If Al Capone was Around Today

Al CaponeIf Al Capone was around today he probably wouldn’t bother being a gangster, wouldn’t bother paying off Government officials. Wouldn’t bother running illegal liquor and would cancel the Saint Valentine Day massacre by turning in his machine gun. Al would become a politician might even become Prime Minister or at least Harper,s right hand man. Why risk working for an organization that might shoot you in the back, an organization that might land you in jail. Instead be a politician, don’t do any real work and get regular pay raises, bonuses, pensions and perks, all without danger. Al would have been crazy to have done anything else while this amazing opportunity was available. He might even have settled for being an MLA on PEI or a manager with dept of Veterans affairs, the choices were endless. He had all the required qualifications for a host of Government positions, after all he was a well qualified Notorious Crook!!!

OTTAWA — Veterans Affairs Canada managers made hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses for cutting costs as the department shed hundreds of jobs.

In 2011-12, the department paid $343,000 to 60 managers under what appears to be a new program for “Savings/Spending Targets.” No such bonuses were given out in previous years.

Bonuses ranged from $2,376 up to $14,728, and averaged about $5,700 per person, said a departmental response to a question tabled by Sen. Percy Downe of Prince Edward Island.

The following year, $243,000 was paid out to 55 managers, an average of $4,400 each.

At the same time, the department cut hundreds of jobs. In 2010-11, Veterans Affairs had 3,708 employees. By 2013-14, the department dropped 658 jobs to 3,050 positions.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper downplayed the cut jobs as “backroom administration” and “bureaucracy.”


Here we have the latest Ottawa Gangland shootings, in shoot some more cash our way eh!!! forget those whining vets, they will eventually go away. And that is my Monday Morning take on politicians in general.

God Bless and keep reading

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