Wayne! Did the RCMP ask for your help!!!

r-WAYNE-EASTER-large570No one has come forward so far to claim the $100,000 reward for solving the mystery of who is sticking sewing needles into Prince Edward Island’s potatoes – a situation that has seen the destruction of hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce and has put members of the province’s $1-billion potato industry on edge.

The RCMP have not received any leads or clues that might lead them to the solving of the situation. What ever happened to the old saying “the mounties always get their man” Obviously our very own Member of Parliament Wayne Easter doesn’t hold much faith with that old saying. Playing detective he has come up with some very conclusive ideas of his own. He is surely right up there with the greatest detectives of the ages, Sherlock Holmes, Detective Murdoch and Mr Moto!!!

Quote from Globe & Mail

PEI MP Wayne Easter said news of more tampering was bad publicity for the province – and for the potato industry. The long-time representative of Malpeque, which has much of the agricultural production and the Cavendish Farm plant, is worried that the needle planting was the result of islanders unhappy with farmers using pesticides.

“The industry is doing everything within its power … to manage their industry in a way that does protect the environment,” he said. “But there are some that feel otherwise … Is there someone who doesn’t like the fact that we do use modern methods of farming and use pesticides? Sometimes, there has been in the past, fish kills. That would be the key reason.”

Presently Wayne has not released any details on his suspect/suspects to date nor has he given me a “green” light to disclose info relating to the crimes. However, I do have it on good authority that he is on the track of a environmentalist. It seems he believes that it may be a person/persons really upset with the pesticides used on potato fields.  Of course there is the possibility it could also be an angry freshwater fisherman/woman. There is one other possibility Wayne, you should look into the fact we have a growing Chinese population, could it be they are trying to create a Billion dollar rice industry and put an end to the spud?

Of course I’m just having fun here and being silly !! at Wayne’s expense !!!!Nevertheless, it is extremely irresponsible for a member of the Federal Government to suggest or point the finger of blame at any group of people. I find it outrageous that without any real evidence he would lay guilt to so many concerned citizens who are only interested in protecting this beautiful island. Perhaps he should take a close look at the Women’s Institute, quilters have needles. Wayne next time you have something to say, maybe stop and think first.

God Bless and keep reading

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3 Responses to Wayne! Did the RCMP ask for your help!!!

  1. Neville S. Pearson L.R.O. RN Retd. says:

    Hi Ben, You must be joking, an MP THINK!!! Henry Ford stated “thinking is hard work, that’s why so few people do it” (especially Government officials) I added that. As us Submariners say “make sure mind is engaged before opening mouth.”

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Oops! sorry Neville, I should think before I blog!!

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