Questions for the NO side

The other night CBC compass televised an article from the no side featuring John Barrett. This televised article alone speaks volumes about where CBC sympathies lie. The no gang continue to spew their propaganda on the air waves, newspapers and posters. One thing strikes me about their fervent passion to convince islanders to vote with them. They must have something to lose! Could that be their patronage jobs? what else could it be. Surely the most disinterested island voter has to be aware of the liberal corruption. Is it possible some islanders have never heard of the PNP scandal, most unlikely in my view. Island drivers and tax payers will not have missed the ever growing number of roundabouts, while trying to miss the ever growing number of pot holes. Whatever the NO side want you to believe they know they are facing an up hill battle. Too many voters are sick and tired of politics as usual, we all want change. The days of FPTP is coming to an end, and not before time. No more majority governments when more than 60% of voters didn’t elect them. It’s time to take back our island, to free the shackles binding us to large corporations. Time to allow this beautiful land to recover and heal. To once again have clean air, clean water and healthy soil. Vote YES.

God Bless and keep reading

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The Roundabout Island on a Tear!!!!!

The Mighty Island on a Tear???????
Posted on March 19th 2019
by irishroverpei

In the next election we must rid the island of this liberal government once and for all. It’s hard to believe how they get away with so much mismanagement. It’s even harder to believe the premier when he tries to convince us the Mighty Island is on a tear. So many underhanded and corrupt ventures all solely intended to put money in politicians pockets. I wrote twice to the Guardian about the questionable house sale (approx 3/4 million dollars)of Allan Roach. It was never published. Per capita we probably have more roundabouts than any other province in Canada. Yet we do not have anything close enough to affordable housing, not nearly enough doctors, not enough mental professionals. We have serious water issues mainly caused by the Irving corporation, but the government continues to pander to Robert Irving. The minister responsible for our water is also the minister who recently gave a citizen the finger. We have an environment minister who thinks burning wood to heat all island schools is a really good idea. The liberals have proposed their own version of a carbon tax! However, it is much more like dangling a carrot to the voting public. Has little or nothing to do with reducing our carbon footprint and everything to do with their re-election. How about the ongoing PNP questions, government claims they did nothing wrong, the present trial into the online gambling fiasco that is costing tax payers millions. The fact little or none of these issues ever get published in any real detail on the island news hour (Compass) or in the Guardian newspaper. This is indeed a worrisome situation. This government is covert and short on explanations, transparency is a word they use very often but never actually provide. Surely we, the voters of PEI have only one option, decisively reject every single member of this liberal government in the next election. Whether we end up with PC or Green government let’s hope it will under the proportional system and not FPTP. Remember we voted to change to Proportional in a plebiscite in 2016, MacLauchlan denied the democratic process results. Now, perhaps I’m misjudging or being overly harsh on these liberal politicians. If so, then perhaps a dedicated liberal supporter will be good enough to point out my errors. Explain how Richard Brown wasn’t intentionally giving the finger, but rather was maybe about to scratch his ear!. Perhaps explain another definition for the meaning of transparency. I shall await liberal comments with eager excitement!!
God Bless and keep reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day
Posted on March 17, 2019
by irishroverpei
Thinking of you all on this very special day. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day folks and enjoy the photo of Blarney Castle home of the Blarney Stone. Cheers and keep reading.

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A Long Short Irish Story (True)

Happy Saint Patricks Day
Posted on March 17, 2019
by irishroverpei

A Touch of Blarney (A True Story)

