Promotion Time Again!!!

Its December and Christmas is only short days away! Time to think of that special gift for a loved one or a friend who might be difficult to buy for.. Maybe one of my three books could be the answer. I will begin with my latest book, a work of fiction, and a story based in sci fi, but with many touches of the real world woven into the pages. When I completed writing this book I did not at first realize the many real world events I had fitted into what I believe is a unique and exciting story. Rather than continue to blow my own horn I will instead share one of my readers comments. I think it captures the total concept of my tale.
Review by: Syrphian on Jan. 10, 2015 :
I really enjoyed reading this book! It is a great story with many twists and turns while giving you something profound to think about. The author has a real talent and I believe a future in fiction. The book starts off interesting right from page one with the big mystery in the sand! The author’s writing style is free-flowing which makes it easy to read. This gives the reader a more pleasurable reading experience while with some author’s styles it is more like a text book experience than a novel. I believe that this book has film potential, too.
Somehow he combined a whiskey bottle, time travel, Hunter River Prince Edward Island, a Naval submarine, Jesus, complex machinery, a spy, a world terrorist crisis, the Vatican, Islam, Adam & Eve and a great mystery story all in one book! You have to read it to see what I mean – you will not be disappointed as it is well worth it.
So, in summary, a ‘good read’ as they say… I enjoyed it from page one until the final page. I must admit that the ending was a surprise as I figured that it would conclude the way I thought it should. I am sure that is what the author wanted me to believe. The actual ending was rather different, and a complete and thought-provoking surprise. A very clever ending indeed!
I would recommend this book to anyone who desires a good story, well-written, exciting and a pleasure to read. You will not be disappointed and you will be wanting more from this author when you finish this book!
So there you have it folks, all that remains is for you to read it yourselves. It can be ordered directly from me, the cost for a signed copy is $10 plus postage. It can be ordered on-line at, price is usually a little higher (approx $14) and as an Ebook at for only $1.99. Just contact me via my email address Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2017
God Bless and Merry Christmas

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Where our Poppy Money Goes?????

I realize we are into the Christmas Season and probably most people do not want to hear more rants about the Legion. Nevertheless, there are many hurting veterans out there for which Christmas will not be a good time as they suffer without help. The legion Leadership needs to be exposed over and over until something changes. So one more time I remind you of Joan Beznowski and the treatment she receive from Dominion Command.

Letter to the Editor below.

May I draw the attention of you and your readers to a very disturbing news item in the Wednesday June 9 issue of the Vancouver Sun, in the National Post section, page NP 1.
It refers to an emerging scandal about the treatment of the voluntary secretary of the Lac du Bonnet MB branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.
Jean Beznowski had a reason to be a member of the Legion for 36 years and to continue her duties at the age of 82. Her dad had been in World War II, her husband and two of her brothers fought in the Korean War.

Her sin: she was concerned about how veterans are being treated and about disturbing reports about how the Legion was being operated from its National Command Headquarters.

Specifically, there was concern about veterans seeking treatment for PTSD were being treated. Apparently the legion had set up an informational (not treatment) program about where treatment could be received. For this questionable service the Legion charged the veteran $10! Because she had the temerity to try to contact the organization’s president Tom Eagles, (she never reached him) her branch received instructions to eject her from the branch.
She is quoted by the National Post as saying, “The legion is losing members because of how people are being treated and how the (legion) is operating.” Beznoski explained in an interview. “It’s time somebody did something about it.”

Apparently there are other members who will bring their concerns to the annual convention in St. John’s.
Concerns about excessive senior executive salaries: more than $100,000 per year.
Concerns about expenses for executive trips for themselves, their spouses and families to the Caribbean and questionable trips to ‘conferences’ in the United Kingdom.
And why Eagle’s two sons received two of four Legion bursaries when the children of a low income veterans’s family were denied. So far all their queries have been met by executive stonewalling.

