A Terrible Lack of Respect.

MarkArendzCAN_sprint_pamdoyle-wAt the end of the Sochi Olympics, the Island gold medalist Heather Moyse returned home to a huge reception in Summerside. Thousand attended to applaud her amazing achievement, she was hailed as an Island heroine. Our Premier was on hand and stated very foolishly that he would award her the Order of PEI. An award he had no right or business to award to anyone.. However, that is now history and we need to move on to the Paralympics which just ended this past weekend. Mark Arentz, is an Islander just like Heather, he comes from the Hartsville area and won a Silver and a Bronze medal at the paralympics. Sadly there was no home coming welcome for him, no front page pictures in the Guardian, no one raving at his achievements. But more importantly no sign of our inept Premier???no special order for Mark, apparently no government recognition at all. Seems to me a standard of equal treatment should apply to both Olympic and Paralmypic athletes. Maybe this is a good lesson for Robert Ghiz, next time he should refrain from grandstanding for one athlete and ignoring another. For his terrible behavior and lack of recognition of the Paralmypics one might consider it is appropriate to say he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

God Bless and keep reading

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