Big Birthday Bash Ahead = Happy Birthday Caroline

001birthday2014Can you believe the little baby in the chair eating an ice cream cone is having her 50th birthday today 14th January. Wow!! I have just realized how old that must make me!!! We are off to Halifax on Thursday morning to spend the weekend with Caroline and Mark. Susannah and Ruth are flying in from Newfoundland for the weekend too. Its going to be quite a birthday bash, my birthday is on the 15th. If you look at the photo taken at my birthday last year you will see my cake is quite a dangerous fire hazard. I was lucky to escape with just my beard singed slightly while attempting to blow out the candles. This year a wee bit older and possibly with an extra candle on the cake it could be an even greater hazard. Come to think of it, if they add Caroline’s 50 candles we shall need to contact the Fire Dept for a burn permit. It will have to be a very large cake to accommodate a total of 126 candles. Caroline’s birth at 10.40 pm on the 14th January 1965 was a most wonderful moment in my life. I was just a young and mostly irresponsible sailor who had in that moment become a dad. Today I’m so proud of both my daughters and love them so much more than words could ever describe. With them and my beloved wife Linda my long life has been so very special, filled with love and full of caring and sharing, sometimes we had moments of despair and moments of sadness but we always came through. Throughout the last 50 happy years of my life I’ve continued to be filled with love and an ever present feeling of fulfillment. Just like the Christmas movie classic “Its a Wonderful Life” so has my life also been wonderful.

Happy Birthday to my Lovely Daughter Caroline Patricia. 009

God Bless and keep reading

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