Now as I understand it The Royal Canadian Legion is a private club with its own bylaws and able to select its own executives. If so, how they run it is a question of executive authority as expressed in those by-laws.

But this is an organization that administers millions (how much?). They are not accountable to anyone but themselves and perhaps whatever legislation they are chartered under. I don’t know.
But I do know that when people spend their own money to contribute to the Poppy Campaign they do so thinking that the proceeds are going to go to the benefit of bona fide veterans, not for the salaries and travel goodies of the bosses.
And the Legion bloody well IS accountable:- to those who donate in the interests of the families of veterans who lost their lives or who were grievously wounded in their country’s service.

But it riles me in the extreme that some fat cats are riding on the reputation of those who were wounded, who lost their lives, or came back to little concern for them, whether they are veterans of World War II, Korea, UN actions in Bosnia, Afghanistan or wherever.

Until this mess is cleaned up and there is public accountability for the millions contributed in good spirit it’ll be a frosty Friday before I buy another poppy.

M.A. Rhodes
Nelson, BC

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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Naughty or Nice?? Trudeau???? legion????

When will Parliament’ s actions square with their words?
By Sean Bruyea
Canadas’ serving and retired military members were recently handed a most devastating defeat. However, Ottawa should reign in any festive celebration. These ruling shows Ottawa has been wooing men and women into military uniforms for over a century with empty promises and platitudes.
A group of six veterans have been fighting, on and off, a five-year legal battle to declare unconstitutional a program legislated under the Liberals in 2005 to unilaterally replace lifelong payments for pain and suffering with a one-time lump sum.

Known as Equitas, the veterans’ legal action seeks to certify their claim as a class action while also arguing the government has Constitutional and other legal obligations to veterans. Principle among those is the assertion there exists a longstanding social covenant between Canada and those who serve or have served in military uniform.
On December 4, a panel of three judges from the BC Court of Appeal, unilaterally struck down all legal aspects of the claim.
The judges noted the “unwieldy”, and tediously lengthy nature of the claim containing “rhetorical excesses”, which have been characteristic of the Equitas messaging in the media. However, contrary to some expectations raised by such rhetoric, the court decision was not about “determining whether the government is providing adequate compensation to members of the armed forces who are injured in the course of their duties”.

Instead, the judges ruled whether there were Constitutional or other legal obstacles preventing Parliament from having the “authority to enact legislation fixing and limiting compensation” for injured veterans.

This ruling has far more implications than whether benefits for injured veterans under the lump sum program are unfair. In short, there exists no special legal obligation that Canada has to its veterans.
That means bureaucrats can continue to write laws which Parliament is manipulated into passing that create an increasingly complex class and caste system of veterans forced to negotiate a labyrinth of bureaucratic injustices. The result for many is humiliation and disempowerment. For some, it is one more push down a tragic path of suicide.
Yes, the ruling is that bleak. Inspirational speeches and promises by the most powerful offices of the land are nothing more than words. It is difficult not to be cynical. What a great deal for government and Canadians to be protected and defended by the most weighty of human sacrifices while being obligated to provide absolutely nothing in return.
This is not the courts’ fault. This is about the law and there exists no Canadian law for a “sacred obligation” or “social covenant”.
Ironically, it has been exactly one century since Prime Minister Borden spoke his oft-quoted words of commitment to care for those in uniform.
Since then, the very politicians inundating us with endless rhetoric about an eternal gratitude and great debt owed to veterans are the very individuals who have the power to pass laws to create a legally binding obligation to veterans.

