A little weekend humour

Frank always looked on the bright side, he would constantly irritate his friends with his eternal optimism. No matter how horrible the circumstances, he would always reply it could have been worse.

To cure him of his annoying habit his friends decided to invent a situation so completely bad, so terrible, that even Frank could fine no hope it in.

On the golf course one day one of them said, Frank did you hear about Tom? He came home last night and found his wife in bed with another man. He shot them both then turned the gun on himself. Thats awful said Frank, but it could have been worse. How the hell could it have been worse? Well, Frank replied if it had been the night before, Id be dead now.————————————————————————————–

A wife visits her husband in prison. Before leaving she tells the corrections officer, you shouldn’t work my husband so hard, he is exhausted. The officer laughs and says, are you kidding me? All he does is eat, sleep and stay in his cell all day every day. Bullshit, replied his wife, he told me he has been digging a tunnel for months.

Its risky sleeping with someone else while your wife is away. I have to admit my guilt I have been sleeping with a pretty young female the last two night while Linda is in Newfoundland?

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Can the purchase be reversed?

  1. The recent Irving land purchase may or may not have been legal? The lawyer representing Irving claims it was done legally and within the requirements of the Lands Protection Act. Well of course, a lawyer will state it was legal and above board! The question is, was it really carried out in conjunction with the LPA rules. Or was it some clever lawyer trickery to circumvent the law. Read in today’s Guardian opinion piece by Douglas Campbell, president of Farmers Union. He writes that this is not a done deal, the Minister of agriculture can intervene. He asserts that the government can over rule and disapprove the sale. I’m not sure who is right or wrong, but like a great many islanders I know it was done in a very underhanded way. It should be overturned immediately, if for no other reason than the Act was flouted by the Irving Corp. It screams of an absolute disregard for our laws and islanders in general. It states, we the Irving Corporation are above your island laws and can do as we please. This attitude has to be relegated to the bin, government must exercise its power putting this and any other corporations in their place. The land belongs to the province, the water, the soil, the forests and the air. Time our elected officials stood up for all Islanders once and for all. God Bless and keep writing.

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SNC Lavalin Scandal is Back

Ethics Commissioner has rule Justin Trudeau has (twice)violated the conflict of interest act. I won’t go into details again, Canadians are well aware if these issues. The SNC scandal continued for several weeks, heads rolled, and two Government ministers were fired from the liberal party. What I want to highlight in this issue is our local Malpeque MP Wayne Easter. He had a great deal to say about the subject. Indeed, it was obvious he clearly enjoyed his sudden popularity on island television and news media. He was very pleased to be portrayed in defending Trudeau and the PMO staff. He made the rather pompous statement that Judy Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpot just simply lacked experience!! In other words he defended Trudeau and toed the party line. By doing so he was complicit in helping cover up the truth. Canadians will soon decide if they want more of this type of dishonest government led by Trudeau. We on PEI will decide if we want a yes man politician as our federal Representative. In the upcoming federal election islanders will show that we do do not tolerate this type of corrupt governing. Time to change, to elected people who will actually represent the electorate with integrity and honesty .. Experience that Easter referred to, is not required!! God Bless and keep reading.

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There is no difference!

It has been said many times, the liberals and PCs are no different, they just take turns at the trough. In fact, I stated quite recently that we shouldn’t get excited, considering the PCs are just one of the two old party’s that have ruled this province for more than 150 years. After the last election there was much ado, celebrating and cheering when Dennis King became Premier. He was proclaimed a great guy, one of the islanders story tellers, was admired and respected by many islanders. Many hailed King as being different, would do politics differently, a new era of island governing was about to dawn.  Well so far I have seen very little that is different? this latest Irving land purchase has apparently been approved by the government. Regardless of how the Irving’s  Circumvented the Lands Protection Act, not one politician has cried out in anger! Not one word from the premier or any of his members. The Guardian newspaper did report the facts in clear details but no other media mentioned it. On the islands daily TV news channel “Compass” it would seem it never happened. Many days have passed since this purchase took place,  yet no statement from the Premier, no excuses, no apologies, no blaming the previous liberals, no nothing! It’s business as usual, keep their heads down for a while and us stupid islanders will soon forget. This is beyond frustration! What are we to do to make our politicians work in our interest? How can we find men and women who aspire to good honest and open government, that is the big question. Sadly we are still getting the proverbial finger.             God Bless and keep reading

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A Gentle October Reminder!

