I Tried Really Hard-Honest!!!

Honestly, I really tried this week to stay off the subject of provincial politics and indeed almost made it. Alas, this arrogant government just doesn’t quit. I simply could not ignore this latest ridiculous claim by Wes Sheridan. Even from the guy who has come out with some real unbelievable claims in the past this one takes the prize. Sheridan or someone in his dept contacted a Dr Jack Mintz at the University of Calgary Alberta and invited him to come to PEI and explain how good the HST really is or will be.
PEI Government paid Dr. Jack Mintz, of the University of Calgary School of Public Policy, for his report on PEI’s move to the HST.

Now are we expected to believe that Dr Mintz received a phone call from PEI and just said “sure I’ll be right there”? Of course he didn’t , he’d want to know if all his expenses were covered, air fares,meals,hotel etc. More importantly he want to know how much the PEI government would pay him for his services. Now here comes the Zinger!!! when Wes Sheridan was asked by CBC Radio how much the visit cost, he said HE DIDN’T KNOW. ??????????????? . It seems to me if you hire a person you would know how much you were prepared to pay him before you made an offer. Its bad enough this government waste our tax money bringing in HST spin doctors to tell us how wonderful it will be to pay more taxes. But to outright lie to us is another huge example of the arrogance of Ghiz and his Cohorts. Drat they have spoiled my weekend again.
God Bless and keep reading.

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