The first kick at the can is underway. John Brassard’s Bill C-378 merely seeks to amend the Department of Veterans Affairs Act with three subsections. This is not, as Mr. Brassard claims, a “Military Covenant Act” but more a customer service commitment.
A true covenant would exist independently of any other act. It would be comprehensive and would stipulate both all-encompassing and specific legal obligations of government to care for serving military, veterans and family members. It would base those obligations upon the multitudinous demands that military service makes upon Canadians in uniform, including the profound changes in person that result from the most potent tools of manipulation available to reshape an individual.
It would need to involve more than just six veterans and two teams of battling lawyers. It would have to involve as many veterans and serving members, and their families as possible. It would have to be open and transparent in the most idealistic ways. It must inspire participation, and compassion while satisfying the expectations of all touched by and who safeguard that democracy. This is essential because a military exists to protect and defend all that, and all those, we hold dear in our nation.
That is what politicians and bureaucrats need to do. Veterans would benefit from shaking the deeply indoctrinated deference to authority. They have to stop looking for a knight in shining armour to rescue them. They also need to say no to secretive tristes and commitments of confidentiality with government behind closed doors.
Ottawa has no commitment to veterans, why are veterans so eager to commit to government?
Government has been the perennial playboy, charming men and women into uniform with sweet nothings. Once out of uniform, when veterans press government for a commitment, to go on bended knee with a ring, government leaves veterans at the altar, only to court another priority.
Was the ultimate sacrifice not enough? Veterans then blame themselves in most tragic ways as if they somehow deserve such abandonment.
The big question: will this heartbreaking dance go on for another century?
Sean Bruyea, vice-president of Canadians for Accountability and author, has a graduate degree in public ethics, is a retired Air Force intelligence officer, and frequent commentator on government, military, and veterans’ issues.

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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Christmas 1951, Living with My Sister-A Christmas never Forgotten

Its strange as we grow older, it seems old memories return to ones mind. For years I never gave a thought to that dreadful Christmas back in 1951 when I was twelve years old. However, for the last few years I keep returning to that awful day and the unwarranted cruelty of my older sister Lily. Sent to my room for the rest of the day, Christmas day, all because I wouldn’t eat marzipan!. Below is an excerpt from my book “Lily & Me”


For the rest of the morning we were left to play with our new toys, books and annuals. Lily and Ben sat in the kitchen talking and keeping an eye on the roast. Just before noon, Lily told me to set the dinner table. I willingly obeyed, knowing we’d soon be pulling Christmas crackers and eating a scrumptious meal. As the clock chimed noon we sat down to eat, first bowing our heads as Ben said grace. We pulled crackers and donned the paper hats. We read aloud our fortunes, then grabbed for the enclosed toys. On my plate was a whole leg, usually only given to adults, and it made me feel grown up.
The dinner was as good as expected, with pudding still to come. It was traditional to put silver in the pudding and Lily always put a sixpence in ours. When the portions were served I hoped I’d be lucky and get the piece with the money in it. I knew I’d lost when Roy yelled in delight, spotting the coin in his dish. As I polished off the remains of my pudding, my thoughts turned to Shirley and our meeting later that afternoon. I was in a happy mood even knowing I had to wash so many dinner dishes before I’d be allowed out. It turned out that everyone helped clear the table and wash the dishes. With the chores complete, I returned to the living room to continue playing with my gifts. I knew tea and cake would be served next, and I couldn’t leave until that was finished.
Moments later, Lily came in with a pot of tea, Ben followed carrying the cake, and cups and saucers were on the tray I had made at school. We each received a good size slice and a cup of tea. My mind was miles away as I sat in front of the fire nibbling cake, It was covered with icing over a marzipan base and decorated in a Christmas theme. Marzipan was something I didn’t like. Hardly even conscious I was doing it I picked the marzipan off and laid it aside on my plate. I was unaware of Lily watching me. The warm and pleasant environment was about to explode around me.
Suddenly, she flew into a rage solely directed at me. ‘Eat your marzipan and stop wasting good food’, she yelled. I was taken by complete surprise, at first not even sure what I was doing wrong.
Gathering my thoughts I said, ‘Mum, you know I don’t like marzipan, it makes me sick’.
‘You’ll eat it,’ she said, ‘or you’ll spend the rest of the day in your room. It’s your choice’.
The warm, cozy feelings of moments earlier were instantly gone. In their place, a rising anger and rebellion dried my throat. I instinctively stood my ground, flatly refusing to eat the marzipan. No matter her reasoning, what she was doing was wrong. This wasn’t some terrible crime I had deliberately committed. I wasn’t refusing to eat vegetables, or take a nasty medicine. Besides, it was Christmas; I would hardly be punished today, of all days, and surely not for such a minor offence. In the rising tension, Ben and Roy remained quiet and motionless, their eyes on the floor. Both probably anticipated what was coming next. The atmosphere in the room had turned icy cold. I hoped Ben would intervene to calm the situation, but he did nothing. No one had the courage to stand up to Lily – no one, that is, but me. Even though my anger was at boiling point, I knew I wouldn’t win. Yet, I remained determined to take anything she dished out. I’d suffer her punishment, but at least do it with dignity. In this way I believed I was actually winning.
I was ordered to go my room immediately, and told not to show my face again until tomorrow. Picking up a book to take with me, I was promptly told to leave it. I wasn’t allowed to take any of my new books upstairs. The cruel malice my sister displayed that Christmas Day left me cold. It was hard to believe this was my own flesh and blood. Whatever her purpose in her role as mother or sister, her behaviour that day was cruel and unnecessary. In the years spent with Lily I’d suffered numerous punishments, some deserved, many not. Yet nothing before had ever left me feeling as I did that sad afternoon. This totally unnecessary incident only served to feed my resentment and hatred, a hatred that would take years to overcome.

