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legionThis is a copy of a post by a veteran friend.

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I apologise to anyone who reads my blogs…I have been absent for a while since the last one. I would love to say I had been extremely busy. BUT can only say I was suffering from what is called Writers Block. So here I now add my latest Blog. Hope it stirs something in you as readers.

2016 was a heavy year of Complaint(s) against the Royal Canadian Legion. The actions of certain branches before, during and after Remembrance day left many a jaw agape.

The actions of Dominion Command and their lack of interest in Veteran’s families wearing a loved ones medals on Remembrance day is … put it bluntly a DISRESPECTFUL  way to pay honour to a Veteran  on Remembrance day.

The article in Esprit de corps this issue says a lot about the mafia of Dominion Command. Far more interested in their salaries and tinpot medals and decorations for their Right Breast.

Even past Dominion Command President (who has never served a day in Uniform)  Tom Eagles had the decency NOT  to wear his chestful of Cracker Jack medals, while attending the Royal British Legion and Royal Scottish Legion’s conference. Why?  was he ashamed to wear his collection of tinsel with actual Veterans in the room ?

Comment -: This is from a Vet in Wasaga Beac

Read the blog I agree with you whole heartily, I’m tired of seeing those civvy wearing  their cheap medals and running the legions. They have turned the legion into nothing but watering holes for civies.

Comment from F.Ben Rodgers ret’d Royal Navy, RCN Reserve.
These are the Legion members that tell me to allow a widow to wear her late husband’s medals on her right breast, dilutes the value of the medals.004 One might ask which of the two photos here dilute real medals. Grandfather with grand daughter wearing great grandfathers WW1 medals. Or  assoc member with approx ten pretend medals on his right breast.
medal girl
God Bless and keep reading
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Our Pretend Veterans

Why today’s veterans avoid the Royal Canadian Legionlegion

Most members of today’s Legion have never spent a day in military uniform


November 10, 2016004tomeagles2

8:00 AM

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Promotion Time 3

004Lily & Me was my first attempt at writing a book, it was also a wonderful learning experience. In my research of the time period involved I found so many things I never knew. While this is the story of the first 15 years of my own life, the actual time span is the first 54 years of the Twentieth Century.  From the days of horse drawn tramcars, gas light and the strange new horseless carriages. The age of flying machines, two World Wars, so many nights in air raid shelters, ration books, my first banana in 1944. So many adventures some good mostly bad. My childhood was not a happy time. Losing my mother when just eleven months old. Later adopted by my eldest sister Lily and her English husband. From the end of the war until I returned to my father and my family in Belfast in 1951, life had been cruel. Lily subjected me to both physical and mental abuse while her own son never once felt her anger. But, enough for now, I don’t want to spoil the book for the readers. I will add a couple of reviews with this blog. This first one is also the very first review of this book, it will always remain my favourite.

Art is the expression of emotion that elicits emotion! You certainly achieved that end. I laught and I cried. I read an enormous number of books a year. It’s my hobby, my relaxation and I love to learn. You met all of these goals in this book, Thank You. I’m looking forward to the next installment, you have a delightful talent.nana'sfam&partnerspic
Libby Goucher, Nova Scotia.

The photo on the right is my family taken in 1959, my father died the following year.

Review from another reader
After seeing you at the yard sale I returned to my apartment and spent the rest of the day, the evening, the night and the early morning with you and Lily. Your story was interesting and I like your style. Sometimes as I read in the night I would forget the fact that this was a true story and find myself wondering when little Frederick, Eric, Ben Cook Rodgers would morph into a MI5 spy or a serial killer. Instead I remember the dapper Irishman from my yard sale wandering. Lily And Me is a testament to the resilience of the spirit of the child. I don’t think all children are blessed with your resilience but you were and we your readerstram1 are thankful. Ivan Gallant; e-mail;

I just wanted to let you know I have finished your book and was, I admit, quite surprised to find it a book I couldn’t put down. My expectations were as low as one might expect when reading a “first” book written by a friend. Instead I was amazed at your ability to dredge up the memories of your early youth and I became quite wrapped up in your story, Good Job! Jim Wyatt CD.  Major RCAF Ret

So folks its up to you, if you would like a signed copy from me, contact price is $10 plus any postage. It is also available at all three —.ca— .uk  The amazon price is usually a little higher at approx $15 plus P&P. Also available as an E book from  price $2.99

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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A Little Sunday Humour.


