Canada’s Submarines

trident boatThere has been much talk over the last two decades about Canada’s submarine fleet. Most of it has been negative urging we get rid of the troublesome boats. It would be hard not to argue that these four submarines have mostly been a failure and a very costly failure at that. Nevertheless, we should not condemn merely because the Government/Navy made a bad purchase. At the time it did sound like a good deal, the boats were modern and quite new. We now realize it was a bad decision and since the mid 1990’s we have been left without a serviceable submarine defense. However, to now say we should do away with the boats and not bother with new submarines would be a huge mistake. At the beginning of the 20th century the arms race began with the emergence of the Dreadnought battleships. Huge heavily armed bemonthes of the worlds oceans. They were the capitol ships of the 1st world war. When the 2nd world war began, battleships seemed to be once again the capitol ships of warring nations. Very quickly it became obvious the aircraft carrier was playing a much larger role in fighting the war at sea. It should also be obvious the German navy realized the potential of the submarine (U Boat). When the Cold War began the nuclear submarine became the most dangerous threat, the missile boats in particular. Today, the major navies of the world all maintain fleets of nuclear missile and attack boats. They can lurk off an enemies shore undetected for years, they are probably the greatest deterrent since the Atom bomb. If the Canada Navy today were to abandoned its submarines and the trained crews, it would take many years to ever return to this most effective arm of the fleet.  All the monies already spent would be down the drain,wasted. The RCN would become one of the World’s minor coastal defense navy’s. What all Canadians must consider is the Canadian coastline, we have over 140.000 miles to protect from the Pacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. That my friends is not small potato’s and it should be taken seriously. The RCN need and deserve new modern nuclear submarines, until we can afford them we must support the boats and crews we have.

Bravo Zulu! God Bless and keep reading.

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Legion Transparency Not!!!

legionI recently sent an email to the PEI Provincial Command asking for a list of the members currently listed as Provincial command members.. I was aware they are probably available at my branch, but found it easier to inquire via the internet. You can see the reply below, it advises me to look up the info on the Web Site or go to the branch. I also asked for a breakdown of the membership status, example- how many ordinary (veterans) members and how many Associate members. Two things strike me as odd here!! . Try to find the list of names on the web page, if they are listed there I sure could not find them.. The second and I found this even stranger! the secretary told me she was not at liberty to divulge information regarding membership status????? I in no way find blame with the secretary, she is just doing as instructed. However, why would this be such a secret, why does Provincial Command not want me to know how many members are associate???? Do they have something to hid? It surely appears so. So much for transparency at the provincial level, just like their big brother at Dominion.

PEI Command Royal Canadian Legion

Good morning.   The names of the Provincial Command Officers should be available at  your Branch.

A list was sent out last June after the Provincial Convention.   You can also check our website     As for membership status, I am not a liberty to divulge this.


So Comrades, this is the Legion version of Transparency!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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More Newfie Medical Stuff!!!!!!

donkeyUntitled attachment 00046


A doctor in St John’s Newfoundland wanted to get off work and go hunting, so he approached his janitor. “I am goin’ huntin’ tomorrow Buddy and don’t want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of all my patients and I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

“Yes, sir!” answers Buddy.

The doctor goes hunting and returns the following day and asks: “So, Buddy, How was your day?”

Buddy told him that he took care of three patients. “The first one had a Headache so I gave him TYLENOL.”

“Bravo Buddy! The second one?” asks the doctor.

“The second one had a bad stomach and I gave him MAALOX, sir.” says Buddy

“Bravo, bravo! You’re good at this and what about the third one?” asks the Doctor

“Well Sir, I was sitting here having a smoke and suddenly the door flies opens and a woman enters. Like a flame, she undresses herself, taking off everything including her bra and her panties and lies down on the table and shouts: HELP ME – I haven’t seen a man in over two years

“Lard Tunderin’ Yeezus, Buddy!!! What did you do?”

     I put drops in her eyes!!

God Bless and keep reading.