I have long since recovered from that terrible moment, yet it never leaves my thoughts. This was the beginning of the end for me playing the role of her son. I decided that day alone in my room I would change my situation and soon. A bold plan was developing in my young mind. I wont tell you more now, enough to say by August 1952 I was back home with my real father and family in Belfast.

God Bless and Merry Christmas


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A little Sunday Humour.


On a golf tour in  Ireland, Tiger Woods drives his Mercedes into a
petrol station in a remote part of the Irish countryside.

The pump attendant who knows absolutely nothing about golf, greets him
in a typical  Irish manner completely unaware of who the golfing pro is.

“Top of the mornin’ toyer, sir” says the attendant.
Tiger nods a quick, ‘hello’ and bends forward to pick up the nozzle.

As  he does so, two tees fall out of his shirt pocket onto the ground.

“What be those?” asks the attendant.
“They’re called tees,” replies Tiger.

“Well, what on this God’s earth are dey for?”
inquires the Irishman.

“They’re for resting my balls on when I’m driving,” says Tiger.

“Fookin Jaysus,” says the Irishman, “Mercedes think of everything!”

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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A From Away Persons Point of View.

After reading David Weale’s article on the “Island Way of Life” I felt a need to record my own experiences as a person from away. I stepped ashore in Halifax NS on the 18th January 1967 as a landed immigrant from Belfast Northern Ireland. Almost two years later I was on the road to Prince Edward Island listening to my car radio as Stomping Tom sang Bud the Spud from the Big Red Mud!!! At that time I worked for the Uniroyal Tire Company, we were leasees in the Kmart Auto Centres. I was transferring to the new store about to open in Charlottetown,the date was 31st October 1969. Landing in Borden around 4 pm I headed my big 1961 Chrysler toward the city. I say big because I needed the space to carry all my worldly possessions. I had arranged temporary accommodation for the weekend while I searched for a suitable and affordable apartment. Good fortune was with me as I quickly found a one bedroom furnish apartment on Hillsboro street for the modest rent of $65 per month heat and lights included. A few days later I was sharing the apartment and the rent it with a fellow employee from Kmart $32.50 each per month. Couldn’t live much cheaper than that! The apartment had one small bedroom (mine) a bed settee in the living room kitchen combination. We had a small stove and smaller fridge, a small bathroom with a smaller bath and no shower, you will note everything was on a small scale.
One of the first things I noticed about the island was the separation of islanders along religious lines, of course coming from Belfast this was no great feat for me. There were a few differences in Ireland, Catholics and Protestants lived in separate districts, but in Charlottetown people were mixed in together. Perhaps a few of the outlaying villages were more separated as strictly Catholic or Protestant. Nevertheless, it was no great issue for me, I’d been more than happy to leave this ancient problem behind me in Ireland.