This blog is a rerun from 2017, I thought it appropriate at this time as we near the next Federal Election. Face Book and the media is plastered with photos of Bobby Morrissey, Wayne Easter, Sean Casey and MacAulay. Most of the four years we rarely hear from them, then its election time and here they are again. More promises, more smiles, more handshakes, more photo ops on and on it goes. Folks do not be fooled by these shallow politicians, all they really want is to keep their cushy jobs. I hope this election will see the majority of these wastrels sidelined for good. The best we can hope for is a minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power. Too much to hope for?? yeah maybe, but I can dream.

Shameful Liars– Oops!! I mean shameful Liberals
Posted on February 2, 2017
by irishroverpei

Early this morning (2nd Feb 2017) I went out for the newspaper expecting to find the headlines screaming about the blatant reversal of a major Trudeau campaign promise that 2015 would be the last FPTP election! But no!! instead we have a full front page photo of a young barmaid pouring a glass of wine. Down in the bottom left hand corner a tiny 2 x 2 inch article reads “Electoral Reform Not On Agenda”. This was the newspaper’s priority?
I’m outraged, angry, frustrated, seething and powerless to do anything about it. Trudeau today without shame or conscience declared his government would not be changing the Federal Electoral system of first past the post. He did this blatantly and without any signs of remorse. In the last election campaign he stood before the Canadian people and categorically stated this would be the last FPTP election. Clearly this why MacLauchlan did not recognize the PEI plebiscite. In hindsight, obviously an agreed commitment between Trudeau and MacLauchlan was previously arranged. It would have been difficult had PEI adopted a PR system, when Federal Liberals planned not too. However, this disgraceful act of dishonesty will not be forgotten come next election. Whether these two old party’s force the electoral system to remain FPTP they will still lose huge numbers of votes. Will we ever find or elect some honest politicians??????.
These are dark days for Democracy
God Bless and keep reading

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Soccer and Quilts?

When I read Joan’s post regarding her beautiful quilt and the deep and loving sentiment it represented, it got me thinking. I too, have received a beautiful quilt from so many cherished friends. Sometimes we tend to forget the important things in life, however, I have never forgotten the amazing patience’s and work that went into making the quilt that I have owned for almost fifty years. I have cared for it and never used iton my bed. It is not always easy to display. Our home in Ebenezer had high ceilings and it was easy to hang. Now in our tiny home in Abram Village the walls are not tall enough to hang it full length. Had to fold part of it to make it fit, nevertheless, hung it is and I see it each night as I retire. I don’t know all who played a part it its creation, I think maybe Barb Simpson played a large roll. Each night I can see some of the names of the girls that played on our soccer team. I thank each and every one of you. Coaching the Hillis Oil Stars was the highlight of my life. Today its a cherish memory of the long ago happy times.


So people have been posting quilts lately and I’d like to share a quilt I was given by a group of ladies who loved Gerard and I,,more Gerard!! LoL. They sewed this with much love after his passing and I was truly amazed to receive it. I will treasure it for all my life!! It’s absolutely Beautiful! and They are Too!! Thanks Again

Thank you Joan for the memories, hope you didnt mind me using your post?

God Bless and keep reading


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Above the Law???

It appears the Irving/Cavendish farms Corporation is above the law. Or maybe they are just so powerful they can flout the law in our faces. The 2,200 acres purchase in the Bedeque area has been completed without (apparently)government or IRAC knowledge. The Green Party raised the issue in June of this year as a strong rumour. However, the Minister of Agriculture at the time said he didn’t deal in rumours! Well it ain’t no rumour now Bud! The previous Liberal government turn the purchase application down. I would really like an explanation as to how this purchase was carried out under the present governments nose without someone objecting?? If an Islander broke the law, regardless of circumventing regulations, I Imagine the law would be on him/her like a ton of bricks. It is time our government took charge of this Province, it belongs to us. The last time I looked it wasn’t named “Prince Irving Island”. We Islanders must take back our province, this is not a feudal system with Baron Irving using us as his vassals. If our government can’t or won’t act then we must.   God Bless and keep reading

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A Little Weekend Humour

Talking Duck (An old but good one)

A duck walks into a bar and orders a beer. The barman says, “Hey, you’re a duck!”

“Nothing wrong with your eyesight,” observes the duck.