My story is what is called in Ireland a long short story, its a bit long for a short story, but its Irish and an Irish mile is about three miles long!!! Enjoy my tale and please feel free to tell me if you believe it happened.
The Blarney Stone – Myth or Legend?
The Blarney stone has woven around itself a unique tradition of myth, legend and
Romance. It is said that the secret of the holy stone was given to Cormac MacCarthy, King of Munster by the local witch whom he saved from drowning in the lake behind the castle. It is also said that the stone was brought back from the Crusades and that it was made into two halves. One is the Stone of Scone also known as the Stone of Destiny, the other half was given to Cormac MacCarthy by Robert Bruce of Scotland in gratitude for the Irish army of four thousand men which was sent to help him at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Whatever its origins, through the centuries the stone has succeeded in strengthening the mystical romance and legend that reaches to the four corners of the world as is evident by the thousands of people who visit Blarney Castle every year just to kiss this mysterious stone in hope of receiving the gift of eloquence or perhaps to capture a little of the mystique that is the Blarney Stone
Many readers will dismiss this story as mere coincidence, but those of you with a touch of Irish may well believe it, as do I.
In order to tell my story I must first relate an event that occurred one year earlier. My name is Frederick Rodgers I’m a twenty year old Able Seaman and as yet unmarried. I have served happily for three years in the Silent Service. During the summer of 1962 in Plymouth, England I was serving aboard the Royal Navy submarine HM/SM Taciturn. On weekend leave I suffered a severe head injury as a front seat passenger in a shipmate’s car. Three weeks in hospital and thirty stitches later I was sent home on sick leave. Whilst on leave my brother-in-law suggested I claim damages and took me to a solicitor. I recounted what little I remembered about the accident and gave the lawyer a newspaper clipping, the only real information I had
When sick leave expired I was posted to HMS Dolphin, the submarine base in Portsmouth, I remained there until declared fit for sea duty almost one year later.
A Touch of Blarney
In May 1963 I was declared fit to return to sea duty. I reported to the drafting office for my next assignment. I had long since forgotten the solicitor or any hope of receiving compensation.
The submarine base maintains a complete spare crew. If a submarine found itself short a crew member due to health or such, a replacement was readily available. It was to spare crew I now find myself posted. I’m given several forms to complete and deliver to appropriate departments. It was important the pay office knew my whereabouts if I expected to be paid. It was equally important the post office had my new address if I hoped to receive mail. However, the first priority was to transfer with my kit to the spare crew accommodation. By the time I moved to my new billet it was already late. I decided the forms could wait until the following morning. That night I turned in and quickly fell asleep.
Suddenly a blinding light is shinning in my face. Behind it, someone was shouting “ you Rodgers?” You’ve got ten minutes to get your ass aboard the submarine Totem, she’s about to sail.
I landed aboard as they were about to remove the gangway. I was unshaven, unwashed and now underway. The boat was heading out to operate in the Irish Sea with a visit to the City of Cork on the weekend. Thursday at sea being payday everyone was paid. Everyone except me that is! I was almost broke with maybe five shillings to my name. The chance of borrowing from a shipmate was nil. Not a permanent member of the crew, loaning me money was high risk. I could disappear as quickly as I had arrived.
Saturday morning, alongside in Cork City I was free to go ashore. Opposite the gangway was a pub. It didn’t open until noon. However, a discrete tap on a side door my shipmates and I are quickly ushered inside.
The interior was dim blinds still down. We ordered pints of Guinness and headed to a table by the fireside. As our eyes became accustomed to the gloom we saw a Garda (Irish Policeman) standing at the bar.
“Tis British sailors breaking the law I’m seeing here?” he says. We froze on the spot. After a pause he continued. “Ah well! Sure tis breaking the law to let salty young seafarers like yourselves go thirsty.”
A few pints later and my funds reduced by half I returned anboard for lunch. Levity in a seaman’s mess usually increases after the daily noontime issue of rum. This was the case aboard Totem. Someone suggested we head out of town to Blarney Castle to kiss the famous stone.
Having imbibed a tot and two pints of Guinness, kissing the Blarney Stone seemed an admirable idea.
The bus fare depleted a further sixpence from my dwindling funds. Arriving at the castle we were directed to climb a circular stairway to the top of the tower. Here we found the Blarney Stone and an enterprising photographer. For one shilling he would take our photograph kissing the stone. We readily agreed we surely needed a record of our lips touching this famous stone. After paying the photographer I couldn’t afford return bus fare and had to walk the five miles back to town. I returned aboard Totem, depressed, my feet aching and my pockets empty.
A dance was hosted for Totem’s crew that night promising lots of girls in attendance. I knew I wouldn’t be doing any dancing even if my feet recovered in time.
When I entered the mess I noticed the mail had arrived. I showed no interest there would be none for me. Like my pay doc’s, my change of address was sitting in my locker back at the base. Therefore I was stunned when a shipmate asked if I’d got my letter? What letter? It had to be a mistake. It couldn‘t be for me.
Nevertheless, on the table was a large official looking white envelope with my name clearly printed on the front? I quickly tore it open to find it contained several typed pages. But what immediately caught my attention was the attached cheque. It was from my lawyer, a settlement for my injuries in the sum of one thousand pounds. Never in my life had I held such a huge sum of money in my hands.
The first question that came to mind was how this letter found me? How was it possible? The fleet mail office didn’t have my new address.
Now my second question?
A few hours earlier I had kissed the Blarney Stone with only small change in my pocket. Now I was rich beyond my wildest dreams. Coincidence??? Or Luck of the Irish?? You decide!
I served a total of 24 years in the British and Canadian Navies. I’m now retired and living with my wife, Linda, in Abram Village, Prince Edward Island. Canada. I have completed and published three books (two memoirs and one fiction) titled “Lily & Me” and “The Royal Navy & Me” and Chapter XXl Armageddon, they are available in bookstores or online at or visit my.
Web page for more info
Oh, and yes I did make it to the dance that night!

