Digging up Dirt

Something to think about before casting your vote
Digging for Dirt
Posted on 30th March 2023 by irishroverpei
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I have lost any respect (if I ever had any in first place) I might have had for Steven Myers. The man is a buffoon, a bully and not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He was elected to help the citizens of his district, but does he do that? No his priority is to dig up dirt on fellow MLAs. In particular other members, although he refers to them as the Greens over there. I assume by that he means the opposition across the floor of the house. He is obnoxious and rude, and those two things seem to be his only talent for being in he legislature. He rants about the leader of the opposition owning a Airbnb house, while protesting the government handling of the housing shortage. One small home a good distance from the city, which was sold about a year ago. Myers, while trying to stir up something that at best is trivial, leaves the more important issues begging. We are all aware of politicians digging for dirt. We can all find fault with our neighbours, co workers, and in particular our politicians. However, we do not elect politicians to dig for dirt, not in a garden, construction site or in the legislature. We expect them to earn their very healthy salaries and perks actually doing the job we put them there to do. I sincerely hope Mr. Myers reads this and leaves his shovel at home.
God Bless and keep reading.

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