One of my first missions after settling in was to visit Belfast PEI, I drove down one cold November morning to find the local post office. It was located in a private residence just off the main highway and near the village church. I lovely old lady was the post mistress and very helpful when I explained my needs. I wanted to purchase a post card with a Belfast scene, have it post marked Belfast PEI then sent to Belfast Northern Ireland. The post mistress disappeared for quite some time but finally reappeared carrying a dusty old shoe box. Inside were some black and white post cards, unfortunately they were all the same scene, a photo of the Presbyterian Church. It wasn’t what I was hoping for but needs must. I scribbled a few lines and added the address and she post marked the card and it was on its way. While I took little notice of the church at the time, I did a few years later visit this amazing old church and was very impressed.

As spring turned to summer I began exploring more of this beautiful island, I travelled the many scenic dirt roads, visited a number of family farms, the beaches and  the rich green hills and dales. The island reminded me of my Irish homeland, the little family farms with a variety of livestock. Chickens loose around the farm house, cattle grazing in the fields, goats, geese and pigs. A patchwork of fields surrounded by thick hedgerows growing hay, wheat and corn. The island was indeed a lovely pleasant land, a good place for a person to live and work in. The Kmart was a busy place and our parking lot always near full. It was quite by chance that I spotted a very unusual sight one morning. Driving across the lot were an old couple in a horse and buggy, it was like a scene from the bygone time.

I earlier mentioned I had noticed the separation along religious lines, I was about to encounter a rather funny situation one Sunday afternoon. I was dating a young girl from Bonshaw, and she invited me home for Sunday dinner with her family. It was a lovely meal with lots of good food, chatter and banter. However, I became a little apprehensive after the meal was over, the lady’s began clearing away the dished and doing the washing.  I was ushered into the parlour with her father. I was a little tense wondering what we might talk about? I need not have worried, he immediately started the conversation by trying without actually asking the question, what my religion was! Being a boy from Belfast I was onto to him in a second and skillfully avoided giving away my particular brand of faith.. As I was leaving a bit later I told my date to put her father out of his misery and tell him I was protestant just like him.

The most wonderful thing that happened to me on the island was to meet Linda, she was soon to become my wife, and is to date some 45 years later, still the love of my life  We bought a house in Wheatley River and later a old farmstead in Ebenezer. We raise two beautiful girls, several dogs and cats and a couple of horses. These days we live in a small house in Abram Village, we are retired and both daughters live off island. We still have two dogs, a cat and four chickens. One of the things I missed from home was football (soccer) obviously with two girls my only option was to start a girls soccer team. In 1975 we formed an all girl team and played in the under twelve boys league. The following year I formed a girls league and continued coaching girls until 1987. We have the record of being the first all female soccer team in Atlantic Canada to have registered with the Canadian Soccer Association. Believe me, soccer for girls was not readily accepted by islanders, particularly not by the Moms. We had no soccer Moms or Mini vans, I piled all eleven or twelve girls into my station wagon. Today I look around the island and see soccer fields everywhere, soccer Moms, Mini vans and feel a certain pride in knowing  this all began with me.   My contribution to the Island way of Life in those early days when we had to cut the grass for a home game with a couple of push mowers.

