Abortion Decision!

about-the-premierI’m not for or against abortion, I guess I stand somewhere along the lines of abortion being right when health is at risk. I’m not for it if it is being used as birth control. Having said that, I ask myself if I should even have an opinion on the subject. Its not an issue that a man can properly understand, and certainly not one he can experience. I will leave it at that. What troubles me is how quickly MacLauchlan jumped on the band wagon claiming his government have made the right decision. They are using the abortion issue as a political football and they just scored the winning goal. Its easy to understand the government timing in making the announcement when they did. Just a few days before the house sits again, we can be sure abortion will be top of the agenda. It is there to defect the more unpleasant questions awaiting answers. Abortion will be used as a smoke screen to avoid talking about E-Gaming, the deficit, HST increases and a host of other important and outstanding issues. Smoke screens are not transparency?so will anything really be achieved in this next sitting, not too likely the Liberals will be to busy patting themselves on the back. We Islanders must keep up the pressure to bring about electoral reform. Only when we achieve that will we get a government that has truly been elected by the people. Under this new law the first thing we must abort is the First Past The Post System.

God Bless and Keep reading

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1 Response to Abortion Decision!

  1. Neville Pearson says:

    HI Ben,
    As you say a man cannot make the decision on right or wrong about abortion. However since abortion became a method of Birth Control millions of babies have been aborted in the womb.. Had these been allowed to live there would have been a larger population in PEI and Canada and the USA where this is a HOT BUTTON TOPIC in the presidential race. 40 Million at least and they wonder why they are in debt. The working class since Roe v Wade would have been much greater the wages and taxes the would have had to pay would no doubt have kept the dept much lower. Transferring the same thinking to Canada would also have made a large difference so the e-gaming and the other schemes would not have been necessary in PEI . Just my rant for the weekend.
    Have a great day Ben & Linda and the pets

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