Duffy- Our Very Own Watergate

It seems that each morning on the news, on Facebook, on Twitter Linkedin etc etc there are new revelations in the Duffy matter. I’m really beginning to wonder if he has some dreadful secret information on Harper. Why else would the Government go to such lengths to protect a person who has so blatantly abused the public purse and Canadian tax payers
Latest Report.
CTV is reporting: The Prime Minister’s Legal Council, Benjamin Perrin, worked out the secret agreement in February 2013 between Mike Duffy and PMO chief of Staff Nigel Wright.

The conditions were:
1> Duffy would publicly declare he would repay the $90,000
2>Nigel Wright PMO chief of staff would write a personal cheque to cover the expense claims
3>Senate investigation would go easy on Duffy

Harper is refusing to release the letter.

Can we impeach Harper???where do we go from here??something has to give soon this can’t go on much longer surely. Someone is bound to speak, to leak some vital info, the whole government could fall. But I have to come back to the question WHY. Is Duffy really worth all this trouble or does he have something on the Prime Minister.??? That seems to be the only reasonable question yet to be answered. It would make sense to turn Duffy over to the RCMP and remove him from the senate. At least we would feel some justice was being done. It might also take some steam out of this whole sorry mess. The time has come for the people involved to come clean.

God Bless and keep reading

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