150th Commemorative Medal

I just received the January/February issue of the legion Magazine and it gave me the legionmotivation to write this blog. (See page 9, Our Readers Respond)

First, I will briefly copy the essence of a letter to the mag regarding the striking of a 150 Canada commemorative medal. Quote ;- I believe a medal should be struck and awarded to deserving Canadians. I cherish and appreciate medals I have earned or been awarded. I was very pleased to see the Royal Canadian Legion has seen fit to create a special medal to mark Canada’s 150th and I have already obtained one and will wear it with pride. End quote.Letter is from Merv Parker, Melancthon, Ont

Regarding the government striking an official medal, at present the decision is not to. On this question I remain neutral. The problem with these commemorative medals is who gets them. All the serving politicians/senators and those in the know/ right place at the right time etc.. The military are only allotted a certain number, not all the troops get one. I have a real problem with this, it surely takes away the real purpose of being awarded a medal. The original purpose of a medal was for gallantry,service to ones country,life saving etc. Over the last several Remembrance Day Parades on PEI, Wayne Easter MP has arrived at cenotaphs, legions services and dinners wearing three commemorative medals. It will be four if they decide to strike a 150 medal. I find this so offensive, its as if he is trying to portray himself as a veteran. This is why I’m not overly upset that no official 150th medal will be made available.

However, back to the legion letter, quote ;-I have already obtained my legion 150th anniversary medal and will proudly wear it during formal veteran and legion events during 2017.150-medal

I shudder at the comment “proudly wear’  he most likely purchased this cheap tin medal for $25 through the legion, or perhaps it was handed to him from the branch. Either way, I find it very difficult to think of a legion member (veteran or Associate) wearing a $25 purchase with honour and pride???  Since when do we buy our medals?????I thought they were to be earned.

We should note;- legion medals (and there are many)are to be worn over the right breast, real medals are worn on the left over the heart.

God Bless and keep reading

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2 Responses to 150th Commemorative Medal

  1. Russ says:

    Before you know it the legion will be selling popcorn with medal prizes in them.

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