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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.

April Fools Day!

Having just heard Jason Kenny announce a 1.5 billion investment in the Keystone pipeline. Plus a further 6 billion on future loan guarantees I checked my calendar. Yes indeed it was April first! April Fools Day. But wait! Kenny is … Continue reading

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April Fools Day!

Let’s not speak of the pandemic or the serious issues it is causing to millions of people world wide. Let’s instead talk about our own government, struggling to continuing as normal as is possible under these difficult circumstances. Yes folks, … Continue reading

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United Way?the wrong way.

 I cannot think of one single or sensible reason why the Federal Government would believe giving an aid package to the United Way to administer is in seniors best interests. The money has been allotted via United Way to provide … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day

Sunday was a beautiful day, I sat outside most of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. The neighbourhood was quiet, just a few crows, and the distant sound of a blue jay. Then the quiet was broken by the sound of … Continue reading

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A Little Weekend Humour.

Another Ronald Reagan joke about the Soviet Union. If the Soviet Union were to allow another Party, other than the Communist Party to exist, it would still be a one Party State – because everyone would join the other Party! … Continue reading

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Turn Back the Clock Night

 I thought during this trying time of self isolation I would post something from the past. I dug out this old photo taking in circa 1982 at the Charlottetown Race Track. It was called Turn Back the Clock Night.  It … Continue reading

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Interview with the Author

Interview with the Author.Posted on July 20, 2019 and reposted 26th March 2020by irishroverpei Interview with the Author. “Lily and Me”Posted on April 6, 2019by irishroverpeiInterview With Author Frederick Ben Rodgers by was born in Belfast N.I on … Continue reading

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Snitch line?

I don’t think the idea we should report a neighbour via a phone number is really what islanders are about. We don’t know why a neighbour goes out, or why they need to visits someone. Suppose a neighbour called for … Continue reading

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What to Blog About?

Oh Boy! It’s getting tough to write a daily blog when confined to the house! A few people that know me might say, “hell you never go out anyway” and they would be right. My immune system is seriously compromised … Continue reading

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The Virus Dilemma

We have a scary situation if not terrifying. Hospitals and medical professionals are working at maximum capacity. People are not working or earning, governments both federal and provincial are providing financial aid. Thousand have applied for EI, banks are deferring … Continue reading

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