Neither Racism or Politically Correct

peppa pig2231854001alt1I read this article through Face Book so can’t confirm if it is true. However if it is there is something seriously wrong with it being labeled racism. Britain is a Christian country, and pigs are not regarded as offensive. The children’s TV show “Peppa Pig” is for very young children with cartoon characters. It is quite harmless and certainly inoffensive. If this Muslim lady found it to be otherwise she should have got off the bus. I also question the bus driver,what was he thinking????? Please read the article below.


A couple were thrown off a bus and branded racists after singing the Peppa Pig theme tune to their autistic daughter.

peppa pigNick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves were travelling with their daughter Heidi on a bus from Sheffield to Doncaster when the 15-month-old started crying.

The couple started singing the song in an effort to cheer their daughter up, but say they were branded racists by another passenger and told to get off the bus by its driver.

The couple claimed the woman, wearing a hijab, took offense to the snorting sounds in the song and believed they were a reference to how pork is forbidden in Islam.

She complained to the bus’s driver, who, then told the couple it would be “easier” for them to get off two miles from their home.

Welcome to the Islamification of Britain!

Not racism in any sense of the word as far as I’m concerned. If one chooses to live in another country then that person needs to learn how to fit into its society. If one can’t do that then go back where you came from.

God Bless and keep reading

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