Brooke MacMillan!!! Reported by Red Like Me

Red Like Me is a Canadian Political Corruption Whistle Blowerrobertghizbrooke macmillan

Brooke MacMillan Gets A Beating at Red Shores Casino After Losing Money and His Job

I’m not sure how factual this story is or if indeed in actually occurred. “Red Like Me” report on a variety of stories mostly about politicians. While its possible they might somewhat embellish it also stands to reason there must be some truth in these reports. If they only published false and or erroneous stories I doubt they would stay in business very long. Anyway, whether true or false, this story has a ring of truth to it.

A couple of weeks ago Brooke MacMillan arrived at the Charlottetown Red Shores Casino with his pal Robert Ghiz. Intoxicated and loud, the two met some working fellows, while shaking hands MacMillan mumbled to one man, “Asshole”. The man was offended and grabbed MacMillan by the throat.

With a firm choke hold on MacMillan, the gentleman began growling while MacMillan, his face turning purple, was suffocating, “You piece of shit, you’ve got nerve calling me names, everything you have, you stole”. Apparently the man then turned MacMillan around and smashed his head and face onto a table, then dropped his death grip, MacMillan fell down almost unconscious. “Hows that Pretty Boy”? the man mocked MacMillan, now gasping and rubbing his ruby red throat.

Security quickly intervened, the Working Man explained he would leave but nobody was going to touch him, he did not do anything wrong in his view. The Chinese have a saying to grab a snake you must catch him by the head, this  was all the man did with an individual who many Islanders see as a crook and a snake.

Nobody wanted to call the Police or take the matter any further. MacMillan and Ghiz are hanging around at the Gentlemens Club since the Casino visit. They like to gamble and drink while they smoke their big cigars talking about the good old days in mutual admiration and self congratulations. See-Ya losers.

news from across the island the Guardian don’t mention

True or False? You decide???? God Bless and keep reading

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John Jamieson–Not of Irish Whisky Fame!!!

Mr. John JamiesonBROWNtina mundy

Unfortunately this is not the Jameson of Irish Whisky fame! the name is spelt differently, no “i” in Jameson Whisky. Nevertheless, you might need a glass to easy the pain and distress of the latest MacLauchlan appointment. To date his appointments have not been overly successful or have excited the Island public. We first see Richard Brown of PNP infamy re-installed in cabinet. Next Tina Mundy appointed to cabinet,  hired and fired all in the span of 24 hours. Now the latest appointment which must surely cause concern with Islanders regarding, pollution of our air, land and water, the continuation of Pesticide spraying, and most likely approval of deep water wells

The Premier has appointed the poster boy for industrial agriculture, John Jamieson, as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture…the Irvings I’m sure couldn’t be happier if they had picked him themselves, which of course in a way they did. This may be the tipping point for many Islanders…not the appointment itself, but when it becomes apparent that there will be no transition away from our toxic potato monoculture, and when we are informed that the science indicates it is safe to drill those new deep wells. It’s coming, sure as black flies.

Gird your loins friends…rough times ahead. Our vision for the future does not include agricultural practices that poison earth, air and water. It also does not include the shaping of Island agricultural policy to accommodate the agenda of large multinational corporations like the Irvings. Resistance is required.

PS…Wade has also appointed as Deputy Ministers, two individuals who were deeply involved in the PNP fiasco.

So this is how MacLauchlan engages with Islanders, this is his idea of transparency. We are in for four more years of the same old same old. This clearly dictates the urgent need for election reform. Now if you still find yourself doubting my words, take a walk through a few potato fields before they are plowed. They look like  desert landscaps dead,dry and lacking any vegetation not even weeds. This was once the garden of the Gulf????

God Bless and keep reading

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Tis a Grand Day for the Irish

Tis a grand day in the Republic of Ireland. The nation voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage. What an amazing break through in Ireland, what an amazing break away from the domination of the Catholic church in Ireland. I’m always proud to call myself Irish but today in particular I have even more Pride!

The vote is also the latest chapter in a sharpening global cultural clash. Same-sex irish gay law.CFuJnYSUgAATdVbmarriage is surging in the West, legal in 19 nations before the Irish vote and 37 American states, but almost always because of legislative or legal action. At the same time, homosexuality is illegal across much of the Middle East and gay rights are under renewed attack in Russia and parts of Africa.