A Soldier ran up to a Nun.
Out of breath he asks, ‘Please may I hide under your skirt? I’ll explain later.’
The Nun agrees.
A Moment later 2 Military Police run up & say, ‘Have you seen a soldier?’
The Nun replies, ‘He went that way.’
After the MPs ran off the soldier crawled out from under her skirt & said, ‘I can’t thank you enough Sister. You see I don’t want to go to Afghanistan.’
The Nun says, ‘I understand completely.’
The Soldier added, ‘i Hope I’m not being rude but you’ve got a great pair of legs!’
The Nun replies, ‘If you had looked a little higher you would also have seen a great pair of bollox. I don’t want to go to Afghanistan either!

God Bless and Merry Christmas

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Promotion Time 2

IMG_0001My second book covered the eleven years I served in the Royal Navy. Starting on 15th March 1955 when I entered through the gates of HMS Ganges, the Royal Navy’s Boy Seamen training establishment located in the village of Shotley, near Ipswich. My story takes the reader to the other side of the World and back. You will walk on the Arctic ice, dive below the waves and arrest an Icelandic boarding party during the Cod Wars. Play  the dangerous game of cat and mouse with adversaries of the Cold War. Learn how this foolish young sailor falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Please read the attached reviews and then judge for yourself.

Review from the Ganges Gazetteimage005[1]

Following on from ‘Lily & Me’ comes another ‘cracker’ from Fred’s pen, but this time covering his time in the Navy. Ganges, surface ships – Far East and Home Fleet. Girls, with Cupid active with his bow. Joining the Submarine Service with a very good description of life aboard diesel electric’T’ and ‘A’ class boats. More girls and arrows everywhere, tricked into marriage, children, divorce and part of the 6th Canadian Submarine Squadron based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dick Lloyd Editor-Gazette

Review from Craig Churchill NFLDhms_cockade

Well, you’ve done it again! I thoroughly enjoyed “The Royal Navy and
Me”, and have come to a couple of conclusions about you. You sir, are an
incurable romantic and also what my friends and I would term “a shit
magnet”. (At least at times)

Having done 5 years military time myself, I could certainly relate
to the basic training tales, the precious time on leave and the
carousing crammed in whenever able. I can also appreciate the amount of
dignity required to keep from “going native” completely and retaining
one’s drawers!

I have just finished a midnight shift at work and am now enjoying a
tot in honour of your literary achievements and your Birthday. Many24883alcide_auriga_halifax_63
happy returns.


How to Order

‘The Royal Navy & Me’ ISBN 1-4392-5452-4 a 208 page paperback                      
Available on-line at, and as E book
Also available It is distributed by Baker & Taylor internationally and can be ordered by any bookstore. A signed copy can be ordered by contacting me.  My email
A signed copy from me is $10 plus postage. On online  usually
$14.99 US and as an E book $1.99. Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

God Bless and keep reading

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Promotion Time!

CHAPTER XXI ARMAGEDDON by Frederick RodgersBookCoverImage

Its December and Christmas is only short days away! Time to think of that special gift for a loved one or a friend who might be difficult to buy for.. Maybe one of my three books could be the answer. I will begin with my latest book, a work of fiction, and a story based in sci fi, but with many touches of the real world woven into the pages. When I completed writing this book I did not at first realize the many real world events I had fitted into what I believe is a unique and exciting story. Rather than continue to blow my own horn I will instead share one of my readers comments. I think it captures the total concept of my tale.birthday 2011 003

Review by: Syrphian on Jan. 10, 2015 :
I really enjoyed reading this book! It is a great story with many twists and turns while giving you something profound to think about. The author has a real talent and I believe a future in fiction. The book starts off interesting right from page one with the big mystery in the sand! The author’s writing style is free-flowing which makes it easy to read. This gives the reader a more pleasurable reading experience while with some author’s styles it is more like a text book experience than a novel. I believe that this book has film potential, too.