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No Green Beer

There are always two opposites expressed about Saint Patrick’s Day. One, its a great way to celebrate our Irish heritage. But sadly the other is to portray the Irish as a bunch of drunks. It is really disappointing to see this attitude as an opportunity to spend the whole day drinking beer,(green). Its stereotyping and offensive, the Irish don’t suggest Canadians are all drunks on Canada Day? Or Americans are drunks on the 4th July. How many people with a real Irish Heritage do you think you’ll find in the pubs on the 17th. Many more non-Irish would be my bet. As a nation Ireland has struggled more than most, yet have spread there knowledge and charm in books, music and theatre throughout the world. The Irish didn’t keep slaves, but they were slaves,They never came as conquerors but they know what its like to be conquered. They have never imposed their beliefs on others yet have added greatly in the civilized world. Something you might think about when next you claim you are a wee bit Irish.
Cheers and keep reading

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A Little Perspective on Wages

The attachment gives a very clear picture of earnings by government members. Trudeau in particular! he is the guy who told a disabled veteran, “you are asking for more than I can give. I can’t believe I’m the only one so offended by this uncaring liberal government. These are the people that send our troops to war, and who forget them when they return injured and disabled for the rest of their lives. Oh! yes, they provide the military with medals and give them praise for their service. But that’s it, a few weeks later its lets get back to looking after ourselves. Speaking of medals, most MPs have as many or in some cases more than the average serviceman. These medals were handed out to MPs, Senators, Lieutenant Governors, Premiers etc. Some politicians have the gall to wear their medals to Remembrance day events. To rub shoulders with real veterans and medal winners. I realize its quite legal to wear their medals but is nevertheless inappropriate. Almost like Legion associate members wearing their pretend legion medals or the person who parades wear medals to which he is not entitled to. I realize I’m being bitter here, but given the lack of government interest in our veterans its difficult not to be.

God Bless and keep reading

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Voting system doesn’t work

In response to J Bruce MacIsaac letter to the editor that appeared Wednesday 13th March 2019. I’m not going to discuss or attemp to refute his grim predictions of doom and gloom if we change the voting system from first passed the post. MMP is a proven system in numerous nations around the globe, and we need to adopt it here in North America. To retain the FPTP system guarantees only one thing, more of the same. Ten years of the Ghiz liberal government followed by four more years of the MacLauchlan liberal government. Fourteen years of scandals, corruption and patronage. Fourteen years of pandering to the Irving’s. Failure to stop the purchases of land spectulators, failure to pass laws preventing the drilling of deep water wells. The handing out of large grants and loans to liberal friends and hacks. I could go on, but think I have made my point. Staying with FPTP and nothing will change, giving MMP a try will not eradicate all our woes but will offer a more balanced form of governing. Simply put, MMP is not a system we should fear, but retaining FPTP is regressive and a step backward.