Alas, in the the fourth province of Ireland, Ulster, there continues to exists a great resistance to change and to the rights of all people, Gay or Straight. Northern Ireland has long opposed and struggled to remain free from the catholic south. Mostly through fear of the catholic population taking over, of losing power, jobs and living standards. It is a long history of division,intolerance and hatred toward the catholic population and church.  However, yesterdays vote would indicate the South have moved away from the domination and rule of the church and into the new world of equality and tolerance. It will be interesting to see how the North react to this massive change in the Irish landscape, surely a great majority of Northerners will agree with the South. Bigoted people like Susan Ann White will find themselves even more isolated with their extreme views. In case you are not aware of Ms White’s views I will add them below.

Susan Anne White, who caused a stir when she stood in last year’s council elections, is now aiming to become MP for West Tyrone.

The devout Christian says her campaign will focus on moral issues including society’s “dangerous” homosexual agenda.

She also wants to outlaw rock music, saying it fuels sexual anarchy and drug use.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs White, who is standing as an Independent, denied imagesthat her views were extreme.

“I don’t consider myself extreme – not at all,” she said. “It is society that has moved. Not so far in the past, most people would have shared my views.

“My views only seem extreme because society has moved away from God’s principles.”

(I would love to have her explain”Sexual Anarchy” what ever the hell that is???????)

I believe over the next months, maybe years, we will see great change in Northern Ireland, people are tired of the old guard and their archaic beliefs. Change is sweeping across the land and will be hard to resist in the fields and towns of my beautiful province of Ulster. Perhaps soon we can be proud to call ourselves Irish, not British,not Northern Irish,  just simply IRISH!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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Tina Mundy —Resign or Fired????

tina mundySee yesterday’s blog “Summerside Rumours and Gossip” there surely has to to be more to this story than just owing an undisclosed property tax amount. One happy day Tina Mundy is photographed signing the cabinet documents of office, she is excited and smiling. The following day there are no smiling photos, but she is suddenly found to be in serious debt and out of cabinet. I listened to MacLauchlan’s interview on CBC last night and other than apologizing for his error in appointing Ms Mundy and for the embarrassment that might have caused her, he really said nothing!!! The whole story seems odd and begs many questions.  If she was in debt and suddenly found herself about to earn a handsome salary as a cabinet minister, would her creditors not have been pleased?. She could have surely worked out a plan for repayment, especially with the Provincial Tax Dept. I was disappointed with the emails and comments about her present difficulties. They mostly seemed to be sympathetic toward her. I was very surprised when the chairperson for The Islands Womens Affairs, came out strongly in siding with Ms Mundy and stating how many of us are in same and similar debt situation. Its is all fine and dandy if we have all the facts regarding and understanding of the financial situation. The truth is we do not have any details as to her present situation. Some might say that is none of our business and in most cases that would be right. However, If you choose to run for public office (Ms Mundy has twice)then you must be aware that your personal history will become available on the public stage. I have to think there is a lot more to this story than merely owing the tax dept. That could have been cleared up quite easily if it was all that was wrong! Putting myself in her situation I believe I would attempt do the following. Offering an orderly repayment of tax debt by issuing a series of post dated cheques against my guaranteed government salary.  Would that not seem to be a suitable and sensible resolution.  The truth is we don’t know the truth! I think there is a lot more to this story than we have been told to date. Once again, we are asking for Transparency!!! but as usual, we are not getting Transparency!!!.

God Bless and keep reading

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Summerside Rumours and Gossip????

king wadeJust one day in (24 hrs)and already MacLauchlan has had to accept the resignation of a newly appointed cabinet minister! Does this not seem just wee bit strange? Do potential candidates not have to submit resume’s before being allowed to run and if yes, are they not thoroughly checked? I find it very odd, because in the weeks leading up to this Provincial election there were rumours and gossip flying in and around the local Summerside coffee shops. I overheard a particularly interesting and perhaps damaging rumour that a candidate in the local area had recently been fired from employment at a city bank because of missing funds? I’m not attempting to make a connection to certain persons or suggest names, as no names were ever mentioned. Besides which I have nothing on which to base this but purely coffee shop rumour. However, that said, it does leave one wondering if we have received the whole story from the premier!!! In this strange world of Island politics we still remember PNP, eGaming, write offs, resignations. Plan B,HST, Coin toss elected, Ghiz apparently needing to spend more time with family etc, and the list goes on.  Did someone once upon a time mention——- “Transparency”?????????? NO! I guess not

God Bless and keep reading

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Richard Brown Back in Cabinet!!! Ugh!!!