Somehow he combined a whiskey bottle, time travel, Hunter River Prince Edward Island, a Naval submarine, Jesus, complex machinery, a spy, a world terrorist crisis, the Vatican, Islam, Adam & Eve and a great mystery story all in one book! You have to read it to see what I mean – you will not be disappointed as it is well worth it.

So, in summary, a ‘good read’ as they say… I enjoyed it from page one until the final page. I must admit that the ending was a surprise as I figured that it would conclude the way I thought it should. I am sure that is what the author wanted me to believe. The actual ending was rather different, and a complete and thought-provoking surprise. A very clever ending indeed!

I would recommend this book to anyone who desires a good story, well-written, exciting and a pleasure to read. You will not be disappointed and you will be wanting more from this author when you finish this book!

HM/SM Otter__________________________________________

So there you have it folks, all that remains is for you to read it yourselves. It can be ordered directly from me, the cost for a signed copy is $10 plus postage. It can be ordered on-line at, price is usually a little higher (approx $14) and as an Ebook at for only $1.99. Just contact me via my email address    Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2017

God Bless and keep reading

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Chris Palmer (Honour the Vote)

chris_palmerChris Palmer, the newest of the new Liberal MLA’s. He was recently elected in the Summerside/Wilmot district byelection. Why I have chosen this newbee?? It is because of the slogan he ran on during the campaign. He asked the people of his district to let him be their voice in Government. Did you get that last part?? Be their Voice in Government.

His district voted for MMP proportional representation in the recent plebiscite. So it would follow that Mr Palmer (being their voice)would vote for the wishes of his district, after all he is their voice in government. Did I already mention he promised to be their voice in government. You have probably heard many a person say “promises promises” or promises are like pie crust and meant to be broken. In Palmer’s case, he must have tripped over his recently used campaign posters on his way into the legislature.  His face was hardly recognized on the government back benches before he broke his promise. The promise to be the voice of Summerside/Wilmot in the government. Even though elected by an age old democratic process, the new MLA quickly decided to not honour his commitment to his electorate.  Like the rest of the liberal flock he voted against the overwhelming majority of the people just to appease his boss. Shame on you Chris Palmer. Honour the vote.wade-the-weasleproportionalprofilepic

God Bless and keep reading

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A Cloak of Many Colours???? (Honour the Vote)

bushMany colours indeed, the Red Ruling Liberals, the inept weak Blue  opposition, the Fresh strong and Honest Greens. Then there is the colour Black as in Bush. I’m not referring to the famous Irish Whiskey “Black Bush”. It is with a great deal of regret that I attribute this blog to an old friend. The colour black must unfortunately be awarded to my former MLA when I lived in Ebenezer, Bush Dumville. I’m more than disappointed by his most recent action of supporting the Mac Lauchlan government against the will of his constituents. I find it very difficult to understand his decision to ignore democracy. Bush was all but ignored by the Ghiz administration, never came close to getting a cabinet post. Yet he came out in support of  Ghiz and his Plan B. He did this even though he confided to me the Cornwall bypass should have taken priority. Lately he has made some wild statements that the Coalition of electoral reform are using a double standard. When in fact they are doing nothing different than the Liberals and Tory’s have been doing for years.  In the last election, the Liberals tried to get rid of him by running another candidate in his district. A very unusual thing to do in the riding of a sitting MLA. However, Bush prevailed once more, this must be at least his third term as an MLA and yet still no cabinet post? How strange that a member with so much experience is passed over again and again. Even stranger, he remains loyal to a party that would prefer to see the back of him? I’m at a loss, why Bush? can you explain why you of all people would vote against the wishes of the people that have returned you to your job more than once??? Loyalty is a two way street or it should be, it appears not to be so in your case. One can only speculate on your reasons, but it surely looks like you are just the premier’s yes man, not a title to be envied. I find myself as disappointed as you must feel the shame of your actions. Honour the Vote.

God Bless and keep reading


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Seeing Red! Lots of Red!!!!