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Tom Eagles

TomEagles2legionTom Eagles Is the National president of the Royal Canadian Legion. He is a very busy man representing our Legion across many lands. He has attended conferences and meetings in the tropical islands of the Caribbean. He has paraded with our Head of State and PM in the Capitol of Ottawa.  He has braved the harsh winter weather of the Scottish Highlands. His goal, to  speak for and on behalf of Canadian Veterans of the Royal Canadian Legion.   Members have raised questions about his travels, for example how much do these travels cost the legion. Other members have questioned the purpose of these excursions, what salaries and expenses are incurred by the National President and his deputies?.  Is the Legion paying the  extra costs for wives accompanying their husbands on these trips? One would think the answer to such pointed questions would be readily available. However, when put to Dominion Command we were told privacy was involved so no disclosure would be forthcoming.

In today’s world we so often hear the use of the word transparency, in particular it is heard coming from Governments and politicians. Surely we legion members should expect no less from our leadership? Yet the Dominion Command, and indeed some Provincial Commands remain completely mute on the subject of salaries and expenses. In my own personal experience I have encountered a wall of silence. I have emailed Tom Eagles at least twice this year, but have not received single response, not even from his office, presumably he does have an office and a staff. Why should there be an issue of privacy regarding attending Legion conventions, surely the purpose of such meetings is to further the interest of The Royal Canadian Legion.  In my own endeavours to have section 419 of the criminal code amended (relatives allowed to wear medals)I have encountered a total wall of silence at PEI Provincial Command. I have received only email(few) replies and one actual letter, not one person has deemed it necessary to actually speak to me. Prince Edward Island is a small place and I’m very easy to reach. I requested to speak to the  special committee that was formed to unanimously vote down my resolution. No one word of response!  are they afraid to discover that perhaps they are wrong?.

I will direct my last word on the subject to the National President Tom Eagles. Sir, if you are as you claim, representing the legion members, should it not be incumbent on you to take a moment and ask I’d like represented.

God Bless and keep reading

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Lieutenant Governor Hosts 90 years old at Government House

ltgovfranklewis_7228_5x7ap-e-i-s-lt-gov-frank-lewis-held-a-party-for-island-90-year-oldsWhat a nice gesture by the Province and especially by the Lieutenant Governor to host a tea party for our elderly citizens. Those who are or will be ninety this year. There was a wee bit of a miscalculation as to how many ninety year old people live on PEI!!! I think the LG expected somewhere between twenty and thirty guests!! more than double that number turned up. A new plan was hastily put together to provide two sitting on Tuesday and one more on Wednesday morning.  Very nice idea and I`m sure our many seniors enjoyed themselves. It reminds me of my Aunt Lily, she lived in Australia and reached the grand age of 100. The funny thing was while she waited to get her letter from the Queen on her 100th birthday, the Australian people were voting on whether to keep or do away with the Monarchy. Aunt Lily`s family worked hard no to let her know about the vote! Thank goodness the vote was in favour of keeping the Queen as head of state, and Aunt Lily got her letter in the nick of time! She passed away a few days later after a long and amazing life. I am in awe thinking of this brave young and single girl in 1935 daring to immigrated to the other side of the world. It must have taken a great deal of courage to strike out alone on such a trip and indeed adventure. Because of my Aunt Lily I now have more than seventy relatives living down under.

God Bless and keep reading


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MLA Richard Brown and Protocol.

