Legion–Differing Points of View

The story attached is not unusual rare or uncommon, in fact it is happening all across this great Nation. The Legion Command is …

We were not wanted or welcomed as members after the Korean Veteran so most of the Peace Time Soldiers did not join. As for the Military, it would help if they were given the option to either join the Mess or a Legion instead of being forced to just join the Mess.It would also help greatly if the Legion President or Provincial Presidents took the time to go around to Military Parades and have a chat to the troops after or before the CO’s Parade. Many things could have been done but instead it was just handed over to the civilians. That is why there are more than 40 Veterans Organizations rather than just the Legion.

The story attached is not unusual rare or uncommon, in fact it is happening all across this great Nation. The Legion Command is …

The way I see it, and as a member of many face book pages of veterans and current serving members all over North America and the UK, I notice that almost all of them are organising their own mini reunions, sometimes twice a year. In ‘olden days’ the various Legions in the various towns were places to get together, have a pint and chat about old times, and old wars. Modern media has taken place of this, and consequently the Legion suffers. Members of the armed forces can now keep in touch from where ever they decide to settle in the world, immediately by Skype, Facebook, or the slightly slower method of E-mail. I personally keep in touch with pals from my Navy days in Spain, Portugal, Malta, New Zealand, Hong Kong Thailand,Philippines and of course Britain, the USA and Canada. Even the nicest Legions are suffering, I visit one in a small town near Toronto. It is very welcoming (I am 72 and ex Royal Navy) but unfortunately all the members are old men and women, which is not attractive to younger veterans. I am afraid you would need a miracle to get back to the 50’s and 60’s. Even the greatest pubs don’t exist as they once were, a meeting place for a pint up the local. No longer I am afraid, you have to be shown to a table for a 4 course meal. If the pub did not update itself, it was closed down. I cannot think of anything that would save the Canadian or British Legion in it’s present form. And sad to say, when our ‘ilk’ have departed these pleasant lands, there will be no Legion, but plenty of Regimental, Ships and Shore Establishment’s face book, or the like pages. Don’t believe me?? Just go onto face book and type in your ship or regiment, you will most likely get one or two pages come up. Times are a changing.

Every once in a while I start to wonder why I bother. Its not like I’m getting anywhere. Dominion Command and Provincial …

I concur with Kyle, it appears that the associate membership have totally taken over the Legion that was created by Veterans, I believe in the ideals that the Legion represent but the associates membership have totally ruined what we the Veterans stand for, yes I have served my country for 35+ years and I also am always turned out properly and it irritates me to stand next to an associate member that dresses like a slob but due to the fact he has several years of standding at the same bar he is accorded the right to speak and be heard. I have no issues with the Dominion and Provincial saleries as they have a tough job to do, my only issue is with the associate members that continue to re-write the policies and procedures to suit the associate membership. For the first time since 1977 I will be removing my jump wings from my uniform and the commendation that I earned in Afghanistan since the motion to ammend the Rituals manual to allow us veterans to wear our trade qualifications was voted down, I will finish my term as a Zone Commander and I will take my energy and professionalism else where. A very frustrated Veteran.

Lots of food for thought folks, read and digest.

God Bless and keep reading

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