For the first few years, although I was readily accepted it was often pointed out that I would always be from away! I had an answer for this, I pointed out I came from another island that grew potato’s long before PEI! Besides, anyone born on PEI on or after November 1st 1969 means I have been here longer than them, that must surely make me an almost islanders. I have never had an urge to live anywhere else, the island is my chosen home and I love it here. However, in the last few decades our way of life has been changed and not for the better. I feel the pain each time we hear for another fish kill, another political scandal, or the degradation of the land to chemical and poison sprays.  Sad times indeed, and recent governments seem either unwilling or unable to change the present direction. I fear the Island way of Life has been altered forever, but continue to hope that perhaps there is still time to turn it around. Whatever the outcome I’m and shall always remain a proud “From Away” islander. 
Submitted by F.Ben Rodgers. Abran Village PE.
Tel 902-786-3020
Author of LILY & ME , and THE ROYAL NAVY & ME as

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Confederation Court Mall????

Below you can see the letter I sent to the editor about a month ago(October 12th 2017) regarding the Confederation Court Mall. For reason only known to the newspaper? my letter was never published. I’m left wondering if the Guardian/Journal like the Mall are just burying their heads in the sand. The mall is failing, anyone with eyes can see that, no matter what fancy ads they run its still failing. I also suggested the mall would make and excellent site for a Provincial Museum, very central and easy to convert without huge cash outlays. That too was ignored? This all leaves me wondering who owns the mall, why they are not open to new ideas, are they getting some secret funding? money laundering or some other nefarious operation?????

The Confederation Court Mall, if you believe the nightly advertisements on CBC you might think this is a wonderful place to shop? I do not live close, so only visit on rare occasions, last week was one of those rare occasions. It came as quite a shock.  The mall is a ghost town, more stores closed than open. The food court has one operating unit, a sort of soup and sandwich shop. It was empty when we visited, we ordered two coffees and two muffins (so so muffins) it cost us almost $9 dollars! The basement was empty, just one lonely and sparse shop selling some sort of Knick knacks. One could count the number of shoppers on one hand and still have a finger or two to spare. My experience hardly fitted the grand advertisement of happy young couples shopping for gifts, buying watches and engagement rings, massages, manicures and hair styling, or meeting friends along the way?. I dare say the operators are trying hard but the proof is in the pudding, this is a ghost town mall!!!!
God Bless and keep reading

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The Legion Continues in Silence?????

Another Letter from another Veteran, one of so many dissatisfied and angry ex-legion members. Please read below

Can someone please tell me how this helps the legion when a Command service officer breaches his office ? MIKE BURGESS AND DAVID OTT are way out of line. Both from Calgary, I have always spoken very well of the service side of the legion Gerry Finlay in particular. This is a downright disgusting example of what’s wrong with the Legion and how out-of-controli it truly is June 6 of 2016 something very terrible happened to me at one small branch that was never appropriately dealt with. The slander and attacks have continued since then and I continue to fight back. Can you not see that you lost nearly 17,000 members this year alone can you not see I am not the only veteran who has been miss treated by the Legion. Can you not see social media is drastically affecting the declining membership because our leaders will not take charge and stomp out the fire. My personal private medical information has now been shared online by a command service officer a paid position. As well as his friend who apparently also holds the title of service officer in Calgary. I don’t understand why you think problems will go away if you just ignore them or bury your head in the sand. When Heinous crimes are committed against any member let alone an ordinary member you must take action to see those things don’t happen in future.  It has gotten so bad in the last year and a half we now have veterans attacking veterans online. Where the hell is the caring and understanding ? If you can’t treat people with dignity and respect then you need to get out. if you are unable to create a warm welcoming environment then you need to get out. If you breach confidentiality of your members then you need to get out. If you cannot address serious crimes and grievances without paying $100 fee then you need to get out. If you are unable to contact members who are leaving by the thousands to find out why then you need to get out. I have attached a few items for you to look at and think about. In closing I did not create the Legion troubles you are quite capable of doing that to yourself I am only one of thousands who are disgusted by the chain of events.