It is so refreshing when one learns that a letter to the editor has a positive impact. Last evening while attending richard_brown_scaledthe Annual Review of the Blue Heron Sea Cadet Corps I met the Lieutenant Governor.  He was a special guest along with MLA Brad Trivers, I was invited as the founding Commanding Officer of the Corps. The LG sought me out after the parade to tell me my letter to the editor regarding Richard Brown had worked. The LG said Mr Brown now addresses me correctly at official functions, and its all due to your letter. I wrote a letter to the editor of the Guardian newspaper in May 2015 complaining that it was so inappropriate for a member to the Provincial Government to go around at an official function calling the LG as Frank, his first name. He did this in a voice so loud most other guest could hear, it was as if he thought he was impressing the guest by the fact he was on a first name basis with the LG. Please read my blog below, it was the origin of my letter.ltgovfranklewis_7228_5x7a
One might ask what is the meaning of protocol ?  to put it in simple terms it means “Good Manners”. That brings me to today’s subject and the manners sometimes displayed by our elected officials. In the case of the Lieutenant Governor, the correct way to address him is  “Your Honour”  Sir, is also quite appropriate. Last year I attended an official function at the Lieutenant Governors residence in Charlottetown. On completion of the official part of the ceremony we were invited to have refreshments with the LG.  Frank Lewis, is our Lieutenant Governor and a very amiable gentleman he is. However,the MLA attending on behalf of the Premier and Provincial Government seemed intent on showing he was on a first name basis with the LG. During refreshments he called him Frank on more than one occasion and in a loud voice that all in the vicinity could not fail to hear. I have no problem with this person and the LG being on a first name basis .  But it is certainly not good manners to address the LG this way at an official function and in front of others. On this particular occasion I let it pass without comment. This year I had occasion to attend another similar event at Holland College. The same MLA was in attendance as the Government representative. During his speech to a crowd of some 500-600 people, he turned on the speakers platform and again addressed the LG as Frank. This was done over the speaker system for all to hear. I was disgusted to have this happen again, especially as it was in front of 170 of our youth who were receiving awards from the Lieutenant Governor . I realize not everyone agrees with the Monarchy or the pomp and ceremony that goes with it. To many I may sound like a nit picker just out to embarrass a local politician. However, it is the system we presently have and I think it should be respected as such. After all, good manners are not difficult or hard to understand. If we expect the youth of this Country to be polite then should we not be setting the example. Our politicians should at the very least conduct themselves with some decorum on the public stage. Perhaps the Premier needs to appoint a protocol coach for the less informed of our elected officials!


God Bless and keep reading.

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Blanco????(A Trip Down Memory lane)

IMG_0001Who knows what blanco is??? Certainly sailors from my era and earlier will. When I joined the Navy in March 1955 we wore black caps in the winter and white caps in summer. There was no such thing as plastic cap tops back then, we had to whiten our caps white blanco. It is best described as a white paste that we painted on the top part of the sailors cap. We also used blanco on our white web belts and gaiters. I remember when it rained, which was often in the UK, the blanco ran and dripped onto our blue uniforms. The belt and gaiters left a white residue on bell bottoms and  the tunic waistline. Around mid 1956 the Navy changes the rules and we wore white caps year round. Caps belts and gaiters were made a newer plastic type material and could be kept clean simply by washing the items. The days of blanco were over, and we sailors could not have been happier. Other uniform parts changed too, replacing the skin tight uniform jacket that we  struggled to pull on and off, indeed often needing help to get it off, suddenly had a zipper. The scratchy blue wool sweater (sea jersey) we wore in winter ceased at the same time as the black caps and was replaced with a white front (gun shirt). Uniform material also improved from  thick woolly serge, to a lighter smoother material.  Life became much easier! I recall shipmates trying to shave the old serge uniforms to make them appear more like the more expensive Doeskin cloth. Those were indeed the days, a time when it seem the Royal Navy was far behind the other Navies of the World. We envied the RCN with their modern zippered easy to wear uniforms, and even the Yanks with with their loose fittings uniforms. Both had that amazingly fast and convenient zipper fly.  You probably don’t want to hear of the difficulties we encountered when needing to pee.  I will not draw you a picture, suffice to say after a few too many pints, peeing seemed to become an ever increasing emergency trying to undo too many buttons etc. Nevertheless, I still look back on my time in the Royal Navy with fond memories, and in case you are thinking, no! I always managed to pee without wetting myself, but it was sometimes close!!!ganges_0006

God Bless and keep reading


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Royal Canadian Legion Hypocrisy

legionThe simple definition of the word “Hypocrisy”

: the behavoir of people who do things that they tell other people not to do. : behavoir that does not agree with what someone claims to believe or feel.

