Halifax International Tattoo

tattoo1I did not get to take in the Canada Day Celebrations as we were travelling back from Halifax. Nevertheless, I did celebrate on Tuesday evening at the Halifax International Tattoo. what an amazing show that could not fail but to bring out our Canadian pride. Just to watch the Red coats of the RCMP march to centre stage carrying Canadian flags was enough to burst ones heart. To listen to the wonderful music, the drill teams and especially the Paris Police motorcycle team was all quite thrilling. A military drill team from Norway stole the show with the most impressive act of all. I have never seen such amazing precision and timing, marching and rifle drill. The theme of the Tattoo was the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. All the beautiful old songs from that era, Lilli Marlene-White Cliffs of Dover and so many more brought tears to my eyes. So many marching bands, gymnastics, Irish dancing girls, comedy and laughter. But most of all, I felt the great pride of having lived through that terrible conflict. Yet not all were bad memories, sometimes funny and other times fearful. But through it all came the wonderful spirit of overcoming the destruction of war and the threat of oppression. I think the most moving event of the show was twenty RCN sailors carrying Canada flags and twenty German soldiers carrying German Flags marching to centre stage. They halted and turn to face each other, then one by one switched flags. The Canadians marched off carrying the German flags and the Germans carrying the Canadian flags. A very moving act of reconciliation by two nations who had once gone to war against each other. It made me think of my own values, I have never thought of the U Boat men as anything but brother submariners. We sailors don’t start wars, politicians do that, but without question we go to war to defend our nations. To conclude, if you want to see and enjoy something very special then go to the Tattoo.

God Bless and keep reading.

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1st July 2015

amybirthday 2011 003Canada dayWhat more can I say???? To all those wonderful Canadians a Very Happy Day.

God Bless and keep reading

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Islanders only have themselves to blame!!!

king wadeCaudillo goneFour more years of Liberal Majority Government and folks, you only have yourselves to blame. You listened to the silver tongue of Wade MacLauchlan and we are back where we were before the Provincial election. Be it with a few new bodies but with the same old history. MacLauchlan talked long and far into the campaign about honesty-transparency-openness and a new and different type of Government, and at the same time very careful not too mention the Ghiz/Sheridan debacle that went before him.. So far I have only witnessed more of the same, more spin but less transparency, many promises but no fulfillment. The promise of new and meaningful jobs, but alas all we have are cut backs and lay offs. It really seems to me we have exactly the same type of administration as the previous Ghiz government, Wade does talk a better talk than Ghiz but walks the same walk. I have to confess I’m struggling with the many strange decisions taken for the Dept Education. Not even sure of the actual number of cut backs, I have heard 28 and 42, I have heard 12 already in the system are going back into teaching positions. We have been told most jobs will be reduced thru retirement etc. However what I find so baffling is, in the midst of these cuts backs we see a bright new patronage appointment to the dept of education? Enter the good and loyal liberal, Giles Arsenault, he leaves the position of president of the teachers federation. A position where he was supposed to represent teachers? He now tells us (SPIN) that he will continue to work for the teachers but at a different level. That’s an interesting word “level” what he really means he will be working at a different salary level. Probably a salary large enough it could cover the salary of  two teachers. I can’t imagine any teachers are happy with Giles Arsenault. But you can bet old silver tongue Wade is happy along with hapless Hal.. In conclusion folks, this is what Maclauchlan meant during the election campaign when he said he would enhance the education of our youth. Now we have a new improved and enhanced Giles Arsenault. Anyone out there still keen to vote liberal.????? As I said you only have yourselves to blame.

God Bless and keep reading

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Another Halifax Blog

003We are still in Halifax for one more night so coming up with interesting things to blog about is a wee bit difficult. I have posted a photo of Susannah age 4, who could have imagined in 2015 she would be the champion female athlete at the “Dartmouth Epic” iron man race. Of course she is a wee bit taller now than in the photo, but only a wee bit. We are off tonight to see the International Tattoo at Metro Place, then home in the morning. I’m anxious to catch up on all the latest PEI news. I hear the government is still on the hot seat over the cuts to education, can’t wait to weigh in on that. I tried to advise the voters not to vote Liberal in the recent electioin but few listened and now look at where we are. Another four years of chaos and wild spending. On the Legion and the wearing of medals question, I assume Dominion Command have met by now and hopefully my resolution was tabled. I have heard nothing so far and quite frankly don’t hold out much hope for a successful out come. Anyway home tomorrow and back to my usual routine, see you then.