Where do we go from here??? Perhaps the question should be where does the legion go from here????

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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Christmas Present — Stocking Stuffer!!

Still looking for that elusive Christmas gift for that special person? Please allow me to suggest a copy of my third book “Chapter XXI Armageddon”. This is my first work of fiction and is full of twists and turns. It is a rapid page turner as the reader races to learn the final outcome. Better hurry! time is running out and time is important!! You might wonder why I use the word time so much. Well you will have to read the book to fully understand.  Seriously time is running out as Christmas fast approaches. Order now before its too late, available at Amazon, and as an EBook at A signed copy is available from me here in Abram Village, and I will where possible deliver or arrange a drop off point. Merry Christmas Everyone.

Read a review of Chapter XXI Armageddon

I have finished reading Chapter XX1 Armageddon. At first, I was a bit skeptical, because I don’t really like books about unreal fiction. But your book was quite different. I found this book as an interesting combination of fantastic events and reality, because I could recognize some specific characters and places. Heroes in your book live, love and work as anybody in real life today. I was interested to read and discover new words and expressions, as well as some grammatical errors, although English is not my native language. In the book, there are no illustrations and I could make my own images of all the characters. I felt an overwhelming feeling of friendship and love for kind and gentle people in your book. Madam Malysheva’s knowledge was very impressive; she even remembered to take the special water goatskin containers for the mission. Very cool. Your book makes us think again and again about the fact that science can’t prove that God doesn’t exist and the church can’t prove that he does. Every time the church and science clash people are in trouble. Very true. Many events in the world today are a visual confirmation of the fact that it could happen to us. Your book is very relevant today. Coffee and muffin for breakfast and not some special pills because you are dealing quantum physics – a very real Canadian way to start the day. However, the most interesting and enthralling was the Irish whiskey. I was overwhelmed with a sense of the power of this truly magic beverage that accompanies us while reading the whole book. So, after closing the last page, I rushed to the store and bought one very special bottle (see the attached picture) and I’m waiting for the moment to discover and enjoy the magic of this drink with the author of the Chapter XX1 Armageddon.

So folks there you have it so don’t wait order today. And hey this isn’t a bad idea as an accompanying present!!!!!

God Bless and Merry Christmas.



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A Little Serious this Sunday, Actually very Serious

This is a long letter but one that needs to be read by all Canadian Citizens.

