I’m in the Toilet Again!!!

My mind is in the toilet again!! Hey nothing wrong with that, how many times in 24 hours do you visit the toilet. They are interesting places, quiet places to read the paper and places to get a load off your mind.  I have used a great variety of facilities from Ireland to China and many sites in between. I have used them above and below the oceans of the world, and even the odd time at 30 thousand feet. submarine toilettoiletimage0011swede toilet

However,  for the first time yesterday I posed in public sitting upon the throne with toilet paper in hand. On the dash it said “Do not use while Driving” that made sense as I have often seen similar notices aboard trains saying “Do not use while in the station”. One important sign that I noticed missing from the dash was the sign “Wash your hands “. What am I talking about you say???shit box big

Yesterday I finally caught up with this cute little Smart Car while stationary outside Tim Hortons. I have been trying to get a photo for this blog for almost a year now. I have seen it often around Summerside, but it was always on the move. Finally when I caught up with it yesterday conditions were not good. It was raining hard and the tiny car was parked between two other cars stopping me from getting a decent shot of the door. We went inside for lunch and I kept an eye on the car which if it moved I’d dash out to snap a quick pic. The owner was inside but how could I tell who the owner was? Finally we headed back to our car and before leaving I tried one more shot from an angle. I wasn’t pleased with the result but we had to go. Just as we were about to move a lady tapped on the window. Cindy was the owner of the car and a very nice young woman she was. She moved it out from between the parked vehicles so I could get a better photo. She then invited me to sit in the car while Linda took the photo. As you can see, it came complete with a partially used toilet roll! Cindy has named her unique  little automobile “Little Shit Box” I wonder if the manufactures would approve? Mercedes would, I think prefer something more elegant like “Port- a-Pottimobile” or “mobile port-a-pottie”???

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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