BROWNGood Manners  or Lack Of.

The uncouth ill mannered Richard Brown(of PNP Infamy) has just been re-appointed to cabinet by Wade MacLauchlan the Premier of PEI!! Did I not hear somewhere recently that MacLauchlan was an academic, an intellect, was once the Dean of UPEI??? Is it possible to assume someone to be of high intelligence could also be so dumb as to appoint Richard Brown of PNP infamy and bad manners as a member of his first cabinet. What are you thinking Mr Premier. Even Robert Ghiz who was definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer dumped Brown from cabinet. Please read below my post from a couple of years ago regarding Richard Brown and his dreadful lack of good manners.

 One might ask what is the meaning of protocol ?  to put it in simple terms it means “Good Manners”. That brings me to today’s subject and the manners sometimes displayed by our elected officials. In the case of the Lieutenant Governor, the correct way to address him is  “Your Honour”  Sir, is also quite appropriate. Last year I attended an official function at the Lieutenant Governors residence in Charlottetown. On completion of the official part of the ceremony we were invited to have refreshments with the LG.  Frank Lewis, is our Lieutenant Governor and a very amiable gentleman he is. However,the MLA attending on behalf of the Premier and Provincial Government seemed intent on showing he was on a first name basis with the LG. During refreshments he called him Frank on more than one occasion and in a loud voice that all in the vicinity could not fail to hear. I have no problem with this person and the LG being on a first name basis .  But it is certainly not good manners to address the LG this way at an official function and in front of others. On this particular occasion I let it pass without comment. This year I had occasion to attend another similar event at Holland College. The same MLA was in attendance as the Government representative. During his speech to a crowd of some 500-600 people, he turned on the speakers platform and again addressed the LG as Frank. This was done over the speaker system for all to hear. I was disgusted to have this happen again, especially as it was in front of 170 of our youth who were receiving awards from the Lieutenant Governor . I realize not everyone agrees with the Monarchy or the pomp and ceremony that goes with it. To many I may sound like a nit picker just out to embarrass a local politician. However, it is the system we presently have and I think it should be respected as such. After all, good manners are not difficult or hard to understand. If we expect the youth of this Country to be polite then should we not be setting the example. Our politicians should at the very least conduct themselves with some decorum on the public stage. Perhaps the Premier needs to appoint a protocol coach for the less informed of our elected officials!
Egads!!!! PEI politics and politicians really stink and unfortunately we are presently a one party state. That is a very dangerous state to be in.  This Province needs electoral reform in the worse kind of way
God Bless and keep reading.
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Reichstag Burning compared to Proportional Representation???

number4I sometimes have to read a letter to the editor several times to believe what the author is actually trying to tell us. This is the case in a letter recently published in the Guardian and authored by one David Bulger.  He compares the burning in 1933 of the German Reichstag to what could happen here if we adopt proportional represenation. He states or at least suggests Hitler came to power because of a PR system.  I recall Hitlers rise to power very differently, he was made Chancellor with a little more than 30% of the national vote. He was made Chancellor because he and the Nazi members caused so much mayhem in the parliament it could not function properly. If there is a Canadian comparison it must surely be Harper’s second win in the last Federal; election. He won a majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. During that campaign there were accusations of voter fraud, phone calls directing voters to the wrong polling stations, refusing veterans and students entry to political rallies and more!, political Nazi mayhem?? or perhaps just Canadian style!!! Quite frankly there is absolutely no comparison between Nazi Germany, the Reichstag or Hitler. Proportional representation has worked very well in many countries and to date no dictators or despots have been elected. Here on PEI we have just completed a provincial election and while I will not drag out all the first passed the post results again, I will mention one glaring problem. We just elected an MLA by the toss of a coin!!!now surely this alone screams out for electoral reform.PR voting0606347_10152927618266247_3152966434705215743_n

I hope you read the facts I have posted here. They are certainly things to consider. The toss of a coin is just not acceptable in such an important decision as electing someone to government.

God Bless and keep reading

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No Room at the Nursing Home! Go to Plan “G”


Say you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you. So, what do you do? You opt for Medicare Part G.

The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Part G) and one bullet. You are allowed to shoot one worthless politician. This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the Health Care you need. Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!

As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now!

And, who will be paying for all of this? The same government that just told you they can’t afford for you to go into a nursing home.

And you will get rid of a useless politician while you are at it.