God Bless and keep reading

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Sweet Sixteen.

sweet 16grandchildren_0002Hard to believe this wee cutie turns sixteen today!!!!Happy Birthday Melissa. hope you have a wonderful day. Always my beautiful Granddaughter. love you.

God Bless and keep reading

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ironmanBudgeironman runironmanwaterIf you are anything like me you would have guessed that the title IRONMAN was the latest Hollywood movie about super hero`s. Until my youngest daughter Susannah (Budge) began competing in the ironman races I had no idea what an ironman was. Knowing what it is just makes me more certain I would never attempt such a demanding event. Susannah has completed three and in this latest, the Dartmouth Epic she was the overall champion in the female category. She improved her time by over two hours, finishing in 12hrs 31mins. The race consists of a 4 klm swim followed by a 180 klm bike ride and finishing with a marathon (26.2 miles). So if I didn`t think my daughter was crazy before I do now lol. Actually I`m extremely impressed that she can not only complete such a grueling race but be the most outstanding female competitor.   For Budge the weather conditions was good, it was cool and wet, for us spectators it was not so good, cold and very wet. Nevertheless, it was very exciting to watch her race by and knowing she was way out in front. Mind you! she is not so mobile today!!! just a wee bit stiff and sore. Proud of you Susannah, way to go.

God Bless and Keep reading

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A Job At The Zoo!!!

donkeyUntitled attachment 00046A bloke starts his new job at the zoo and is given three tasks. First
Is to clear the exotic fish pool of weeds.

As he does this a huge fish jumps out and bites him. To show who is
Boss, he beats it to death with a spade.

Realizing his employer won’t be best pleased he disposes of the fish by
Feeding it to the lions, as lions will eat anything.

Moving on to the second job of clearing out the Chimp house, he is
Attacked by the chimps who pelt him with coconuts.

He swipes at two chimps with a spade killing them both.
What can he do? Feed them to the lions, he says to himself, because
Lions eat anything..

He hurls the corpses into the lion enclosure.

He moves on to the last job which is to collect honey from the South
American Bees.
As soon as he starts he is attacked by the bees.. He grabs the spade and
Smashes the bees to a pulp.
By now he knows what to do and shovels them into the lions cage because
Lions eat anything.

Later that day a new lion arrives at the zoo.
He wanders up to another lion and says “What’s the food like here?”

The lions say: “Absolutely brilliant, today we had Fish and Chimps with
Mushy Bees

God Bless and keep reading

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Del Mastro Goes To Jail

Oh Boy!!! I had this crooked politician nailed three years before he ended up in jail. Please re-read my early blogs on Good Ole Boy Dean!!!

Previous Post 24th June 2014



Remember this Good Ole Boy??? he stood up in parliament two years ago and made the following statement. The Conservative Party do not need to be investigated by the RCMP because they have done nothing wrong. Its so refreshing to have such honest members of parliament standing up and defending their integrity. Oops! is that the same Good Ole Boy who is now in court for cheating on his election campaign funds. Below I have re-posted my blog from 21st June 2012, what goes around comes around eh!!!!!

Posted 27th Sept 2013

Remember This Guy?????

Oh Boy, its going to be difficult but I will try not to be too smug while writing today’s blog. It wont be easy because this is really a case of “I told you so”. Our old friend Del Mastro, you probably remember him, he stood large and loud in the house early last year defending the Conservative Government. He was merciless in accusing and condemning the opposition parties for alleged election fraud. He demanded they hand over their phone records to Elections Canada. However when asked by reporters if his party would be doing the same he said no!!! they had done nothing wrong. Well just yesterday Del Mastro our good ole boy was removed/resigned from the government caucus. He was charge with four counts of fraud by Elections Canada, oops!!!!
I feel for our poor embattled and fearless leader, poor ole Stevie. First the senate scandal now this, and heck parliament is already prorogued, wonder if he can extend it until Christmas?? Sorry, I’m being smug after promising to not to be. Its really hard because I feel like a lucky dog that just found a juicy bone. I believe its time for Harper to step down, and I believe he will before the next election. He`ll find a suitable excuse, health, need to spend more time with family, run out of blue sweaters or maybe the cat has run away, he`ll think of something. For me the sooner the better.
Anyway just so you will better understand why I`m so happy
writing this today please read my blog from March 6th 2012.

