Do You Know the Bible???

At church this morning the minister was talking about one of the selected hymns for the service. It was the hymn that begins ” I see a new world and the old world will pass away” She said it was her favourite hymn and she wanted it sang at her funeral. Now, you are probably wondering where I’m going with this? As a writer I often have to do research for a particular subject that might be a part of my latest book. In this case I had to check a passage from the Bible, and it turned out to be related to the hymn so favoured by the minister. I just couldn’t resist pretending to be very knowledgeable about the Bible. I said Ah! I think that hymn is from the book of Revelations, not sure which chapter. maybe it was 21. The Reverend Barb was very impressed with my obvious and very accurate knowledge. However, I had actually researched that particular chapter the night before and knew exactly which chapter it was. Nevertheless, I didn’t let that fact out, and the minister probably believes I know my Bible. Thinking about it now it could be risky, Barb might one day ask me another Bible question and not being nearly as smart as she thinks I am I could end up a smart ass!!!!! Ah well, sure it was just a tiny wee white lie.!!!!

God Bless and keep reading.

About irishroverpei

Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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