Why we need Proportional Representation

Politics is at best a nasty business, but here on PEI the MacLauchlan gang of corrupt money grubbers have taken it to a whole new level. For them only one things matters, and that is not the people of PEI, not the economy, not the many fish kills, not the poison being spread on the land, none of those important things. No! what matters to them is power and how they can hold onto it. Just recently the Island PC party held their leadership convention down East at Montague. The Liberals in their cunning ways deflected the media attention and interest away from this event by holding the induction of the new Lieutenant Governor at the other end of the island in Tignish at the very same time!!! This government has no respect for anyone or anything, its all about them. Even when caught with their fingers in the cookie jar nothing happens they pretend they have to leave to spend more time with family or sick wives etc. They leave smiling with a large bag of severance cash. Rewarded for their crooked dealings one day and later appointed to some lucrative and cushy government job. It is surely long since passed the time for islanders to wake up and do something to change this intolerable situation. If we don’t do it we can be sure MacLauchlan and his gang wont do it for us.

Decision Time is Now, if you vote Liberal??? you are voting for more of the same corrupt and dishonest government.

God Bless and keep reading

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This is Decision Time.

I’m writing this letter in the hope the majority of Liberal MLAs will stand tall and do what they  know to be right. Oppose bill 38 and demand amendments to this insulting attempt to stack the vote in favour of the MacLauchlan gang. Do not follow your Shepherd like mindless sheep, do what the people elected you to do, and look after their interests. Fail in this, then ask yourselves how you will face islanders in the next election. Imagine how you will be greeted on the doorsteps,  I doubt it will be pleasant. It is time to regain some self respect and to show you have integrity and pride in the position to which you were elected. Follow your conscience and do what you were elected and paid to do. The alternative to this is to leave politics, five of your colleagues have already done so, and I suspect more could follow.. If you wish to continue in politics, then this is surely the time to make an honest decision. Food for some serious thought. Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE. Tel 902-786-3020

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Sneaky Liberal Tactic!!!!!

Rustico-Emerald MLA Brad Trivers raised the issue during Friday’s question period where he had a copy of the brochure that listed several measures from the latest budget. Trivers said it was an attempt to influence Islanders.
“The only thing that’s missing from this brochure is the Liberal logo,” he said.

I was amused when I heard MLA Brad Trivers raise concerns about the government using the property tax assessment letters to influence voters. They enclosed a propaganda pamphlet in with the 2018 property tax bills. The pamphlet extolled the government and their generous programs and grants. Indeed a very sneaky way to gain votes, and not forgetting, this was done at tax payers expense. However. it was wasted on me, when I received my letter the only thing that interested me was the new tax assessment, the remaining contents I promptly dispatched to the garbage bin without reading!!!The letter was similar to all these other special offers we get in the mail. You know the kind, Capitol One cards, health and or life insurance deals! I wonder how many others also ended up in the garbage?  Just another example of Liberals wasting tax payers money in their own interest. Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers Abram Village PE. Tel 902-786-3020

God Bless and keep reading

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The Canadian Legion’s Lack of Vision

I have come to the conclusion that Dominion Command and probably several Provincial Commands have only one interest in life and that is in protecting their own little empires. It is evident to many that these command elites have the same faces year after year. In other words Dominion and Provincial are cliques owned and run by the same groups of people. They fight strenuously to keep interference from veterans at a minimum. Their arrogance is not only unacceptable its unbelievable, and it stems from fear that someone might upset their power base. I realize the organization needs other members besides veterans, but that is not an excuse to offer a one year free membership. That is sheer desperation, but probably a way to strengthen their argument, they are working hard to recruit new members. From my own experience, when offering a new idea or suggestion it is always stopped dead in its tracks by Provincial Command. They have no discussion with the members offering these proposals, merely claim the executive met and decided against it. Certainly in my case this was the result each time I sent in a new resolution. It never got beyond Provincial Command, and no one at any time ever offered to meet with me to discuss my proposal. Just recently I copied an interesting video of Prince Harry talking with a little 4 year old boy who lost his uncle in Afghanistan. The little boy was wearing his late uncles medals on his right breast. Prince Harry stop to talk with him and shake his hand. It was a delightful moment of a young boy at a Remembrance day event. From my point of view it spoke volumes about why we remember our fallen. I was so impressed with the video, I forwarded it to Dominion and Provincial Commands. I thought surely some one there would agree with me. I was very wrong. Allow me to show you the rude and inane response to received from Bruce Poulin, Dominion Communications officer.
Thank you for sharing this story from the United Kingdom. As I am sure you will appreciate, The Royal Canadian Legion does not comment on customs or traditions practiced in other countries. We respect Canadian law.
In Comradeship Bruce Poulin
He talks as if the UK was a foreign country! he ignores the fact that the Royal British Legion and the Royal Canadian Legion have the same Patron, HRH Queen Elizabeth. Surely we have many things in common, and who may wear late loved ones medals should be one. This was the reason I sent the video in the first place. To dismiss my approach in such a rude and dismissive manner is just the sort of attitude that is causing so many issues. Until these people, who unfortunately hold the power, decide to listen to the real membership, the veterans, nothing is going to change. Sadly if Dominion and Provincial commands continue down this road, then the end is probably just around the next bend. It will matter not how many free memberships they give out, pretend medals they hand out and or sell, the result will be the same. They have no vision beyond protecting their own little power bases. The overriding fear of the legions collapse is because we, the veterans, have a sacred obligation to look after the Poppy and what it stands for. Associate members have and are continuing to fail in this duty. That is obvious in the questionable and secretive way the Poppy funds are being used. It is obvious in the way some Branches fail to conduct fitting Remembrance Day services. I refer to the ceremony held in Kentville NS, flags not half masted and forgot the two minute silence. I suppose I could go on, but realize those who really care are already well aware of the problems. I guess the big question is what can we do about it, would love to hear ideas.????????????
God Bless and keep reading

