The Nazi King

imagehandler.ashxEdward & Mrs Simpson and Adoff
I watched a TV show yesterday titled the Nazi King. Edward 8th who became King in 1936 and later abdicated to marry Wallace Simpson is a huge story. Only recently have sealed documents been released concerning Edward and Simpson. Edward was a popular monarch with the British people, but a headache to the British government. He was a flamboyant play boy, dashing and good looking. He had many affairs, but none came to light because at the time the British press were not allowed to print anything about the Royal family. Quite a heavy handed policy even for the 1930’s. The two time divorcee Wallace Simpson played a big part in the government getting rid of the King. She was an ideal reason for the abdication, but was only a small part of the real reason. Edward was pro Nazi and admired Hitler, on more than one occasion he meddled in government affairs. Hitler was delighted and saw Edward as the way to an alliance with Britain. Ribbentrop the Nazi ambassador to Britain was clearly having an affair with Simpson and she was feeding information to Berlin. Edward and Simpson were invited to Germany and the red carpet was rolled out for them, Hitler fussed over them addressing Simpson as “Her Royal Highness” a title she was not given by the Royal family. Edward was tracked by the British secret service and in the USA by the FBI. Both agencies had huge files on the couple. Churchill was appalled by Edwards reckless fraternizing with the Nazis, especially after war had been declared. He spent time with Nazi supports in Spain and Portugal and was finally removed to the Bahamas as the Islands Governor, exiled might be a better word. He and Simpson remained there until 1945 when he resigned and later returned to live in France. He died in 1972 and Wallace Simpson lived on to reach 90 years of age. They are buried in Westminster, her head stone merely states Wallace Simpson and date of her death. Makes one wonder what might have become of the British Empire had Edward remained King in 1936 or possibly reinstated as puppet King by Hitler ???? A scary thought indeed.

God Bless and keep reading.

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  1. It was, until now, tempting to give some support for Edward and Wallace. I lack knowledge, and now have the impression that Edward and Wallace did not realize the monster they were dealing with. Seems like they were being sucked in. I can see that the British government had some very serious concerns, and rightfully, considering how loose a guy Edward really was. It wasn’t just rumour.

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