God Bless and keep reading

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Canadian Dept of Justice

This is a direct quote from the web site of the Canadian Dept of Justice.

Question— Can I wear my relative’s medals?

Medals may only be worn by the veteran. This is considered of such high importance that it is a criminal offense to wear military medals that someone else has earned.

There you have it folks, it is against the law in Canada for a widow or family member to wear their deceased father/husbands medals (on right breast) as a mark of respect and remembrance at a Remembrance Day Ceremony. A violator would face prosecution- fine and or jail.

Now!!!canada_flag can someone tell me why we need this senseless and unnecessary law??

You might note, it is not the law in the UK, Australia or New Zealand and other Commonwealth Countries.

God Bless and keep reading

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Wearing Deceased Veterans Medals in Respect

The attached letter below was sent to Dominion Command two weeks ago, no response to date, but I really didn’t expect one. I’m asking everyone who reads and agrees with my cause to please share this. Please share it as far and as wide as possible, I can’t believe all relatives of veterans are in favour of the present Legion law. I also realize it will not change simply based on my letter. People all across this nation need to know and demand it be changed. I can’t do it alone I need your help and support.  So please share, re-post, copy to other social media sites, call your local Legion, call your MP, call anyone whom you think needs to know or might help


I began campaigning to change the law on who may wear medals in January 2015. I’m surprised at the stubborn resistance encountered to date. I first sent a resolution to the Provincial Command, it was turned down. No reason was offered, in fact I wasn’t even notified of the decision. I have since forwarded the same resolution to Dominion Command. The objections I hear ww2medalslegionmake little or no sense at all.  They are seemingly stated only to oppose my views. Allow me to offer a few examples from those who believe this law must not be changed.  This letter appeared in the May/June edition of the Legion Magazine, “In Favour of Protecting Medals” I wont quote the whole story just this part. Quote-“If a man or woman can wear his or her spouses medals, can a son or daughter? How about a good friend or some other interested party. Where will it stop. Next we will have someone appear at a Remembrance Day ceremony wearing the uniform and medals of a Canadian soldier, even though that person has never served – or did that already happen? end quote.  His last reference regarding the phoney soldier (apart from the sarcasm) falls under an entirely different law and is indeed a criminal offense. The individual in question was arrested and was charged.The imposter story has absolutely no bearing on the law in question. Another member stated the following, when he died his family would frame his medals and carry the frame to Remembrance Day Ceremonies. (Nothing wrong with that if that is his wish). Another said,  if you didn’t earn the medal you couldn’t wear it. Finally, I was told by a member when he died he didn’t want anyone wearing his medals.

The sad thing about this whole issue is the unpleasantness and animosity I have encountered from Legion members. Its as if I have committed some form of sacrilegious offense against the Legion. How dare I suggest the Legion needs to change or that they might be in error. Perhaps a more knowledgeable Legion member can explain to me why changing this law will have such devastating consequences for the Legion?  All I’m asking for is simply that a Veteran’s widow or family member, if they choose, may wear their late husbands medals on the right breast to Remembrance Day Ceremonies and other suitable occasions.  Is it unreasonable to think they could do so without violating the criminal code of Canada. As the law stands, an 80 year old widow wearing her late husbands medals could be arrested and prosecuted by Police Authorities. That is of course, if one could find a police officer willing to make such an arrest. Has the Legion even considered the political fallout from such an outrageous action. Just imagine the media field day that would follow. The Legion would be all over the National News and National papers. On social network the story would surely go viral. I honestly do not understand why we need to have this dispute at all?? The solution is simple, removed the law, then those who chose to wear a relatives medal can and those against do not have to.

Respectfully Submitted F. Ben Rodgers.CD.  Wellington Br 17  PEI

I have attached a copy taken from the official rules of the Royal British legion.

‘The official rules for wearing medals The medals awarded to a deceased Service/ex-Service person may be worn on the right breast by a near relative (mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, daughter and son). Not more than one group should be worn by any individual’. No action will be taken officially if anyone wears a relations medals.

Surely this is common sense???? My final comment! Legions are failing and closing all across the nation, but all I hear is “Hey!! we can’t change that law, its been on the books for years and it works..
















God Bless and keep reading

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