“Yeah, but I mean — you can TALK!” says the barman.

“I guess your ears are fine, too,” answers the duck. “Now, can I have a beer please?” The barman serves the duck a pint and asks him what he’s doing in the area. “Oh,” says the duck, “I work as a plasterer on the building site over there. We’ll be here for a couple of weeks, and I’ll be in each lunchtime for a pint.”

And each day the duck waddles over from his job at the building site and has his lunchtime lager. The next week, the circus comes to town on its annual round. The circus owner comes in for a pint, and the barman tells him about the talking duck. “You should get it into your circus,” he says. “You could make a lot of bucks out of a talking duck. I’ll speak to him about it.”

The following day, the duck comes in at lunchtime. The barman says, “You know, the circus is in town, and yesterday I was chatting to the owner. He’s very interested in you.”

“Really?” says the duck.

“Yeah. You could make a lot of money there. I can fix it up for you easily.”

“Hang on,” says the duck. “You did say a CIRCUS, didn’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s one of those tent things, isn’t it? With a big pole in the middle?”


“That’s canvas, isn’t it?” asks the duck.

“Of course,” replies the barman. “I can get you a job there starting tomorrow. The circus owner’s dead keen.”

The duck looks very puzzled. “What would he want with a plasterer?”

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Beyond Meat Burgers?

It seems when something new appears on the market and claims to be healthy, people flock to buy it. This appears to be the case with these new meatless burgers. They are being heavily promoted on national media across North America. Fast food outlets like A&W and Tim Hortons are already on the band wagon in Canada. What could possibly be wrong eating a meatless burger. It has to be healthier than a greasy meat burger, right! After all it’s made from plants and that has to be better for you. You know the old adage your mother told you from childhood, eat your vegetables, they are good for you. However, you might want to check out the ingredients in these so called healthy alternatives before you decide to consume one. I’m not going to list everything that goes into making this meatless meat, you can look it up on line as I did. I will tell you there are many ingredients that I have never heard of. One ingredient in particular stood out for me, ” Pesticide Glyphosate” used in the Impossible Burger.  The major issue that concerns me was salt content, very high compared with regular meat. One comparison was a Walmart beyond burger salt content 330 gms regular meat burger 30gms. I’m not claiming these are all solid facts, nevertheless, it would be most prudent to check for yourself before eating one. Trusting large corporation that tell you it’s good for you is probably not a wise decision.

God Bless and keep reading (I almost said keep eating!!!)

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This was the response I finally received regarding payment to farmers from the Harvest Recovery Initiative. AsI look at the eligible recipents I see POTATO FARMERS listed and that concerns me. Irvings I imagine are the biggest potato farmers on the island or at least in name as farmers. If Im correct then they would get a very large portion of this fund.  Im not against farmers receiving aide but wonder why the tax payers have to bail out a huge multi million dollar corporation. I have asked the question, we will have to wait and see if I get an answer!!!!!

Good Afternoon Mr. Rodgers:
I am writing in response to your inquiry into the 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative that was recently announced. The Initiative is a response under the AgriRecovery Framework, which is part of the Federal Provincial Territorial Canadian Agricultural Partnership Agreement. The AgriRecovery Framework is in place to provide financial relief to agricultural producers in times of disaster. The 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative was built to cover the extraordinary costs associated with the excessive moisture and cold temperatures during the 2018 fall harvest.
To be eligible for financial relief under the Initiative, agricultural producers would have had to plant, in 2018, at least 2 acres of one of the eligible crops listed in the Terms and Conditions of the 2018 Canada-Prince Edward Island Fall Harvest Recovery Initiative. Eligible crops include beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips,- potatoes, and rutabagas.
The Department is still in the process of collecting applications for the AgriRecovery Initiative and agricultural producers have not yet received financial assistance.
More information on the Initiative, including payment categories and amounts, can be found in the program Terms and Conditions, available online at https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/agriculture-and-land/agrirecovery-program

My reply is below.

Wed 2019-08-07 7:00 PM
Minister Agriculture and Land

Thank you for your response and the info provided. Having read the eligibility requirements I would assume Irving’s/Cavendish farms would receive a large portion of this recovery initiative. If I’m correct and this is the case, I would ask why tax payers money be given to this multi million dollar corporation? Look forward to your further explanation.
Sincerely F.Ben Rodgers
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