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Associate Members and their Cracker Jack Medals

This is a copy of a post by a veteran friend.
Posted by Robby
2016 was a heavy year of Complaint(s) against the Royal Canadian Legion. The actions of certain branches before, during and after Remembrance day left many a jaw agape.
The actions of Dominion Command and their lack of interest in Veteran’s families wearing a loved ones medals on Remembrance day is …..to put it bluntly a DISRESPECTFUL way to pay honour to a Veteran on Remembrance day.
The article in Esprit de corps this issue says a lot about the mafia of Dominion Command. Far more interested in their salaries and tinpot medals and decorations for their Right Breast.
Even past Dominion Command President (who has never served a day in Uniform) Tom Eagles had the decency NOT to wear his chestful of Cracker Jack medals, while attending the Royal British Legion and Royal Scottish Legion’s conference. Why? was he ashamed to wear his collection of tinsel with actual Veterans in the room ?
Comment -: This is from a Vet in Wasaga Beac
Read the blog I agree with you whole heartily, I’m tired of seeing those civvy wearing their cheap medals and running the legions. They have turned the legion into nothing but watering holes for civies.
Comment from F.Ben Rodgers ret’d Royal Navy, RCN Reserve.
These are the Legion members that tell me to allow a widow to wear her late husband’s medals on her right breast, dilutes the value of the medals. One might ask which of the two photos here dilute real medals. Grandfather with grand daughter wearing great grandfathers WW1 medals. Or assoc member with approx ten pretend medals on his right breast.

God Bless and keep reading

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The Royal Navy and Me

The Royal Navy & Me
Now available as an E-Book, go to http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/irishrover
This is a story told through the eyes of a young sailor who joined the Royal Navy in 1955 as a Boy Seaman 2nd class, the absolute lowest rank in the Navy. Follow his induction at HMS Ganges, the toughest boy’s training establishment in England, if not the world, and his first assignment to HMS Cockade in time to visit Australia for the opening of the 1956 Olympic games. This is a thoroughly amusing tale, tempered with dark moments of despair, as he visits islands in the South Pacific, tours Hong Kong, Korea and Japan, passes through the Suez Canal en-route to Malta and Gibraltar, helps to capture an Icelandic boarding party during the Cod Wars. He dives in a submarine to play cat and mouse with our Cold War adversaries, surfaces through the polar ice at the top of the world, feel the tension in the submarine as it sinks toward crush depth. Laugh at the antics of his fellow sailors and the strange situations they found themselves in. Learn the meaning of the acronym PASAHB, and sympathize with this naive young sailor as he falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book.
Whether a sailor or a dreamer of the sea, this is one voyage not to be missed.
Outside the front door we removed our shoes and tiptoed up the stairs whispering and giggling. The girl’s room was at the back of the house and furnished with two single beds. Still whispering and giggling we undressed in the dark. Danny said “hey its Christmas Eve we better get into bed before Santa arrives”. Our laughter almost gave the game away. The following morning I was suddenly and roughly shaken awake. Still half asleep and bleary eyed from last nights Chanti, I’m told to get under the bed fast. As I struggled to comply a hand swept my clothes under the bed with me. I was barely out of sigh when the door opened and a cheery voice called out “Merry Christmas girls I’ve brought you some tea and toast, did you have a good time last night? you must have been out late because we didn’t hear you come in. While she chatted with the girls I was holding my breath hoping not to be discovered. I looked across the floor between the landlady’s ankles and saw Danny under the other bed. It took all of my will power not to burst out laughing. Danny was looking at me and making silly facial expressions.
How to Buy
“Lily & Me” ISBN 1-55430-019-3 is a 396 page paperback novel.
‘The Royal Navy & Me’ ISBN 1-4392-5452-4 a 208 page paperback Chapter XX1.Armageddon.ISBN13-978150234863 182 pages paperback
They are available on-line at amazon.com, As E book http://www.smashwords.com
Also available in the UK at all WHSmith Bookstores. It is distributed by Baker & Taylor internationally and can be ordered by any bookstore.

