Pride Parade

I was interested to hear the report from Alanna Jankov regarding the recent
Pride Parade. Every parade through cities or towns etc need official approval. For example side streets and intersections need to be blocked off from traffic. If you have attended the Old Home week parade or the Santa parade you will have seen the barriers placed at streets and roads. Quite often the local newspaper will publish the parade route to assist motorists in avoiding confusion. Police are usually positioned along the routs to oversee safety and keeping spectators off the roads. In all parades I have attended, and there have been many, traffic have always been stopped until the parade has passed. The only time I can image a parade being halted to allow vehicles to cross would be in an emergency. Such as an ambulance, fire truck or patrol car. However, in the recent Pride Parade, Charlottetown City Police stopped the parade to allow vehicles to go through? The police chief was asked why this occurred, he stated for safety reasons, but did not elaborate. Like Ms Jankov stated this was highly unusual, but I think she was merely being diplomatic, after all as a city councillor she must chose her words carefully. However, I’m not going to be diplomatic this was a clear case of police harassment and homophobia. The culprit or culprits should be charged, but we know that isn’t going to happen. Nevertheless, these homophobic
 cops have just caused more justIfication for citizens not to trust or respect police. Shame on the Chief of Police for not acting properly and weakly claiming it was for safety reasons. We all know that was Police BS!
God Bless and keep reading.

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