And now, because you are a prisoner, you don’t have to pay any more income taxes!

Is this a great country or what? Now that you have solved your senior financial plan, enjoy the rest of your week!

My only problem is I don’t know which politician to choose, do you think I could be granted 5 bullets as the penalty will be the same??? Or maybe there is no rule regarding the size of the gun?????OhvExqv4Jk-2sWb5C6pJdg

God Bless and keep reading

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HMCS Stadacona A question of Security

I read this article on Sky News and it reminded me of an article I posted  some time ago main gateregarding the security (or lack thereof) at HMCS Stadacona in Halifax NS. I receive some very pointed responses to my comments. Clearly not everyone agreed with my views of security. One response stated I should try to come back at night? another said I would never have walked into the secure buildings on the base. My impression was, I had upset several people by even suggesting there was a lack of security. Nevertheless I walked/drove into a Naval base in broad day light. I spent approximately 45 minutes walking around with my family and not one single person challenged my right to be there. See my complete blog for 20th January 2015 titled “HMCS Stadacona, A Question of Security” just type Stadacona into the search box.

I note in the article below the Naval Authorities state that this rating was a very junior sailor as though that would mean he was not smart enough to understand such things!!!

Able Seaman William NcNeilly posted a lengthy document online which criticised security royal navymeasures in place around the Trident submarine programme.

Mr McNeilly, who says he is an Engineering Technician Submariner who was on patrol with HMS Victorious this year, described the programme as a “disaster waiting to happen”.

He claims there are fire risks and leaks on board submarines, adding that security checks are inadequate when submarines are docked at Faslane.

“My aim is to paint an overall picture of what I’ve seen, and to break down the false images of a perfect system that most people envisage exists,” the post says.

The Royal Navy has confirmed Mr McNeilly is a member of the naval service and that it is “concerned for his whereabouts and wellbeing”.

It added that many of Mr McNeilly’s claims are “subjective and unsubstantiated personal views, made by a very junior sailor, with which the naval service completely disagrees”.

Disgruntled Sailor or a whistle blower

This sailor may or not be disgruntled, he may or may not be a very junior sailor but the fact remains he has opened a can of worms for the Admiralty. The Admiralty do not like lower deck ratings pointing out deficiencies to the good order of the Navy. They didn’t in my day and I’m sure they don’t today. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in this case, that is of course, if it unfolds??? or if we ever hear another word about William McNeilly. I also note in the last paragraph the Admiralty refer not to Able Seman McNeilly but to Mr McNeilly!!!

Strange! no one ever addressed me as”Mr”during my time in the Navy???

God Bless and keep readingWhite Ensign on HMS Belfast

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Sunday Morning Humour


A Woman takes  a lover home during the day while her husband is at  work.

Her 9 year  old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them, and hides  in the bedroom  cupboard to watch.

Just after  getting into bed the woman’s husband also comes  home unexpectedly,  she tells her lover to hide in the cupboard, not  realising  that the  little boy is in there.

After a while  the little boy says, ‘Dark in here’.

The man, who  obviously got a real fright not expecting to hear anything,  let alone from a  little boy says, ‘Yes, it is.’

Boy – ‘I have  a football.’

Man – ‘That’s  nice.’

Boy – ‘Want  to buy it?’

Man – ‘No,  thanks.’

Boy – ‘My  dad’s outside.’

Man – ‘OK,  how much?’

Boy –   £125

In the next  few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the lover are  in the cupboard  together.

Boy – ‘Dark  in here.’

Man – ‘Yes,  it is.’

Boy – ‘I have  football boots.’

The lover,  remembering the last time, asks the boy,  ‘OK How much this  time?’

Boy –   £375

Man –  ‘Sold.’

A few days  later, the boy’s father says to the  boy, ‘Grab your  boots and football, let’s go outside and have a game of  footy’.

The boy says,  ‘I can’t, I sold my ball and boots.’

The father asks,  ‘How much did you  sell them for and to who?’
The boy says,  ‘To a friend of mine for a £500
The father  says, ‘That’s a terrible thing to do,  overcharging your friend like that. That’s four  times what they cost when they were new, I’m going to take  you to church and  make you confess your terrible sins.’

They go to  the church and the father makes the little boy sit in  the confession  booth and he closes the door.

The boy says,  ‘Dark in here’…….

The priest  says, ‘Don’t start that again you little *****,  you’re in my cupboard  now!!’

God Bless and keep reading

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