God Bless and keep reading

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The No Vote Campaign hits the mail!!!!

I received my first No campaign literature today. My first reaction was the fact I didn’t get just one,  I got three? They are identical, so why so many? Is it perhaps the NO side have too much financing? or was possibly because the mail carrier was merely trying to get rid of them ASAP? The literature uses the usual scare tactics “MMP…Confusing, Complicated and Dangerous” plus the other usual false claims. It is an expensive looking document, which  tells me  just how scared these fear mongers are.  Tells me they are determined to flood the island with their propaganda.  I have no intentions of arguing their distortion of the real facts.  I have posted a copy of actual success the MMP system has proven itself to be over many years in many nations.  This referendum is all about the two old island parties losing their grip on power.  They have grown all too comfortable with FPTP, arrogant and entitled, looking after friends and party hacks.  They have developed a system of patronage that generally guarantees that a vote of 40% and majority government. Dont be fooled by their fancy literature or disturbing and dishonest approach to this  important change on how we vote in the upcoming election.  God Bless and keep readin

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The Truth about Pets

When our girls were very young we took time to teach them how to treat pets. We would always tell them to nice the kitty/puppy. Our girls grew up with a variety of house pets, a few gerbils, gold fish and horses. Over the years had three horses,many dogs and many cats and even a few chickens. People often think talking to animals is rather crazy,maybe so, but we all talk to and for our pets. Today our girls have grown up and begun their own lives, but they still love animals. Linda and I have never been with one or two pets, we presently have one eleven year old Keeshond (Yoda)a twelve year old kitty (Little Bear)  and the latest addition Rosie a fourteen week old Carin Shiz Tzu. Caroline presently has two dogs and a gerbil, but has had several dogs during her married life. It is gratifying to see our grandchildren have inherited our love of animals. Susannah too, has had a variety of dogs and cats, her present dog is Peter, a very large German Shepard who loves children and food. I have to say my dogs have kept me young, and they have given me such priceless enjoyment. I can not imagine our home without pets. Angel my 14 year old Doberman died  in January this year, I decided she would be my last dog. If you consider the difficulties of travelling when we have two dogs and a cat, my decision seemed sensible. Nevertheless, my daughters decided I needed a new puppy. My weak protests were ignored and last week our latest addition arrived. Rosie immediately melted my heart we have since bonded to the point where I could not imagine life without her. Training a new puppy is much like having a new baby. Potty training begins, and sleep disturbed nights follow. But you know what, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Guess loving animals is something that lasts a lifetime. Rosie wait!! Too late, better get the paper towel again!

God Bless and keep reading

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The NO campaign projects fear.

It is clearly their intention is to fear monger and cause confusion for the voting public. Fear is indeed a big issue in their campaign, but the fear is theirs, real fear is losing their always road to power. If the liberals and PCs are deprived of their FPTP system,they will never again rule the island. No more will the vote flip back and fro between these two old style party’s. It’s interesting the nay sayers constantly bring up this fringe point, on the second ballot we could end up with fringe party’s controlling the power. Who are these fringe party’s they keep referring too? Surely Ole King Wade doesn’t think the Green Party is just a fringe party? They lead in the polls and their leader is light years ahead of Wade!. Maybe they mean the NDP is the fringe party, or perhaps Bush Dumville? Whatever they try to tell you, it’s just their fear mongering. They are scared to death that they will see their hold on power is slipping away, never to return. Those people not yet convinced, I suggest they just look at out recent political history, the Ghiz scandals, and MacLauchlans claim to do government differently. Ask your local member his understanding of the word Transparency! That is of course if you are lucky enough to catch him him/her in your district. MMP works and it is not to be feared, it has been very successful in numerous nations around the globe. I will attach an info poster from New Zealand, please read it and vote YES in the referendum.    God Bless and keep reading

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