Ceremony carrying displays of framed medals? I have seen none and I’m quite sure I have attend as many if not more than you. However, I see lots of these right breast medals being worn mostly by people who have never served. Each to his/her own.

God Bless and keep reading

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To Dominion-Provincial Commands?

The photo of this very smart little boy should speak volumes to the leadership of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Please tell me which photo you think portrays “Pride-Honour-Remembrance and Respect for our Veterans???????


If you think its Tom Eagles, then you should issue arrest orders for the little boy (except you can’t, he is in the UK). However, like all my previous posts you will just ignore me once again. Of course you might try to excuse this unnecessary law by saying you don’t make the law you just uphold it??? yeah right.

Finally, not to forget our very own PEI Provincial Command associate member, “Unanimous Brodersen”. Who would have thought your special unanimous committee might have been wrong???? Choose which photo of these two you find the more moving and respectful of our veterans? I fear it might be a unanimous decision in favour of the little boy

Oh Boy!!! just had to add this little gem. did you happen to notice the interview at the Ottawa service, with the first Canadian female to join the CF’s in the 1970’s?.  She was a nurse and is clearly seen in the CBC TV interview wearing on her left breast her own CD medal. But on her right breast several second world war medals, (I assume they were her late fathers). Egads she is breaking the law!!! where was Dave Flannigan Dominion Command Legion President, Arrest that law breaker at once and throw her in jail!!!! This is the reason we have this law against blood relatives wearing late loved ones medals. Its just so criminal!!! Now, if that makes sense to those at Dominion Command????  If it all seems reasonable to the legion leadership with their right breast fake medals, then what more can I say????? I rest my case.

God Bless and keep reading






















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