Dean Del Mastro on Trial

deandelmastroRemember this Good Ole Boy??? he stood up in parliament two years ago and made the following statement. The Conservative Party do not need to be investigated by the RCMP because they have done nothing wrong. Its so refreshing to have such honest members of parliament standing up and defending their integrity. Oops! is that the same Good Ole Boy who is now in court for cheating on his election campaign funds. Below I have re-posted my blog from 21st June 2012, what goes around comes around eh!!!!!


Must be Smarter than I Thought I was!!!!!

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Not bragging here, just impressed with my brilliant foresight regarding our Federal politicians. I nailed Del Mastro early on when he ranted in the house about everyone but the conservatives cheating in the last general election. Now our dear old Dean is under investigation for over spending in his election campaign, over spending he attempted to hid.

And now you know the rest of the story

God Bless and keep reading.

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