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Time to Go!!!!!!

Recently Richard Brown cited Peter Bevan Baker for using an un-parliamentary word. The word was “FARCE” the speaker agreed it was in-parliamentary. It seems to me not just Richard Brown but the whole Liberal government are a farce, please explain why that is not considered un-parliamentary ??????????

It has become abundantly clear the Liberals cannot tell the truth, cannot cover up their shady deals, cannot explain away the number of difficult questions being raised. Just listening to Chris Palmer (the voice of Summerside/Wilmot) try to deflect questions regarding PNP and the phoney island addresses, is becoming ridiculous/monotonous, not too mention silly.
It is surely time this corrupt Liberal government should call an election or better still, resigned. So many important issues to be dealt with, land purchases, roundabouts, PNP scandal, health care, carbon tax, and the list goes on. Premier King Wade it is time for you to abdicate!!! 


God Bless and keep reading.

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The End of World War Two

Germany Surrenders (over 70 years ago today)
Posted on May 8, 2018 by irishroverpei

What an amazing day 8th May 1945 was, the war that had lasted six long terrible years wasfinally over. I was in Belfast when Winston Churchill made his famous victory speech, and I remember the streets were full of happy cheering people. I was only six years old and didn’t completely understand the significance of the moment. For me it was more like a party, the streets were decorated with flags, people hugging,kissing and dancing. I was told I could leave my gas mask at home, I didn’t need to carry it any more. That evening there was no blackout, no sirens, no air raid wardens, the street gas lamps glowed all along the roads and streets. Such an amazing sight for this young boy, I had never before seen such a beautiful thing, a whole row of blinking lights all the way down my street. Some streets had gathered wood, old crates and broken furniture into a great pile. As the sun set they set alight the huge bonfires and once again the streets were full of people singing and dancing. I was allowed to stay up very late watching all the festivities, but once the happy crowd began staggering a little. I was ushered off to bed. In early June my sister Lily announced we were going back to England, I was horrified because in my young mind England was the place were the war was bad. I vividly remembered the endless cold and scary nights spent in air raid shelters. I remembered the bomb damaged buildings and roads, the crowded buses and trains. I mostly remembered the dreadful food shortages, cod liver oil, spam and saccharine sweetener in my tea. I was unable to grasp that the war was over in England also. Looking back it is not too difficult to understand this, I had mostly grown up in a world at war,I was barely one year old when the war began. I had never experienced anything else. My confusion was quite normal and probably shared by thousands of other children in my age group. Thinking back to those terrible times over 70 years ago, it is amazing that I survived without a scratch. Well, I did injury a finger during a V1 attack, but I’ll leave that story for another time. We did have some close calls, we were caught outside during in a raid. A bomb landed only a few yards from us, but it didn’t explode. The flat we rented in London was hit by one of the first V1 bombs and totally destroyed the house and all our belongings. By the Grace of God we were not at home at the time. Indeed fearful times that are now only a memory. May we never again go to war.
God Bless and keep reading.

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A Little Sunday Humour — Aussie Fashion???

Australian Telephone Operator :
” G’day mate. Helpline here.
What’s the problem?”

“I’m in the Outback with the girlfriend
and she’s been stung high on her thigh
by a hornet and now her vagina
has completely closed up!”

Australian Telephone Operator :

“Will do. Great advice! Thanks mate.”

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Battle of the Atlantic Sunday.

On the first Sunday I always pay my respects to the memory of the Battle of the Atlantic, the longest running battle of the second World War. People might think it was a lesser battle than D Day, Battle of Britain, Sicily etc. However, if we had lost the battle in the Atlantic those other battle would not have taken place. Britain would have been starved into surrender early in the war. I often speak at church on this special day each year, it is just to remind people of the sacrifices made on our behalf. I remember the thousands of seamen that never came home. The reason we celebrate this event on the first Sunday in May each year. In May 1943 the battle had turned in the Allies favour. The UBoats, once the predators of the seas had become the prey. Of the 40 thousand Uboatmen 30 Thousand never came home. Great loss of life to both sides in the futility of war. Rest in Peace to those of you still on patrol

Photos are the White Ensign and the fireplace in the Crows Nest! This was the place ships captains gathered to plan the crossing. it is located in St Johns NFLD and well worth a visit.

God Bless and keep reading

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