This is not a bad definition of the policies presently in place within both Dominion and Provincial Commands of the Royal Canadian Legions. In my recent attempts to have a resolution brought forward to amend section 419 of the criminal code, it was flatly refused at Provincial Command. When I attempted to have it forwarded to the Dominion Command Convention it was again denied at the Provincial Level.

If you look closely at the two photos attached you will see the National President wearing the legion uniform with an array of legion service medals on the right and three medals on the left breast. could he perhaps be mistaken as a veteran?

In the other photo you will see Claus Broderson Provincial Command Chairman (centre) also in Legion uniform, he too sports several Legion service medals on his right breast. He wears two medals on his left breast, he could be mistaken as a veteran?

Yet a few years ago a Charlottetown Lady (Mrs Madrien Ferris) asked if she could wear her late husbands medals on her right breast to a Remembrance Day Ceremony she was promptly told no by the legion, it is against the law!

TomEagles23Lt Gov PEI receives 1st Poppy 2015While these two associate members have every right to wear their medals, I have a huge problem with them telling a veterans widow she can’t wear her late husband medals. No doubt these two associates will mingle with veterans and be assumed to be veterans by the general public. Mrs Ferris on the other hand will clearly be recognized as a Veterans widow. It begs the question, if an associate can wear medals on such occasions what gives them the right to deny a veterans widow????just a little bit of hypocrisy here don’t you think???????

If the Royal Canadian Legion is to survive into the 21st century we need to make some drastic changes. We must return to being a veterans organization, associate members should not be our elected representatives beyond the branch level. They should not wear the same legion uniform as actual veterans. They should certainly not have the authority to tell veterans what they can and cannot do within the Legion organization.! Is it any wonder so few of today’s veterans are joining the legion.

Receiving a military medal for services preformed is an honour and a moment of personal pride that is difficult to describe. It cannot be experienced in the same way by a politician receiving a medal merely because he is an MP. It cannot be described the same way by a civilian receiving the Diamond Jubilee  for volunteer work. Only the medals awarded for Military service to ones Nation can be regarded as medals earned,deserved and rightly worn by veterans. Therefore, when a veteran passes on, that same right should fall to his family members, they should be allowed, nay, encouraged to wear their late love ones medals. They should be welcomed and honoured at all Remembrance Day Services.

Time to do a clean sweep and rid this once excellent veterans organization of the hypocrisy that rules it today. As a foot note :- please do not misunderstand my motives, I’m certainly not against associate members, many do great work. The legions would be hard pressed without them. Nevertheless, we must not lose sight that this is a veterans organization and it is veterans who should be directing our future


Article 419 of the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits the wearing of orders, decorations and medals by anyone other than the individual who was awarded the honour. The maximum penalty for breaking the law is $5000 fine or six months in jail.

God Bless and keep reading.

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Things aren’t Always as they Appear

birthday 2011 004WALKING THE DOG 

A WOMAN was flying from Melbourne to Brisbane. Unexpectedly,the plane was diverted to Sydney along the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft the plane would re-board in 50 minutes. Everybody got off the plane except one lady who was blind. A man had noticed her as he walked by and could tell the lady was blind because her Guide Dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her throughout the entire flight. He could also tell she had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached her, and calling her by name, said, ‘Kathy, we are in Sydney for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your  legs?’ The blind lady replied, ‘No thanks, but maybe Buddy would like to stretch his legs.’

All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a Guide dog! The pilot was even wearing sunglasses. People scattered.


They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!
True story… Have a great day and remember…THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS AS THEY APPEAR……..
God Bless and keep reading
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Newfie Medical Dictionary

newfie medicalYou have to love the Newfies and their sense of humour. Try to read their medical terminology without laughing!!!! bet you can’t

God Bless and keep reading

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