November 27th, 2017
Dear Mr. Trudeau,
A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life wrote a blank cheque made payable to their country for an amount up to and including their life.
At 17 years old, like many of us, I signed that blank cheque which thankfully was never cashed by the Government of Canada during those years of military service.
I am a military veteran and one of the lucky ones in this country. It also includes being the son of a veteran and 4th generational soldier within our family. What about the soldiers and veterans that weren’t so lucky?
Many of them are extremely frustrated and angry because the way Canada takes better care of everyone else in the world before we take care of our law abiding citizen’s including Canadian veterans.
Why is it that you, Mr. Trudeau; Canada’s own Prime Minister can’t even take the time to be in our country on November 11th to pay respects for Canada’s fallen and soon to be forgotten?
Many Canadian veterans including myself have been insulted when our government awards millions of dollars of highly controversial compensation packages to what many believe to be a Terrorist.
In recent days, it was also announced by our federal government that Canada is going to ‘Reintegrate’ and support dozens of known Terrorist’s back into our country.
These so called Canadian citizens left our country to fight against Canada to kill our own citizens and soldiers including our own Allied forces. It was their decision to leave and now they are an enemy of the state that committed Treason under the true and legal definition.
Where is the rule of law, common sense and integrity when it comes to making these dangerous decisions? Why are we welcoming them back with love and open arms but treat our own Canadian soldiers and veterans like political pawns and garbage at times?
Respectfully, you have never taken a special oath and served in a military uniform while accepting the risk of losing your life just doing your job. Most likely, you’ve never talked to veterans that have lost everything or think about killing themselves including just wanting a job to support their family.
Have you ever taken the time to speak with a veteran who lost all his buddies in combat? Do you have any idea what that feels like? No, you don’t! However, it includes a lifetime of nightmares, regret and survivors guilt that can haunt you forever.
What about soldiers who deployed and now came back to a country that seems to be all talk and very little action? Our country ordered them to go fight our war or they volunteered to deploy overseas thinking Canada was going to always have their backs. However, when they came back, we let them down and forgot about what they did and the system seems to throw them to the curb when we’re done with them.
How would you feel if you lost friends, sacrificed your body, mind and spirit and now see your enemies come back to Canada and get ‘Reintegrated’ at the tax payers expense? Why would anyone including our government go that far to add insult to injury and slap every Canadian soldier and veteran in the face?
With that being said, I don’t expect you to fully understand or truly comprehend what it’s like to be a soldier or a veteran. Frankly, like many of us, we are appalled how our federal government have been so reckless and negligent on so many levels. These are dangerous decisions being made that put every day Canadian citizens across the board at extreme risk.
We have thousands of homeless veterans across Canada that no one seems to truly care about on many levels. I have friends and buddies who need help but the system is failing the very ones it was originally designed for in the first place. The hurdles and political crap many veterans have to go through make it impossible and so frustrating to deal with so much incompetence and red tape within the system.
In many cases, veterans simply give up trying to work with Canada’s VAC. Sadly, in extreme cases, they are too late to get the help they want and truly need but will become just another alarming statistic. Yet, we have no problem helping our enemies and citizens that have committed crimes of atrocity when they want to come back to Canada?
Our system and society in many ways is completely broken and has abandoned our own soldiers and veterans in more ways than one in recent years. What country has the audacity to sit there and give millions of tax payers dollars with love and open arms to known enemies but in the same breath says: ‘We support our veterans and thank you for your service’?
Our current system is a slap in the face doing the bare minimum for our veterans including military personnel who will be thrown to the wolves when they release. They just want what they’ve earned and are entitled to whichOur current system is a slap in the face doing the bare minimum for our veterans including military personnel who will be thrown to the wolves when they release. They just want what they’ve earned and are entitled to which is peanuts compared to the millions of dollars wasted each year by Canada in other ways.
Shame on you and anyone else in this country who supports these actions including negligent decisions towards our own veterans that now puts Canadians at risk.
It feels like we have been sold out by our own government from changed lifetime pensions, broken promises, benefits earned but not yet received, drastic budget cuts and constant neglecting of our military. Let’s not forget always being a political pawn when it makes for a good photo-op or buys votes in future elections only to have more broken promises.
Now, at the taxpayers’ expense, Canada will pay for own enemies to be ‘Rehabilitated and Reintegrated’ back into our society. In my opinion, we are truly a lost society and our country is falling fast. That says a lot about our current leadership when we can’t even take care of our own law abiding citizens but we can take care of Canada’s enemies!
Respectfully, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ something will happen; it’s a matter of ‘when’ something tragic happens in Canada on a large scale. When that happens, and it will, we have no one else to blame but our leaders including ourselves because we didn’t have the balls to take a stand and do what makes sense to ensure all Canadians safety.
We will never have a future if we don’t remember our past including the sacrifices that veterans have made in the name of Canada. When things hit the fan in the future, we will once again call upon our soldiers and last line of defence in our darkest hours. Will we once again throw them away when their job is all done?
Shameless on so many levels because that is already happening to our veterans in Canada today and needs to stop!
In my opinion, Canada knowingly just let the foxes back into the henhouse. One day we will wish we hadn’t done that. With all due respect, despite what you truly believe, the real world is not the ‘Sunny Ways’ that you also promised every Canadian.
Pete Howell

Hope you read and understood what Canadian Veterans are going through.

God Bless and keep reading.

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