OTCaudillo goneIt seems for the last several years our Provincial Government have slithered from one crooked deal/scandal to another. First under the governance of Robert Ghiz and Co.  Now under Wade MacLauchlan. Ghiz had to suddenly resign before the latest of his many scandals came to light.  There was no honesty in his sudden departure nor that of his finance minister Wes Sheridan. Ghiz told us he was leaving to spend more time with his young family, he promptly took a job in Ottawa. Sheridan, he left to look after is ailing wife, he promptly moved to Halifax. Dishonesty has become the norm within the Liberal party. about-the-premier

For a brief moment the colour red seemed to glow again, as a new man took over the reins. He arrived smiling with promises of doing business differently from the Ghiz days. People believed him, we  sighed in relief to finally have a good and honest leader. Alas! it was indeed only for a brief moment, Wade MacLauchlan quickly proved he was no different than the previous leader. Indeed, as the new government moved forward things began going from bad to worse. MacLauchlan is a man who listens to no one, he knows best and his is the last word. wade-the-weasle

The scandals from the Ghiz years were being swept under the rug. The questionable E gaming project was highlighted by the Auditor General,  at least three civil servants were mentioned. Deputy ministers who broke serious rules. The premier said they were NOT to be held responsible . The fault was laid at the door of Wes Sheridan, former minister of finance. No action was to be taken, said the premier, there was no need to talk further or investigate. However,he may not have a choice, as a law suit looms. Perhaps there is hope that someone will decide to do the right thing. The RED mess he has created suddenly exploded across the island.  When the results of a clear and decisive plebiscite won the day for electoral reform.  Our premier was caught out, it was not the outcome he wanted or expected. Democracy prevailed and the decision to change how we elected future politicians resulted.  At least this is what the large majority of islanders expected. Not so, said the premier, he ignored the democratic process and created his own set of rules. He claimed the plebiscite was merely the opinion of a few, he wanted to know the feelings of those who didn’t vote???….  Since when do politicians count the imaginary will of people that don’t take the trouble to vote????. He declared a binding referendum would be held during the next election in 2019.   Egads! he can’t do that, its not within constitutional rules, a referendum during an election cannot be held binding. Again, our premier chooses to ignore the facts and apply his own rational. What makes this whole situation even worse is his government members supported him . Everyone of his MLA’s voted with the premier to ignore the plebiscite, to ignore democracy. However, its not going to be so easy, people are angry and this will not go away.  MacLauchlan may have his way for the moment. We shall wait and see, the Liberal majority could soon turn even Brighter Red, but it will be the life blood of the Liberal party seeping away. A new day is coming, when we will elect honest politicians, candidates that do what they say, and truly represent the voters that elect them. I believe our Islands future just got brighter.  Like the first flush of a blossoming new and vibrant GREEN Spring seasonproportionalprofilepic

God Bless and keep reading.

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Maclauchlan Displays Bad Loser Behavoir

All that can be said of this Premier is that his arrogant behavior is wade-the-weaslezflagpeiconsistent. Since his time as the head of the university and the controversial  issues he refused to faced.  Little has changed, he still wants to insist he is right even when he knows full well he is wrong. At the university he fought against the end of mandatory retirement. Despite the fact in most other Canadian jurisdictions it had already accepted it.  He took his fight to the Human Rights Commission. After a long battle he lost. However, Maclauchlan doesn’t like to lose so he appealed to the courts and lost again. How much time, money and effort was put into this, we will probably never know. Now we have him (unfortunately)as the Premier of PEI and once more he claims to be right when he is wrong. One would think a Professor of Constitutional Law would understand the law? Apparently not! his motion 80, a binding referendum is not, by law a binding referendum. This has been pointed out on several occasions, but old stubborn ” I know everything Wade” disagrees once more.  Sadly this time it is the Island electorate doing the suffering. Wade does not recognize the recent plebiscite with a majority vote for change! in his words this was just an opinion. According to our all knowing premier, he needs more study and another vote. This next election (2019) will include a binding referendum, but it is really binding?????No absolutely not. This is simply  a BIG EGO TRIP for Wade. How dare the minions question me. Its my way or the highway. I’m in charge so everyone can shut up and do as I say, I’m the boss!!! Speaking of highways, I’m spending millions to keep my contractor friends and relatives in business,  what could be wrong with that??????? I’m your wise, generous and all knowing leader, so stop your moaning and obey me.

God Bless and keep reading

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