Time to Remind Islanders of our Disappeared Liberals

I think it is time for a rerun of those Liberals who flew the coup with sacks of money

A New Tale of Robin Hood by Wes Sheridan

Posted on June 24, 2012 by irishroverpei

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Recently in the Guardian newspaper our finance Minister likened himself to Robin Hood. A real stretch of the bow string me thinks!!! However, Minister Sheridan’s recent comments have inspired another great Island story on a par with Anne of Green Gables.
Once upon a time there was this merry scary band of outlaws, they lived deep within the the city. Their leader was the evil sheriff Ghiz of Nott(listen)ingham. Robber Hood Sheridan was his right hand man. He was busy planning a new way to rob the poor and give to the rich. Meanwhile the resident camp faith giver Friar Tuck McKinley was attending another last supper. The merry scary band knew the locals were restless and may at any minute take to the streets waving dangerous banners and flags. However the merry scary band were not worried, Little John Vessey had a plan B, he would build a fast escape route through Bonshaw to Borden where they could safely hide out in the hills until things cooled down. The one thing the merry scary band were sad about, was the fact Maid Marion Crane had fled the camp. If she stayed she would surely be screwed out of the next election. Nevertheless the merry scary band were a merry lot, they had lots of money and credit cards and if the locals cast them out, they had rich government pensions to see them through. The merry scary band had nothing to worry about, they would just live happily ever after.

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