Happy Birthday Caroline Patricia.

001002I was going to begin this blog by saying way back in 19!! ? but caught myself just in time. So instead, I will write about this incredible moment in my life without giving away anyone’s age!!!. That most special day in my life when my little daughter Caroline Patricia was born. She arrived into this world at 10.40 pm, one hour and twenty minutes before my own birthday, and I have no problem in saying, it did begin way back on 15th January 1939. Caroline was born at the Grace Maternity Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  At the time I was serving with the 6th Canadian Submarine Squadron. I was Second Cox’swain aboard HMS Alcide. She was christened at Saint Nicholas church at the HMCS Stadacona base. Instead of holy water from the church font we used the ships bell, and my good friend and shipmate, Tug Wilson, stood as Godfather. Tug and I kept in touch for several years after we left the navy. However, like most things we gradually drew further apart and finally lost touch. Caroline has grown into a very fine young woman of whom I’m  immensely proud.003005007 For the larger part of her childhood she grew up on Prince Edward Island, she graduated from Bluefield High School, attended Mount Saint Vincent University and later Saint Marys University. She has degrees in Business and Human resources. She has certainly turned out much smarter than her father, but she still loves me anyway!! . In the mid seventies Caroline began playing football (known as soccer here in the colonies) and still plays today.  She married in 1991 to Mark Campbell of Charlottetown. Today you will find them living with their daughter Melissa and son Chris in Bedford NS.006

Today, the 14th January 2017, I take a special moment to wish my beautiful daughter, Caroline, a Very Happy Birthday. Always and forever, you will play an amazing part in my life. Love you Sweetheart.

God Bless and keep reading

Chase the Ace—-Legion.

To further add to the facts explained in yesterday’s blog ”Calling Out The Great Canadian Veteran Pretender”  I legionwould like to add a story that appeared early this week in the Charlottetown Guardian newspaper. This questionable news article apparently merited half of page including a photo. The article referred to the Charlottetown Legion branch promoting a game of “Chase the Ace”. This is a card game/draw used as a way of raising monies for the branch. It was stated in the story this could be a life line to save the struggling club. T


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